You & I Ch- 8.

A nurse went into Y/n’s room, and said “It’s your medicine time”

“Where is Dr. Kim” Y/n asked

“He’s not coming today”

“Why?” Y/n asked

“Is you didn’t know that today is…”

She was just about to tell her, and at the correct time, Jihoo reached there and drag out the nurse from there. His sudden action made Y/n confused, and she said “What happened to him. I know it’s wrong, but I think I should have to listen to their talks” And she went to the door and stood so that she could listen to them…

“What happened?” Nurse asked

“Are you stupid… What were you just going to do?” he asked


“Don’t you know that Y/n shouldn’t have to know that, today is Hyung’s wedding”

“Oh sorry”

And suddenly, Jihoo heard the sound of something falling, from inside the room. He quickly opened the door and saw that Y/n had fallen on the ground. He quickly went to her and while taping on her face, he said “Nuna… Nuna… Open your eyes” After that, he took her in his arms and made her lay on the bed. And to the nurse, he said “Call hyung quickly…”

“But doctor he is…”

“I said, just call him… Take my phone” He shouted at her.

* Other side *

Jin was going to the wedding venue, and Mr. Kim was sitting beside him. Suddenly, his phone rang. And while looking at the phone, he said “Jihoo… I hope everything is good there” And he was about to pick up the call, but suddenly Mr. Kim snatched his phone. “Dad, what happened?”

“Today, I’ll keep your phone with me” he replied

“But dad, It’s maybe urgent” Jin said

“I don’t care” He said, and then switched off the phone.

* At hospital *

“His phone is switched off” Nurse said

“We don’t have much time, I have to do her surgery right now” Jihoo replied

“We can’t do this without her family’s permission” She said

“She’s my sister. Let me sign the permission paper”

“I’ll bring it” She said and left.

After some time, she came with the permission papers. And he signed the papers.

“Dr. Jihoo, you are the only senior doctor here, can you do this alone?” Nurse asked

“I have to do this, you just bring two nurses here” He said.

He started the surgery, but because she’s his sister, that’s why he’s so nervous “Why my hands are shaking” He said, and took a deep breath “I have to focus… she’s not my sister… she’s just my patient… I can do it” He said and then started the surgery.

* Other side *

Maria reached at the wedding venue “Finally, we reached… now quickly I have to talk to dad” then she asked the worker “Where is my Dad?”

“Maybe he went out” he replied

“Ahh… not again…”

“Now, come on and get ready” Mrs. Park said

“When he comes back, send him to the bride’s room” Maria said, to the worker


Then, Maria went in bride room with Mrs. Park. “Now get ready quickly… Maybe Jin is also here” Mrs. Park said

“Ahh, how could I forget… let me talk to him” Maria said, And then she called him. But his phone is switched off.

“Ahh… why is his phone off” She said

“What are you trying to do?” Mrs. Park asked

“I want to talk to him about something… I think I should go to meet him”

“No, you can’t”

“And now why?” Maria asked

“Because, now you can’t meet him until you both get married” Mrs. Park replied

“But why mom…”

“This is a ritual of marriage, so you have to follow it”

“And what if I don’t want to get married?” Maria asked

“Are you in your senses, do you even know what you’re talking about… you said you love him that’s why your dad fixed this married”

“I still love him, but he loves someone else”

“And who is she… Is this the same girl you were talking about that day?” Mrs. Park asked, and Maria just hummed in response.

“And you’re sacrificing your love for that girl” Maria said

“I am not sacrificing, I’m just paying off a debt”

“Debt… what kind of debt?” Mrs. Park asked

“Nothing…” Maria said

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me… It seems to me that it is written in your destiny to do this marriage, otherwise think of yourself that how many times did you tried to talk to your dad about this, but couldn’t do it”

“But mom…”

“Look dear… listen to me… if this marriage is not written, then it will get stop itself… So, that’s why everything is going on now, let it go… don’t try to stop it… Okay?” Mrs. Park said


“And now, get ready quickly” Mrs. Park said. And then she took Maria’s phone and left from there.

~ After some time ~

Mr. Park came into Maria’s room, And asked “Did you call me?”


“And why?”

“I just want to spend some time with you” 

“Oh my girl…” He said, while hugging her. And she was just thinking ‘Did I tell him… let me… yes I can do it’ And she said “Dad…”


And before she said something, his phone rang. “I’ll be back…” Mr. Park said, and left.

“Ahh… why this happening with me?”

* Other side *

“Is everything okay… why are you looking so weird” Mrs. Kim asked

“I don’t know mom… I feel so weird that something terribly wrong is about to happen” Jin said

“It’s your wedding today… so don’t think like this”

“Okay” He said, with the smile. And think “I hope all is well in the hospital and the news of this, should not reach to Y/n”

And besides that, In the Hospital, It’s been three hours since Y/n’s surgery was over, but she still hasn’t regained consciousness. That’s why Jihoo was so worried.

“Did you call Hyung?” He asked to the Nurse

“His phone is still off” She replied.

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