Love Destiny

A story of two boys, who loves the same girl. One is a Normal boy, and second is a Mafia.
Don’t think it’s a love story, it’s a game. The game of love. They both are ready to do anything. Mafia is ready to being innocent and the innocent one ready to being dangerous. No one knows whose destiny this love is. Will this love become someone’s destiny, or Will it end with Y/n?

Contract Marriage

A Girl with lot of dreams. Who run away from her marriage. And a Businessman who hates marriage. Accidentally, they both meet each other. They both are unknown for each other. Then why? They do a contract marriage. If you want to know, then Read it…

You & I

A Love story. Between two different personalities. One is a cute and fun-loving girl. But with a huge heart problem. And second is a cold person. A Doctor, Dr. KIM SEOK JIN. Who love his work more than anything. Now let’s see What’s going to happen. In between of them. How can they meet each other, love each other…

The Queen

The story of Silas Kingdom. The war of the crown. The Queen of the Kingdom, whose sudden illness was due to Y/n. What was the reason for which she had to do this and how? The other side was our angry prince Yoongi. Probably who fall in love with Y/n. What will happen when he finds out that she is the reason behind Queen’s illness?

Childhood Love

It is a Pain, Scare, Love or I say the strategy.
A story of two childhood friends. Those who have been separated from each other in an accident. So, now let’s see how these two meet each other by their fates or by any strategy. Are they recognized each other or not, let’s see…

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