You & I Ch- 9.

In the Hospital, It’s been three hours since Y/n’s surgery was over, but she still hasn’t regained consciousness. That’s why Jihoo was so worried.

“Did you call Hyung?” He asked to the Nurse

“His phone is still off” She replied

“I have to go there and meet him”

“But today is his wedding”

Nothing is important to me, more than my sister” Jihoo said, and left.

* At Wedding Venue *

When Maria entered the wedding hall, Jin was standing in front of her on stage. Then she went and stood beside him. At that time, she was feeling like that, that place didn’t belong to her. Then she whispered “Jin…” and he hummed in response.

“I want to ask something” She whispered


“No, I just want to know it now” She whispered again

“Then ask” He whispered back

“Do you like Y/n?”


“I said, do you like her?”

“If I say yes, then what will you do?”

“You just tell me, did you?”

“Yes, Yes I LOVE HER, now what?”

They were both busy in their whispering, when the priest said “So let starts this wedding, for which we are all gathered here. So, Park Maria, do you accept Kim SeokJin as your husband?”

“I…” Before Maria can say more than this, Jihoo enter there while running Hyung… Hyung…”

As Jin saw him, He quickly went to him, and asked “What happened?”

“Hyung… Nuna…”

“Is she all right… Jihoo tell me… Is she?” Jin asked

“She had an attack, and she fainted, in emergency I had to do her surgery, but she still could not regain consciousness” Jihoo replied

“And how much has it been?” “It has been three hours since she fainted and the surgery was over for half an hour ago”

It’s very long time she takes” Jin said

“Hyung, please come and check her… Please…” Jihoo said 

Don’t you see, today is his marriage” Mr. Kim said

“Jihoo, let’s go” Jin said 

“Before going, just remember one thing, if you leave here once, I will never forgive you”

“You go, go and treat her and bring her here because she deserves this place not Me” Maria said

“Let’s go…” Jin said, to Jihoo. And they both left.

~ After sometimes ~

 They reached at the hospital. Jin quickly went into Y/n’s room. And saw she was laying on the bed. He went to her and checked her breath, heartbeat and nerves. This is very strange, even after everything is fine, she is not in conscious”

“Hyung, please do something” Jihoo said

“Nurse, give me an injection” Jin said

“Why hyung?” Jihoo asked

“Just give me” Jin said, and the Nurse gave him the injection. And he was about to inject, when suddenly she opened her eyes and sat up “No, No I’m alright” And Jin hugged her tightly.

“When did she come to her senses?” Jihoo asked to the Nurse

“Just a while ago. I had also called you to tell this, but you did not pick up” She replied

“Are you okay?” Jin asked to Y/n

“I don’t want to talk to you” she replied


“You should ask yourself, you hid such a big thing from me”

“I’m sorry Y/n. I didn’t want to do this, and don’t worry, I’m still single. And I promise you that I will not marry anyone other than you. Because now I realized that how much I love you. But what about you, how can you lie to me?”

She smiled at his words, and said “But how do you know?”

“Don’t forget Miss Y/n, that you’re dealing with the Worldwide heat specialist” Jin said, then he asked to Jihoo “Now can you explain me?”

“Hyung, I’m not lying. She really wasn’t coming to her senses. She regain consciousness when I left from there to call you”

Before Jin say anything else, Jihoo’s phone rang, He pick up the call…

*On Call*

"Did you reach there?" Maria asked
"Is she all right?"
"Can I talk to her?"
"Sure..." Jihoo said and put the phone on the speaker, and said "Now you can talk with her"
"Y/n I'm sorry... I made a mistake, but now I want to fix everything... can you help me in it"
"Can you come to the wedding venue, Jin can you please take her here?"
"But she's not in this condition" Jin said
"I'm okay... and I'm coming"
"Then come fast... I'm waiting for you?" Maria said

*Call end*

“Did you really want’s to go there?” Jin asked


“Okay… then…” He said, and took her in his arms. And then asked “Are you okay with it?”

“Hmm…” She hummed, while blushing

~ After sometimes ~

Jin entered in venue with Y/n in his arms. And Jihoo was following them. Then he made her sit on a chair.

