You & I Ch- 6.

while coming there Maria said “Oh you are here… I was looking for you all over the hospital… Now let’s go”

“Where?” Y/n asked

“On shopping” Maria replied. On her words, Y/n looked at Jin and asked “Shopping?”

“Yaa, Actually I had to do some shopping, so I thought I’d take Jin along” maria said

“Maybe you don’t know that he has got some important work, but if you want, I can go with you” Y/n said

“No it’s okay because his important work is my shopping” Maria said.

“Ohh really” Y/n said, while looking at Jin

“Hey Y/n don’t take her words seriously, she’s just joking… And maria, you wait outside I’ll talk to you later” Jin said, and she went out. And when she left, Y/n said “Not her, you’re joking with me… what do you think you can make me fool?”

“Actually Y/n…” while cutting Jin in the middle she said “There is no need to explain it… I’ll forgive you, if you take me with you”

“With us?” Jin said

“Hmm… is there any problem with it?”

“You are not in a condition now, that you can go on shopping”

“Why… If I can go to dinner, why not go to shopping?”


“Please” she said with a puppy eyes

“Fine… let’s go” Jin said

“Thank you” She said.

Then they both went out of the room together. Maria looked at Jin and asked “Is she also coming with us?” and he just hummed in response.

“Y/n, please excuse” Maria said, And she held Jin’s hand and drag him a side and said “We are going for our wedding shopping, and you’re taking her there… what if she had to know?”

“I can handle it… you just shut your mouth in front of her” he replied

“But Jin….”

“You Just have to be thankful, that I am ready to go with you on shopping after whatever you have done” Jin said and left.

~ After Sometime ~

They reached at mall, when Maria said to Jin “Firstly let’s buy your cloths”

“Okay” Jin said

“What kind of cloths you want to buy?” Y/n asked

“Actually, after some time I have to go to my friend’s wedding, so I want something I can wear there” Jin said

“Oh, So let’s go… I will help you to choose the clothes”


Then they went in that area. Jin was getting confused in choosing his clothes, while pointing at one Maria said “Jin try this one, it suits on you”

“It’s not my type” Jin said. Then while showing him, Y/n said “Maybe you like this one”

“Hmm… It’s nice… Let me try this” Jin said, and went to the trial room and came back after wearing the clothes. And while looking at Y/n he asked “How am I looking?”

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“Handsome” She replied and winked

“Thanks…” and he said to the helper “I want to buy this”

“Sure sir”

“I’ll be back after changing my clothes” He said and left.

“Unnie are you okay?” Y/n asked

“Hmm… Why?” Maria asked

“You’re looking sad… Is it because of me?”

“No it’s nothing like that” Maria said

“Are you sure?”


Then Jin came back and said “Let’s go” And they started leaving. Y/n was walking ahead and Jin and Maria followed her. When Jin whispered in Maria’s ear “Don’t you think, you should learn something from Y/n”


“I mean look at her, it’s only been ten days since she met me, and you’ve known me for ten years… yet she knows about me, more than you” Jin said, and before Maria said anything while turning Y/n asked “Guys what are you talking about”

“Nothing” Jin said

“Btw unnie, what do you want to buy now?” Y/n asked, but Maria left without saying anything. Y/n looked at Jin and asked “What happened to her?”

“Nothing… Let’s go” Jin said

“Okay” she said

Then they went in bridal dress area, when they entered a shop Y/n asked “Why are we here?” On her question, Maria looked at Jin. Then Jin said “She wants to buy a dress from here”

“Unnie… are you going to get married… with whom?” she asked

“I am…” while cutting Maria in the middle, Jin said “She wants to gift this dress to her friend as a wedding gift”

“Unnie you’re so nice… promise me that you will also gift me a dress for my wedding too” Y/n said

“Sure” Maria replied

“Then select which one you want to buy for her” Y/n said

“All dresses are that much beautiful, that I am unable to understand which one should I choose first” Maria said. On her words, Jin pointed at a dress and said “Maria try this one it’s beautiful”

“Wow… it’s really so nice” Y/n said. And Maria picked other dress and said “But I like this one”

“As you wish” Jin said

“I’ll be back” Maria said and left.

“If you don’t mind… can I try this dress?” Y/n said, while pointing at that dress which Jin offered to Maria



“If you want, then try it” Jin said

“Thank you” she said with the smile.

“Can you please help her?” Jin said to the helper

“Sure sir… Miss, please come with me”

~ After Sometime ~

Y/n came back after changing the dress and asked Jin, “How am I looking?” As he saw her, he lost in his thought ‘She’s looking so outstanding… like an angle… and as same as I want to see my wife’

“Hey Jin… what do you think, am I looking good?” while coming there, Maria asked

Jin went to Y/n held her hand and kissed on it, And said “You’re looking so beautiful”

“Thank you” While blushing, she said

“Jin…” Maria said in an anger tone

“What… I was just giving her a compliment” Jin replied

“Then tell me how am I looking?”

