You & I Ch- 3.

“Nuna… Nuna… nurse quickly bring the stretcher here” He said and then he made her lay on that. Then he said to the nurse “I am going to the emergency room with her, you bring the doctor there” and left.

After some time, Jin went into the emergency room, and asked to Jihoo “what happened to her?”

“I don’t know, suddenly she just fainted” Jihoo said

“Oh, it’s just a normal thing… Why are you taking so much tension?” Jin asked

“Hyung, she’s my that cousin… whose condition I told you about”

“She’s really stupid” While looking at Y/n Jin said, then he took a deep breath and said “You go out and send the nurse in… I need to do some tests of her”

“Okay” Jihoo said and left.

~ After sometimes ~

As Soon as Jin came out of the room, Jihoo asked “Is she all right?”

“She still hasn’t regained consciousness… but soon she will… So, don’t worry” Jin replied

“But hyung… what happened to her?” Jihoo asked

“Just wish nothing happens like what I’m thinking” Jin replied


“Nothing… you just do one thing, inform her family”

“Okay” Jihoo said. Then he informed her dad and went to Jin’s cabin. Then asked to Jin “Hyung now tell me what happened between you and her?”

“Firstly, you tell me one thing, if she’s your cousin, then why wouldn’t you come with her?”

“Dr.maria called me, so I went there… but I’m asking you, what happened in between both of you?”

“Nothing, she was just talking sh*t … so I got angry at her… and asked her to leave”

“Ahh hyung… maybe that’s why she’s in this condition”

“What you mean?” Jin asked with the confused expressions

“She can’t handle anyone’s anger… and you also know the condition of her heart” Jihoo explained to him

“I know… but at that time… she didn’t tell me anything about her and her condition… so it’s all happened mistakenly… but now you don’t worry… now she’s my responsibility”

*Next day*

Mr. Bam went to the hospital. He met Jihoo and asked “Where is Y/n?”

“She’s in the ICU” Jihoo replied

“Where is her doctor?” Mr. Bam asked

“Come with me” Jihoo said and took him to the Jin’s cabin. And introduced him to Jin “Hyung he’s Y/n’s father, Mr. Bam”

Jin image for Jin fanfiction

“Hello Mr. Bam, please have a sit” Jin said

“What happened to my daughter?” Mr. Bam asked

“Yesterday I did some tests of her… and the reports are not good at all” Jin replied

“I know her heart is weak and needs a surgery… What can be more bad news than this?”

“She continuously gets two little heart attacks… And as the condition of her heart already, these attacks are more affected on her… and the thing is…”


“She doesn’t have much time… She needs heart surgery if she didn’t get it… Then…” While cutting Jin in the middle, Mr. Bam asked “What are her chances of survival?”

“There is just 1% chance that she can survive after the surgery… With the help of medicines and therapy, we can keep her alive for only one month… But the thing is, if she gets another shock or stress… Then, There is nothing in our hands” Jin said. And Mr. Bam said anything, a nurse came there and said “Dr. Jin, Miss Y/n regained consciousness”

“You go and meet your daughter” Jin said to Mr. Bam, He hummed in response and left.

While entering in Y/n’s room, Mr. Bam asked “Did you feel well now?”

“Little bit” She replied with her innocent smile

“Why are you in this condition… Did anyone say anything to you?” He asked

“Do you think can anyone say me anything… but yes, I say something to someone and his answer make my condition like this”

“Who is he… and what did you say to him?”

“He is Dr. Kim… And I just said that I like him… and dad I’m really, really serious at that point… I really like him… but he said he didn’t… and he rejected me very badly… dad you know that there is no one whom I like… but he…”

“Y/n relax, and don’t worry my dear, I handle it… now you just take rest, okay?” He said, and she just hummed in response. “Good girl” He said and kissed her forehead and left from there.

Mr. Bam went back to Jin’s cabin and told him everything clearly what was Y/n said to him about Jin. And on his words, Jin replied “I already knew it… and now I know what I had to do”

“What?” Mr. Bam asked

“We just need to make her happy… so until you’re thinking about her surgery… I can do anything to make her happy” Jin replied

“And how do you do that?”

“You don’t worry it’s all my headache… now I’m going to see her” Jin said and left from there.

Jin went to Y/n’s room, and while entering he asked “How are you felling now?” as she saw him, she covered her face with a blanket and said “I don’t want to talk to you… Please leave me alone”

“If I say, I wanted to talk to you about something related to your proposal… then?”

“I know what you say” She said without uncovering her face

“What?” He asked. She removes her blanket and said “You will say that try to understand Y/n, I don’t like you”

“No, you are wrong… I was not going to say this” he said

“Then?” She asked

“I am thinking of accepting your proposal”

“Haha… Very funny” she said with the fake laugh

“I’m serious, But…”

“But what?”

“But I have a condition”

“And what is it?”