“Who is she?” Mr. Kim asked

“She is my love and I want to marry her” Jin replied

“Are you out of your senses?” Mr. Kim asked

“No dad, now I come back to my senses”

“Mr. Kim, if your son didn’t want to get married, then what was the need of calling us here and defaming us in front of everyone?” Mr. Park said

“I’m sorry Mr. Park… Just wait a minute, I talk to him properly” Mr. Kim said

“There is no use to convincing me because I’ve decided, what I want to do” Jin said

“It’s enough now, you had made a lot of fun of me in front of everyone” Mr. Kim shouted

“Fun… Dad, you are making fun of my feelings”

“So you wanted to say that for your feelings, I can accept any street girl as your wife… Huh? Mr. Kim said. Then while coming there, Mr. Bam said “Do you think my daughter is a street girl?”

Mr.bam…” Mr. Kim said, with the widened eyes

Mr. Bam went to Y/n, and asked Are you okay, dear?”

“Yes dad” She replied

“If there was anything like this, you could have told me, I would never mind this relationship” Mr. Kim said to Mr. Bam

“I didn’t tell you because I wanted your son to accept my daughter with love, not like a business deal” Mr. Bam replied

“But if he got married today, then?” Mr. Kim asked

“So it doesn’t matter, behind my daughter there is a line of even better boys?” Mr. Bam replied. On his words, Jin looked at Y/n, and asked “Are you interested in marrying those guys?”

She stood in front of him, and said I accept that you don’t love me as much, nor you even kissed me first, but still I LO…” In the middle of her Words, Jin suddenly kissed her. Everyone present there started cheering for them. And Jihoo said “Hyung, as far as I know, this kiss is done after marriage not before”

Jin smiled at his words, and Y/n felt ashamed, so she covered her face with her hands. And while coming to her, Maria said “So Y/n, are you ready for your marriage?”

“Maria…” Angrily, Mr. Park said. Mrs. Park held his hand and stopped him while going there, and said Please let it go as it is, Maria and I, both want it”

“Yaa~ how could I forget… You care more about the happiness of your real daughter than my daughter” Mr. Park said, and left from there.

“Tell me Y/n, are you ready?”Maria asked

“My marriage?”

“Hmm… What do you think can be my motive for inviting you here?”

“But my look?” Y/n said

“Don’t worry about it” Jin said. Then he said something in Jihoo’s ear. After that, Jihoo said I’ll be back within a while” And left.

“Till he comes back, why don’t we exchange the ring because it’s also important before marriage” Mrs. Kim said

“And what about rings?” Y/n asked. On her question, Mr. Bam took out his ring and said “Take it, make him wear this”

“And Jin you take this one… Aunty gave it to me, but Y/n deserves it, not me” Maria said. And then both of them made each other wear rings. After that, they did a couple dance.

~ After Sometimes ~

Jihoo came back and gave the dress to Y/n. “Here is your dress Nuna” Jihoo said

“This dress?”

“Yes, this dress, which you took that day at the mall” Jin said

“Y/n come with me, I’ll make you ready” Maria said

Then she went with her. And Jin was waiting desperately to see her.

After some time, when she came into the wedding hall, she looked like an angel. And she stood next to him. After a few minutes, the priest asked “Did you both are ready?” In response, Y/n & Jin said “Yes”

“Firstly, I want to ask the handsome groom, Mr. Kim Seok Jin. Do you want to marry Ms. Y/n and be her lifetime companion in sickness or in health and for richer, for poorer?” The priest asked “Yes, I Do” Jin replied

“Now I want to ask the pretty and kind bride, Ms. Y/n. Do you want to marry Mr. Kim Seok Jin and be his lifetime companion in sickness or in health and for richer, for poorer?” The priest asked “Yes, I Do” Y/n replied.

“Congratulations from today, both of you are husband and wife” Priest congress them. And suddenly, everyone starts shouting for a kiss. And then they both kissed.

After that, they live their life happily. And after getting her surgery, Y/n is fine and healthy.

|| THE END ||

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