You & I Ch- 5.

As Maria came back after cleaning her dress, she saw the unbelievable view, she saw that they both are kissing “J-Jin” She said in a crack voice. Jin looked at her, and before he said something, she ran from there and while following her, Jin said “Maria… Maria… listen to me” But she fully ignored him and went in her car and left from there.

“Ahhh… they both girls kill me one day” while saying this, Jin went inside and found Y/n sleeping. He looked at her cute face, said “After putting in this big problem, this girl is sleeping like nothing happened”

Then he took her in his arms and left from there.

* At Hospital *

Jihoo was passing from the entrance gate when he saw Jin was coming there and Y/n was in his arms. He ran towards them and asked “What happened to her?”

“Don’t worry, she’s okay” Jin replied

“Then why are you carrying her?”

“She’s just drunk”

“Drunk… But she never drinks… then how?” Jihoo said

“It’s a very long story… I’ll tell you later… Now, can I take her to her room?” Jin said, and took her in her room and made her lay on the bed and left from there.

When Jin came out of her room, he saw Jihoo was standing there, so he said to him “I’m feeling so tired… so I’m going home… you take care of her… okay?” and Jihoo just nodded in response.

~ Next day ~

* At Jin’s house *

Jin came in living room, and while hugging her mom from the back he said “Good morning Mom”

“Morning… are you going?” Mrs. Kim asked


While coming there, Mr. Kim said “There is no need to go anywhere”

“What… why?” Jin asked

“Mr. Park is coming here today with Maria”


“I don’t know why… he just said he wanted to talk to you something about last night… now you tell me what you did?” Mr. Kim asked

“Actually last night…” He wanted to tell him, but he didn’t have the courage

“Last night what?” Mr. Kim asked. Then coming there, Maria said to Jin “Now why don’t you tell them what you did last night”

“What would I?” Jin asked

“It seems like you have forgotten, never mind, I remind you… Is you didn’t kiss Y/n last night?” Maria said

“Maria…” Jin said while looking at angrily

“Who is Y/n?” Mr. Kim asked

“She’s his patient, or I say his lover patient” She said

“Maria, just shut your mouth… Dad, there is nothing like that” He said

“I have obeyed you once, now don’t try to make me fool again… and after last night, I understand very well that why were you stopping me from telling her about our relationship” She said

“Maria, I said it’s nothing like that”

“Okay… If it’s nothing like that… Then call her here and tell her that Maria is your fiancée” Mr. Park said

“Yes he’s right, call her here” Mr. Kim said

“No dad, I can’t do this because she’s not in this condition that she handle this… And Maria, you know her condition very well and still, you are doing this” Jin said

“Uncle, Dad, that was not my mean… I just want…” Maria said

“What you want?” Mr. Kim asked, On his words, Maria looked at Jin and said “I just want to marry you. If you have no feelings for her in your heart, and you want to marry me… Then marry me as soon as possible”

“Yaa it’s good… So, I have decided that within a week, both of you will get married” Mr. Kim said

“No, it’s not possible”

“Why… what is the problem with it?” Mr. Park asked

“Because it’s…” Jin was telling them the reason, but the ringtone of his phone made him stop in the middle, he picked up the call…

*On call*

"What happened?" Jin asked 
"Hyung, please come here, there's an emergency" Jihoo said 
"What happened... Is Y/n okay?" 
"Yes she's fine... Here is an emergency patient"
"Okay... Okay... I'm coming" Jin said

*Call end*

“Where are you going?” Mr. Kim asked

“There is an emergency patient in the hospital” Jin said

“Firstly, complete the discussion” Mr. Kim said

“I have to go” Jin said

“Wait, I’m also coming with you” Maria said

“There is no need of it” Jin said and left.

* At hospital *

While entering in Y/n’s room, the nurse said “It’s time for your medicine”

“Where is Dr. Kim?” Y/n asked

“He’s not come yet… So please take your medicine”

“No… I already told him that… I only take medicine when he gave me”

* On the other hand *

Jin went to the hospital. And he directly went to the emergency room, and asked to Jihoo “Who is the patient?”

