You & I Ch- 7.

“Did you know the name of her husband?” Y/n asked

“It was something related to B… btw, why are you asking that much about her?” Maria asked


“Btw, where is your mom?” Maria asked

“I don’t have”

“Oh… I’m sorry”

“No, it’s okay… Btw, unnie it seems like you are very close to your mom” Y/n said

“Just a little bit… Because she did a lot of things for me as my mom” Maria replied

“You are very lucky”

“I’m not the only one… Now I should have to leave” Maria said and left.

~ Time skip ~

Jin went into Y/n’s room. “Y/n, it’s your dinner time”

“I’m not hungry” she replied


“It was just…”

“Did Maria say something to you?” Jin asked

“No…” She replied


“I was just saw something I really didn’t want to see”

“And what is that?” He asked

“Just leave this topic” she said

“Then eat your dinner”

“But I’m not hungry”

“But I am… And if you don’t eat it, then I also don’t” He said


“Fine, I’ll take it back”

“No… Wait… I’ll eat it” she said

“Good girl…”

“And why you didn’t eat anything yet?” She asked

“Because I was busy in work” He replied

“Your health is more important than your work… So take your meal on time” She said

“Ok miss… Anything else?”

“No…” She replied, with the smile

“Then let’s eat it” He said. Then they had dinner together and after that, he gave her medicine. And said “Now I’m going you take some rest, okay?” And she just hummed in response, and he left.

* At Jin’s House *

“Oh, You come back… Come here, I want’s to talk to you about something” Mr. Kim said

“Now what dad?” Jin asked

“You are married on the 13th”

“On 13th… Dad today is 11th”

“Hmm I know”

“But you said that it will be after a week then?” Jin asked

“Because on the 14th, I have to go to America for a meeting”

“So dad, we can do it even after you come”

“No we can’t… Because it will take me two weeks to work there, and Mr. Park doesn’t have to wait that much” Mr. Kim said

“But dad, I need time”

“Why… why you want time… You have to get married, so do it now or after a week, it doesn’t matter”

“I need time because I’m not sure about my feelings” Jin said

“What kind of feelings?” Mr. Kim asked him back

“Nothing” Jin said, and left.

~ Next day ~

Mr. Bam, came into Y/n’s room, And became happy after seeing him “Oh Dad, finally you come”

“How are you, my girl?” He asked

“Fine Dad”

“And tell me what was you did in these days?”

“I enjoyed very much”

“That’s great”

“And dad, you know mom came here yesterday… To see her daughter” She said

“You mean… To you?” He asked

“I wish she will”

“If not you, then with whom?” He asked

“Here is a Doctor, Dr. Maria. She’s her stepdaughter… and she came to see her” She replied

“Did she recognize you?”

“How could she, dad…” and while talking about her teary come up in her eyes “I was very young when she left us and after that, she never even tried to meet us”

“You don’t have to cry for a woman like her” He said

* Other side *

Jin was going towards Y/n’s room, then he saw Maria was standing outside Y/n’s room, and she had tears in her eyes. He went to her and asked “Are you okay?” And she just hummed in response, and left from there. Then he went inside her room, and he saw Y/n also had tears in her eyes. So, he asked her “Y/n… are you crying?”

While wiping her tears, she said “No… No… I was not”

“What happened to both of you… Why do you both have tears in your eyes” Jin said

“Both… who?” She asked

“Obviously, you and Maria… Did you both have a fight?” He asked

“Unnie… where, and when, did you see her?”

“Just now, outside” he said

“Outside… I want to see her”

“Why?” He asked, Then while going she asked “I want to… where is she?”

“Maybe in her cabin” He said.

* At Maria’s Cabin *

Maria was doing her work, when Y/n entered in her cabin, in a hurry“Unnie…”

“What are you doing here, you need rest” Maria said

“Is what Dr. Kim said is true, were you crying?” Y/n asked

“No… I was Not” Maria replied

“Unnie please, tell me the truth… did you hear anything?”

“Do you think I am such a girl who listens to people secretly?” Maria asked


“Then… and btw, what was it that I could cry on hearing?” Maria asked, while teasing her

“There is nothing like that… I just felt that maybe, you felt bad about something of my words” She replied

“Stupid girl… You are like my little sister, how can I feel bad about your words?” Maria said, with a smile. On her words, Y/n hugged her. And Maria think ‘I promise Y/n, that I will never let you know that I know that my mom is your mother… Because I don’t know what will be your reaction to that’

“Unnie what are thinking?” Y/n asked

“Nothing… and now go to your room and take a rest… okay” Maria said. And Y/n nodded in response and left.

