You & I Ch- 4.

Y/n pushed him out and locked herself inside “Y/n… Y/n… Open the door” Jin said, while knocking on the door

“No… you go and do your important work”

“Y/n… open it” Jin said. She just ignores his words and angrily removed all the decorations. Jin is still knocking on the door and said “Y/n open it… otherwise I’ll break the door”

She wanted to reply to his words, but she started having trouble breathing. And in a crack voice she said “Do… do whatever… you want”

“This girl is a really very big troublemaker” Jin said, Then he took a deep breadth and hardly kicked on the door, it’s get broke. As he went in, he saw that Y/n was sitting in the corner and having trouble while breathing. He ran towards her, picked her up in his arms and made her laid on the bed, and put her oxygen mask. Then asked “Are you stupid… why did you do this?”

As her breath get normal, she removed her oxygen mask and said, “Why did I… I did all of this decoration for you, but you… you got angry on me… I tried to make you happy, but you… you make me more sad”

“Okay…okay… sorry…” Jin said.

Then while coming there, Jihoo asked “What happened?”

While pointing at Y/n, Jin said “Ask her” then Jihoo looked at her and asked “What happened?”

“Nothing” she said

“Nothing… your stupid cousin locked herself inside” Jin said

“Why?” Jihoo asked 

“If he didn’t get angry on me, then I don’t do this” she said

“Ahh… you both kill me one day” Jihoo said with frustration

“What did I do?” Jin asked

“I’m going… You guys do whatever you want” Jihoo said and left from there.

“Now you tell me what you want?” Jin asked her

“Nothing… You go and do your important work” she said in a sad tone

“Sorry for that… Now tell me properly”

“I want to celebrate your birthday” she said while making a puppy face

“Fine… But not now… Okay?”


“Now I have some work. So at night” He said

“Promise?” She asked, and he just hummed in response. Then while coming there, Maria said “Jin… Jin”

“Unnie” Y/n said

“Y/n… what are you doing here?” Maria said 

“She’s my patient” Jin said

“Oh… Btw Jin, your dad has been calling you for so long, but you didn’t pick it, that’s why he called me. Now go and talk to him”

“It seemed like you are very close to him and his family also” Y/n said to Maria

“Hmm… because I’m his…” before Maria completed her word, Jin held her hand and drag her out from there when she asked “What happened? I want to talk to her”

“If you want, then go, but don’t tell her about our relationship” Jin said


“Because she…”

“She?” Maria repeated, Then Jin told her everything about Y/n.

“You mean she likes you?” And he just hummed in response.

“Okay, I’ll hide it from her. But how long?”

“At least until she gets discharged” Jin said

“Okay… Now go and talk to uncle… Otherwise, he gets angry” Maria said, And he just in hammed in response, and he went back to his cabin and called his father…

*On call*

"Yes Dad?" Jin asked 
"Quickly come home with Maria" Mr. Kim said 
"What you mean why. Today is your birthday, and I'm going to organize a birthday party for you"
"There is no need of it, dad"
"Because dad, today I'm going to dinner with Maria"
"Is it true?" Mr. Kim asked 
"Yes dad"

*Call end*

~ After Sometime ~

Maria went into Jin’s cabin, and asked “Did you talk to uncle?”


“What did he say?” Maria asked, and he told her about the call.

“We are going for dinner… When did we decide it?” Maria asked

“Not we… I decide it” Jin said

“And why?” She asked

“Whatever Y/n did today, after that, I had to promise her that I would celebrate my birthday with her… And in such a situation, if I had said yes to the party, then I would have failed to fulfill my promise. So, that’s why”

“So you stopped uncle through me”

“I didn’t get any better idea than this”

“Now, tell me whether to go or not?” Maria asked

“I have promised her, so we have to go” Jin said


“Obviously, I can’t go alone with Y/n” Jin said


“And tell her to be ready too”

“Okay” Maria said and from there. And she went in Y/n’s room. And asked her “Did you feel well now?” and Y/n just hummed in response. Then Maria said “Jin said get ready to go to dinner”


“Hmm… now quickly get ready… before we’re late”

“We… are you also coming with us?”


“Someone else is coming?” Y/n asked

“No, only me, you and Jin”

“Oh… now it’s conformed that you both are very close to each others” Y/n said

“Yes we are… we are best friends” Maria replied

“Oh I see”

“Now get ready… and call me if you need something… okay?”

“Okay” Y/n said, and Maria left.

~ After sometime ~

Jin came into Y/n’s room and asked “Y/n, are you ready?”


Then while coming there Maria said “I’m ready too, let’s go”

Then they went to the hotel. And celebrate Jin’s birthday, cut the cake.

“Thank you for fulfilling my wish” Y/n said

“No problem” Jin said

“Y/n eat this one, hope you like it” Maria said, while pointing at a dish. Then Jin’s phone rang, and he went out for taking his call. Y/n was eating when she got a noose, she quickly picked up a glass and drank it.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked

“Hmm” she replied

Jin image for Jin fanfiction

“What happened?” Jin asked, while coming there


Then a waiter came there rushing, And said “Sorry sir… actually…”

“What actually?” Jin asked

“Sir actually, mistakenly I put soju in it, instead of water”

“What… are you made… take it back” Jin said in an anger tone

“Jin, she drank it” Maria said, while pointing at Y/n

“Are you okay?” Jin asked her

“Maybe” she replied in a deep voice

“Jin, I think we should have to go back” Maria said, And Jin nodded in response

“Do your work properly” Maria said to the waiter. “Sorry” He said and started picking up the glasses from the table, when a glass fell on Maria’s dress. “Are you…” She shouted but gets stopped in the middle.

“Sorry mam…”

“Quickly go and Wash it” Jin said, And he looked at the waiter and shouted “Get lost” and he left. And Maria also went to the washroom.

When Maria left, Y/n looked at Jin with the sad face and said “I thought that you were only get angry on me, but you are angry with everyone”

“Its nothing like that” Jin said

“If it’s not then, how is it… every time you hurt me the most… You didn’t care about my feelings… On that day I proposed you, you refused my proposal without thinking about my feelings… You get angry at me…” while cutting her in the middle, Jin said “Y/n, You’re drunk. Let’s talk about it tomorrow”

“No, I want to talk to you now… Otherwise, tomorrow you will leave me alone too, and go away from me” while saying this, tears come up in her eyes “Everyone does the same to me… no one loves me everyone leaves me alone” and she starts crying “My life is very bad… But, when I see you… I don’t know why and how I have fallen in love with you… But you…” Jin came closer to her and while wiping her tears he said “Stop crying…”

On his words, Y/n looked into his eyes and said “I Love You” and she went more closer to him, And kissed him.

And he kissed her back.

As Maria came back after cleaning her dress, she saw the unbelievable view, she saw that they both are kissing.

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