Love Destiny Ch-12.

“I enjoyed a lot today” She said “Me too, And it’s only happened because of you” He said “Because of me?” She asked while laughing “Yaa… Because I have come to the amusement park after almost… fifteen years, and only because of you” He said with the smile “But why… I mean, why have you never come in such …

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Love Destiny Ch-8.

Jungkook took a sip of coffee and then while putting the cup aside he said “Y/n?” She hummed in response. Then he said “I want to ask you something…” “Yaa… asked” “Will you go on dinner with me today?” his question make her little confused because she didn’t expect it, so soon. And then while …

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Love Destiny Ch-7.

“You just have information about Taehyung, but I have even bigger news about Y/n” Hyun said “what you mean?” Jungkook asked with low tone “Actually, Y/n is the same girl. The girl whom you loved in your childhood” Hyun said “Do you think I’m fool, if Taehyung is the same person then obviously She’s also …

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Love Destiny Ch-6.

Y/n smiled and said “Now it’s fine, You can try to walk” Jungkook stood up and walk few steps and said “Thank you” to her. She came closer to him and whisper “Nice acting” Her words made him shocked. Then she took a back step and while looking at Taehyung, she said, “You guys sit …

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Love Destiny Ch-4.

“This fu**ing Tae, I’ll kill him if he’s the same Kim Taehyung” JK shout and threw away his laptop in anger. “You calm down, I’ll get his information out” Hyun said “There is no need for it, I will do it myself. But if he’s the same, then firstly I’ll kill you, then him” “Maybe …

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Love Destiny Ch-3.

Hyun took out a key from his pocket and give JK “What is it?” JK asked “Keys of Apartment. This is only the way” “But who’s?” JK asked “The building she lives in has two apartments on one floor. On the 15th floor, one is hers, and this is the second apartment keys.” Hyun tell him “Do you …

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Love Destiny Ch-2.

“You know… w-why I didn’t know his face… be-because his face was co-covered… But- But that gun… I never forget that… golden gun, I swear… I swear JK is… He is the same person… Who kill my parents” Y/n said in trembling tone. “But Y/n” “D-Did You saw that JK’s mark on his g-gun… the s-same …

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Love Destiny Ch-1.

*At detective Office* Y/n is sitting at her place, looking at the picture of her parents. Then Taehyung came from the back and while tapping on her shoulder he asked “Do you miss them?” She turned around and saw Taehyung from upper to lower and said “Stupid, tell me one thing, if I was not …

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Love Destiny

~ PREVIEW ~ A story of two boys, who loves the same girl. One is a Normal boy, and second is a Mafia.Don’t think it’s a love story, it’s a game. The game of love. They both are ready to do anything. Mafia is ready to being innocent and the innocent one ready to being …

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