“I’m sorry Y/n… because of me, you got away from your mom… unintentionally, I have taken away one person from you, but now I will not be going to take another person from you… I have to do something now”

When Y/n came back to her room, She saw Mr. Bam was still waiting for her, but Jin was not there. Then he asked “What happened?” She told him everything.

“Why didn’t you tell her the truth, that she’s your mom?” Mr. Bam asked

“Because I don’t want to do this… she was very happy with her and I don’t want to spoil her happiness…”

“Oh my girl… why are you so kind?” While saying, he hugged her.

* Other side *

As Jihoo went into Jin’s cabin, He saw that Jin was looking stressed. He went to him and asked “Hyung, is everything all right?”

“No, there is nothing right” Jin replied

“Tell me what happened?”

“Tomorrow is my marriage”

“So what’s there to worry about?” Jihoo asked

“My feelings…” He replied


“Hmm… Maybe I like someone else”

“Someone else… Did you mean Nuna?”

“Hmm… it seems like, the feelings of love are beginning for her in My Heart” Jin said

“Then Hyung, please stop this marriage”

“I can’t… Because everything is out of control now”


“Now only God knows what will happen… You just take care that Y/n should not know anything about this” Jin said

“Don’t worry, hyung…”

On the other hand, Maria was sitting in her room and talking to herself “I know it’s very difficult for me, but I have to talk to dad about it…” She said. Then she called Mr. Park…

*On call*

"Yes dear?"
"I want to talk to you about my marriage" She said
"Hmm say, do you want something?" He asked
"No, I don't" She replied
"Dad... Actually..."
"Dear, I have an urgent call... I'll talk to you later"
"Dad listen..."
"Do one thing... go and talk to Jin, whatever you want to talk..." Mr. Park said

*Call end*

“Unknowingly but dad has given the right idea, I should talk to Jin about this first” Maria said. And went to Jin’s cabin “Jin…”

“What?” He asked

“I want to talk to you about our marriage” She replied

“I am busy now… let’s talk later”

“What is more important than our marriage” She asked

“My patients’ life… I have to go for an operation now… I don’t know how much time it will take… so do one thing, you go home, whatever is the matter, we will talk about it tomorrow” He said, and left.

“But Jin… Ahhh this guy…”

“Nuna… It’s Y/n’s medicine time, can you please give her instead of hyung” Jihoo said

“Why can’t you give to her” She asked

“I am going with hyung” He replied

“Okay… okay… you go… I’ll give her” She said.

* At Y/n’s Room *

Y/n was resting in her room. Then while entering there, Maria asked “Y/n, did you take your medicines?”

“Not yet” She replied. Then Maria went to her, and while giving her medicine, she said “Take it”

“Where is Dr. Kim?” Y/n asked

“She had to have an operation”

“Oh… Btw unnie, last time I asked you that what types of girls he likes?” Y/n asked

“Y/n answer me truly. Do you really love him?” Maria asked her back

“Everyone in the hospital knows about this… that how much I love him… now tell me please” She replied

“I have been with him for a very long time, since till today no girl has ever come into his life, so I do not even know about his choice properly”


“Now, don’t think about it so much, just take your proper rest… Okay?” Maria said


“Now, I am going… Bye” She said and left.

* At Maria’s Place *

She went to her home in a hurry. And as she saw her Mom she asked “Mom, where is Dad?”

“Maybe in room” She replied


“Is everything okay?

” Mrs. Park asked

“Hmm… I just want to talk to him”

“Okay” She said and left.

As Maria went into his room, She found him sleeping, and he was looking tired. That’s why she didn’t like to disturb him. “I’ll to talk to him tomorrow” She said and left from there.

~ Next day ~

As Maria woke up, She saw Mrs. Park was standing in front of her “Good morning dear”

“Morning mom… you here today, how?Maria asked

“Today is your special day, so everything has to be special” Mrs. Park said

“There is nothing special today, it’s just a normal day like my every day”

“How is it not special, today is your wedding dear” Mrs. Park said. As Maria heard her words, she stood up in a hurry, and asked “Where is dad?”

“He is at the venue”

“I have to talk to him… let me call him” Maria said

“There is no use of it, he forgot his phone here”

“Then I have to go there”

“No, you can’t” Mrs. Park said


“I will go there after sometime, so you have to go with me only then… until you freshen up and have breakfast”


* At Hospital *

A nurse went into Y/n’s room, and said “It’s your medicine time”

“Where is Dr. Kim” Y/n asked

“He’s not coming today”

“Why?” Y/n asked

“Is you didn’t know that today is…”

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