Love Destiny

BTS fanfiction story Love Destiny. written by euphoric girl.

Love Destiny Ch-18.

As Taehyung entered inside the car, he saw that Hyun was sitting on the driving seat, which made him shocked. But he asked “Jeon, who… is… he?” “He is my driver… why?” “That’s mean… you are really The JK” Taehyung said “Oh, so you find it out” Jungkook said. And as he completed his words, …

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Love Destiny Ch-17.

Few times she ignores his call, but in the pick it up… *On Call* “Y/n what happened… why are you ignoring me?” He asked like he didn’t know anything “Jeon… I don’t know how to say… But… But it’s over” She said “What… why…what happened… did I make any mistake?” “No, you didn’t” “Then why… …

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Love Destiny Ch-16.

While hugging his mom & dad, Taehyung said “How are you both… I missed you a lot” “We too, my child” Mr. Kim said, and Mrs. Kim felt her children by touching their faces. And she said “Y/n, I feel like you’re too weak” “No aunty, it’s nothing like that, I am good” she replied “If you say then, …

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Love Destiny Ch-15.

“Okay fine, then listen… I was trying to hack my old house camera so that I could reach my parents’ murderer…  And because that camera was burnt, it has become difficult to hack it and extract old footage… That’s why I can only listen to the recorded voices that day, and before I do anything, I …

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Love Destiny Ch-14.

Y/n was sitting at her place while waiting for Taehyungs’s call And Suddenly the Doorbell rang. She looks at the time and said “It’s maybe Taehyung” And she quickly open the door, And found Taehyung standing there. As she saw him, She quickly hugged him. “What happened Y/n?” He asked  “Firstly come inside” She said …

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Love Destiny Ch-13.

After checking Y/n the doctor asked “Did anything happened here?” “I don’t know, she was unconscious when I came here, maybe she was seeing something before she fainted” He replied “Possibly, she saw something that made her shocked and scared… But don’t worry, I have given her an injection, she will regain consciousness in a while” The …

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Love Destiny Ch-12.

“I enjoyed a lot today” She said “Me too, And it’s only happened because of you” He said “Because of me?” She asked while laughing “Yaa… Because I have come to the amusement park after almost… fifteen years, and only because of you” He said with the smile “But why… I mean, why have you never come in such …

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Love Destiny Ch-9.

“But if your boyfriend objected to this, then?” Jungkook said “That’s why I don’t have any boyfriend yet” Y/n replied while smiling, and then she controlled her smile and said “Because if someone wants to be my boyfriend, then he had to understand that my care is equal for both, but my love is only …

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Love Destiny Ch-8.

Jungkook took a sip of coffee and then while putting the cup aside he said “Y/n?” She hummed in response. Then he said “I want to ask you something…” “Yaa… asked” “Will you go on dinner with me today?” his question make her little confused because she didn’t expect it, so soon. And then while …

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