“Hmm… Good” Jin said. Then the helper lady said to Jin “Sir, your wife is looking gorgeous”

“My wife…” Jin said, and Maria started smiling. Then while looking at Y/n that lady said “Mam you are looking gorgeous”

“Thank you, but I’m not his wife” Y/n said

“Oh sorry… I thought like”

“But i…” Maria was about to reveal in anger, but Jin looked at her while raising his eyebrow and said “I…”

“Nothing…” She said and left from there for changing her cloths.

“Why is she behaving so strange today?” Y/n said

“I don’t know… Now, you also go and change your dress” Jin said

“Can I…”

“Can you?”

“Dr. Kim, can I buy this dress… Please…” Y/n asked

“If you want to buy, then go and buy, what is the point of asking me?” Jin asked

“I’m asking you because I don’t have money now” she replied

“Oh… don’t worry… I’ll pay for it”

“Thank you”

“Now go and change it” He said, and she left.

Then Maria came there, and said “I’m going… you come with your Y/n”

“You are not going to buy anything?” Jin asked

“No, just buy for your Y/n” she said and left.

Y/n went back and asked “Is unnie left?”


“But why… we just came here”

“Do you want to do, more shopping?” Jin asked

“No… Let’s go”

“Are you sure?”


“Firstly, lets we take your dress”


~ After sometime ~

They went to the hospital. As soon as Jihoo saw them, he went to them. And said “So you both are back”

“Hmm” Y/n said

“But why didn’t you come with Maria Nuna?”

“Y/n you go to your room” Jin said

“Okay… and my dress”

“Don’t take its tension… I will give it to Jihoo, he will take it home”

“Okay” she said and left.

“Is something happened there?” Jihoo asked

“Hmm…” and he told him everything

“Hyung I know you very well so don’t try to make me fool” Jihoo said

“No, I’m not…” Jin said

“So, tell me when did you become so romantic?” Jihoo asked

“I don’t know”

“Oh really… so why are you behaving like this?” Jihoo asked, and while coming there Maria said “Because he’s trying to change himself for someone… Right Jin?”

“You’re here… I thought you had gone to dad to complain about me” Jin said

“And why would I?” She asked

“Cause you leave no chance to bring me down in his eyes”

“I didn’t do anything with this intention”

“Oh please”

“Hyung, don’t you think that we have to maintain a peace here” Jihoo said

“Hmm… you take your sister’s dress” Jin said, and gave him Y/n’s dress and left from there.

~ Next day ~

While coming into Y/n’s room, Maria said “Good morning…”

“Good morning” she replied

“Sorry for yesterday?” Maria said


“Yesterday I came back without telling you” Maria said

“It’s okay, Unnie”

“Y/n, if I ask you something, did you tell me a truth?” Maria asked

“About what?” Y/n asked her back

“About your feelings…”

“My feelings?”

“Hmm… what are your feelings for Jin?” Maria asked

“I love him very much” Y/n replied, while blushing

“And what about him… is he also like you?”

“Maybe not… I feel like I’m not that type of girl he likes… btw unnie you’re his best friend, so can you tell me which type of girl he likes?”

Then Mrs. Park came there with a nurse, and while pointing at Maria nurse said “Here is Dr. Maria”

“Mom, you here… Let’s talk outside” Maria said, and they went outside. And Y/n was trying to listen to them secretly

“What brought you here?” Maria asked

“I was going for shopping, so I just came here to ask you that, did you need anything?”

“Mom, you can also ask this on the phone” Maria said

“I called you many times, but you didn’t pick it up”

“Oh I see”

“Btw, did you need something?”

“No mom”

“Okay then I’m going”

Y/n was trying to them, but she was unable to hear them. Then suddenly she realized that someone was coming there, so she went back to her bed. Then Maria came inside. Y/n Look at her and said “Unnie…”


“Who was she?” Y/n asked

“She was my mom” Maria replied

“Your mom?”

“Hmm… she is my stepmother… When I was little… my mom passed away… then my dad got married to her”

“And what about her family?” Y/n asked

“I don’t know much about them, but every time I asked her, she just said in her family she had her husband and a daughter” Maria replied

“And why did she leave them?”

“She said that her husband didn’t pay attention to her… And in the name of daughter there was a shop of disease”

“Did you know the name of her husband?” Y/n asked

“It was something related to B… btw, why are you asking that much about her?” Maria asked

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