Love is Painful

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Love becomes very painful, when someone rejects you whom you love the most.
And the same thing happened with our poor lead Y/n. She was rejected by her rich best friend, whom she loved the most. And this rejection made her life like a hell. But her favorite Idol fell in love with her. 
Now have to see, is it brings happiness in her life or more pain?


Lead Character

  • Y/n – A girl belongs to a poor family. Who handle a candy store, after her mother’s death. Her dad left them when she was so young. She has a crush on her childhood friend. And she is the biggest fan of Korea’s “Big Boys” band. And she is a good singer too.
  • Jung Hoseok – A handsome and amazing guy. And a son of Korea’s biggest business ambassador. He really cares about Y/n, but his family didn’t like her.
  • Kim Namjoon – A very nice, sweet, handsome and kind-hearted person. He is the leader of the “Big Boys” Group.


  • Mr. Jung – Hoseok’s father And a business ambassador.
  • Mrs. Jung – Hoseok’s mother And a sweet lady.
  • Jung Wan – Hoseok’s sister. She is very arrogant with the bad attitude.

Big Boys – A boy band from Korea. Which has seven members, named… Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

Author pov (Jung Hoseok and J-Hope, are two different persons)

To Be Continue…

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  1. Omg so Jung hoseok is the one who rejected me hm that’s fine eonnie..but pls I wanna end up with namjoon😅🤧❤️‍🔥

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