“If you will always be happy and take your medicines on time… and then when you will go home after being discharged… Then I’ll do whatever you say… If you want to date me or else”

“Promise?” She asked with a smile. And he just hummed in response, then said “Then, I’ll do everything what you say, but… I will take medicine only when you give it to me”

“Okay… Now you take rest” He said and left. And while looking at him going Y/n thinking ‘Dad you’re the best, you can do everything for me’

*At night*

A nurse entered in Y/n’s room while saying “It’s time for your medicines”

“Where is Dr. Kim?” Y/n asked

“Dr. Kim… Oh, you mean Dr. Jin” nurse asked her back. And Y/n just hummed in response

“He’s Dr. Jin… Everyone calls him by that name… So, you also call him the same” nurse said

“It’s my choice that what should I call him… Okay… And now you go and send him” Y/n said, and before the nurse replied, while entering the room, Jin asked “What’s happening?”

“Nothing” nurse replied

“What are you doing here?” Jin asked

“Dr. Jihoo asked me to give her medicines” she replied

“And where is he?”

“He’s busy somewhere”

“Okay… You can go now I give her medicines” Jin said, then she nodded in the response and left.

“Now take your medicines” Jin said to Y/n

“But I didn’t eat anything yet” she replied


“Because I don’t like to eat alone… Dad and Jihoo were busy, so I didn’t” Jin took a deep breath on her words and said “You wait I’ll get some food for you” and left. After some time, he came back with some food and said “Eat it”

“I have drips in my hand… Can you please?” she said, while showing him, her hand

“Fine” He said, and fed her. At that time, she was feeling like her handsome hubby was sitting in front of her and feeding her…

“It’s finish, now take your medicines” Jin said


*Next day*

Jin was in Y/n’s room for her morning medicines, Then a nurse went there and said “Dr. Here is her all medicines”

“Put it here, and you can go now” “Okay” She said, and she was about to leave, when she stopped and said “Btw Dr. happy birthday” and he just hummed in response and she left. Then Y/n asked “Today is your birthday?”

“Hmm… Now take your medicines” Jin said

“What you want as your birthday gift” she asked

“Don’t try to change the topic… and take it” Jin said, while showing her medicines

“I don’t… it’s having a horrible taste” She said

“As my birthday gift I want you to take your medicines” Jin said


“Now give me my gift”

“Fine… give me… I’ll take it”

“Good” He said and gave her medicine and about to leave, then she said “Please send Jihoo here”

“Why?” he asked

“Please” She said while making a puppy face

“Okay” he said and left.

*After Sometime*

Jihoo came into Y/n’s room and asked “Did you call me?”

“Hmm, I need your help” she replied

“Hmm say”

“I need some things… Can you buy that for me?” she asked

“Say what you want” Jihoo asked, then she told him the names of few things. And after hearing that, Jihoo asked “Nuna, This all is decorations stuff why you want these things?”

“I’ll tell you later… Now just buy it quickly” she said

“Okay” He said and left.

*After sometime*

Jihoo comeback with her stuff, and while giving her he said “Here is all your stuff”

“Thank you”

“Now what are you going to do with it?” Jihoo asked

“Firstly give me your phone” She said

“Phone?” and she just hummed in response, he took out his pone and gave her. She took it and booked a cake and gave back her phone. Then Jihoo asked “Now tell me?”

“After sometimes you had to know everything… Now for some time, just leave me alone”

“As you wish” He said and left.

*After sometime*

While opening the door, Jihoo said “Nuna…” and looking here and there he asked “what is this why you decorate your room?”

“It’s a surprise for someone” she replied

“If I’m not wrong, you did this for hyung… right?”

“Hmm… but you tell me why are you here?”

“Oh Yaa… I got a call from uncle, and he said that he had to go back to his meeting… and he will come back after some days”

“Okay… now can you do one thing?” she asked

“What?” He asked

“Please get him here”

“He’s busy” he replied

“You just tell him that, I’m not eating my medicines” she said

“But nuna”


“Okay… Okay” He said and left.

Then he went to Jin and said in a hyper tone “Hyung… Hyung…”

“What happened?” Jin asked

“Y/n refused to take her medicines” Jihoo said

“You’re her brother… go and give her… I’m a little busy” Jin replied

“I try… but she can’t… she just says that she wants you there”

“Fine” Jin said and went in her room. And soon he entered in her room, she wished him “Happy birthday…”

“What the hell is this… you call me here for this stupidity?” Jin said while raising his eyebrows

“I was just…”

“I was in important work and because of this…” He said in an anger tone. On his words, Y/n got angry and said “Fine… Go and do your work” and while pushing him she said “Go…”

She pushed him out and locked herself inside.

“Y/n… Y/n… Open the door” Jin said, while knocking on the door

“No… you go and do your important work”

“Y/n… open it” Jin said. She just ignores his words and angrily removed all the decorations. Jin is still knocking on the door and said “Y/n open it… otherwise I’ll break the door”

She wanted to reply to his words, but she started having trouble breathing. And in a crack voice she said “Do… do whatever… you want”

“This girl is a really very big troublemaker”

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