“She was an old lady, but don’t worry she’s okay now” Jihoo replied

“Did you handle her?”


“Oh, that’s good”

“Thank god, Dr. Jin you come” while coming there nurse said

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“What’s the problem?” Jin asked

“Y/n” She replied

“What?” Jihoo & Jin both said

“I mean, I went in her room for giving her medicine, but she continuously refused to take it”

“I already told you… That I’ll give her, her medicine, then why were you went there?”

“Sorry Doctor… But it’s Dr. Maria’s order that, I have to handle her from today”

“Ahhh… You can go now” Jin said, And she just nodded and left.

“I’m going to give her medicine” Jin said to Jihoo and left.

Then he went into Y/n’s room and asked her “Why You refuse to take your medicine?”

“Because I already told you that I’ll take it when you give it to me”

“Okay… Okay… Now take it” Jin said, and she just hummed in response and took her medicine.

“Btw, what happened to me last night… because when I woke up my head was hurting a lot” Y/n asked

“Because last night you were drunk” He replied

“Drunk… Me… It’s impossible”

“But it’s true, mistakenly you drink soju”

“Did I do any stupidity?” She asked with the little bit of embarrassment

“Try to remember… because I know… you can’t forget what was you done” Jin said with the smirk

“I don’t remember, please tell me” As she said, he came closer to her, as much that she can feel his breath. And then he asked “Now, did you remember?”

When she saw him from that much close, she couldn’t be able to handle her feelings, and suddenly, she took a peck on his lips. And because of the embarrassment, she hidden her face with a blanket, and said “I’m sorry…”

“I was just asking that you remember or not… I didn’t say that to do what you have done” Jin said, On his words while removing her blanket she asked “I have done… Did you mean… I kissed you last night?” And he just hummed in response.

“I’m really sorry for it” She said

“I never forgive anyone for this kind of mistake… but you have done it in drunk condition so, it’s okay”

“Are you sure?”

“Now just rest, I’ll see you later” He just said and left.

As he left, while slapping herself, Y/n said “Ahh Y/n… you have done your first kiss as drunken… you’re really stupid”

* At Jin’s cabin *

Jin was sitting there, then his phone rang… he picked it up…

*On call*

"Yes dad?"
"Now where are you?" Mr. Kim asked 
"In hospital or where?" Jin replied 
"Okay... now listen carefully... after a week you're going to get married with maria... and she is coming there, so take her on shopping"
"But dad, I have a lot of work"
"I don't care"

*Call end*

“Now what should I do” Jin asked himself. Then he called Jihoo. After some time, Jihoo Came into Jin’s cabin, and asked “Yes hyung?”

“I have to go… so can you handle here at my place?” Jin asked

“Where you have to go?”

“Don’t ask about it” Jin said

“Why?” Jihoo asked, Then Jin told him everything that what happened last night and today.

“It’s a really big problem… But hyung, I can handle everything except nuna” Jihoo said

“Why… She is your sister” Jin said

“Yaa I know, but did you forget that what was she did last time… She doesn’t take her medicine from anyone except you”

“Now what should I do?”

“Do one thing… Make her understand that you have to go for some important work, maybe she will agree” Jihoo said

“Let’s try” Jin said. Then they went into Y/n’s room, as she saw them she asked “You two here together, how?”

“I have to talk to you about something?” Jin said, and she hummed in a question tone

“Firstly, promise me, you will do whatever I say” Jin said

“I promise I’ll do anything, except go away from you” she replied

“Good… Now listen… I have to go out for an important work, so promise that till then you obey everything Jihoo says… okay?”

“Hmm… btw, where are you going?” she asked

“For some work” he said, then while coming there Maria said “Oh you are here… I was looking for you all over the hospital… Now let’s go”

“Where?” Y/n asked

“On shopping” Maria replied. On her words, Y/n looked at Jin and asked “Shopping?”

“Yaa, Actually I had to do some shopping, so I thought I’d take Jin along” maria said

“Maybe you don’t know that he has got some important work, but if you want, I can go with you” Y/n said

“No it’s okay because his important work is my shopping” Maria said.

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