You & I Ch- 2.

While sitting in the car, Jihoo said “hurry to the hospital”

“It will take at least two hours to reach the hospital” The driver said.

“What…then let’s go to the villa” Jihoo said and thought ‘I hope Uncle has done as I said, that will be the setting action for emergency’

Then within some time they reach, And everything was there as Jihoo thought. Firstly, he put on her oxygen mask and gave her some treatment. After some time, her heartbeat became normal. “Finally, she’s alright” He took a deep breath and said, then sat beside her and said “I refused you, but you didn’t listen to me”

“I’m sorry… I should have listened to you” She said, while opening her eyes

“Take care next time… Okay?” he said, and she just hummed in response “You take some rest, I’ll bring a juice for you” He said and left.

*Other side*

Mr. & Mrs. Kim were sitting in the leaving room with Mr. Park’s family, then maria asked “Aunty, where is Jin?”

“Maybe in his room” Mrs. Kim replied

“Okay” Maria said and left from there. And she went out to his room, and knocked on the door, but he didn’t reply, so she went in, and asked “How are you?”

Jin image, for Jin fanfiction

“Very bad… But I know you are very happy… right?” while taunting on her, he said

“What you want to say?” She asked

“I mean, you must have been so happy after complaining to my dad” Jin said

“Your complaint… What complaint?

“Didn’t you tell dad that I didn’t drop you at your home?” He asked her

“No… I didn’t say anything… Rather, I even told my dad that I had forbidden you from coming there”

“Very nice excuse”

“No it’s true… I didn’t say anything to anyone” she said

“She’s right… She didn’t say anything to your dad” while coming there, Mrs. Kim said

“So how did he know” Jin asked

“He sent someone there to follow you, and he told him that you went there but left without picking up Maria” Mrs. Kim replied

“Look I already told you I didn’t say…” Maria said

“But what does dad want to do… why is he doing all that?” Jin said

“Come down, you will know everything” Mrs. Kim said. Then they all went down and sat there. Then Mr. Kim said “We want to turn this partnership into a relationship, so we’ve decided to get both of you married.”

“What… Why?” while standing up, Jin said

“Do you have any problem?” Mr. Park asked, and before Jin say anything, Mr. Kim held his hand and made him sit down, and said “No, he doesn’t have any problem”

It’s okay, If you don’t want to get married” Mr. Park said

“It’s nothing like that” Mr. Kim said and whispered in Jin’s ear “You have to do what I’m saying”

“Do whatever you want” Jin said and left from there. “I’ll see him” Maria said, and while following his she went to in his room, And asked him “Don’t you want to get married?”

“No I don’t… You’re just my friend” he replied

“Why, is there someone you like?” She asked


“Then what’s the problem… let’s get married Jin… only for the happiness of your parents, we can do this… right?” she said

“Okay… Okay… Fine”

“So let’s give this good news to everyone” Maria said. They went there and told everyone that they both are ready for this marriage.

“So isn’t that good, they exchange the rings today?” Mrs. Park said

“Hmm, it’s a nice idea” Mrs. Kim said. And Maria and Jin Exchange the rings.

~ Next day ~

Y/n went to the hospital with Jihoo. Then while coming towards them a nurse said “Dr. Jihoo… Dr. Maria is looking for you”

“Okay… I’m coming” He said, Then showed the Jin’s cabin to Y/n and said “Nuna this is Doctor Jin’s cabin you go inside… tell him everything about your condition… I’ll be back” Then he left. And she went inside and said “Good morning Doctor…”and as she saw that Jin was her doctor she thought ‘Is he really my Doctor oh my…’ She came out of her thoughts when he replied her “Good morning, please have a sit”

“Thank you” while saying she sat on the chair. Then He asked “What’s your name?”


“Okay… So miss Y/n tell me what’s your problem?” he asked

“I have a heart problem” she replied

“I know you have a heart problem, that’s why you are in front of me… But tell me about your proper condition…”

“My condition is very serious… Actually, someone stole my heart” She said with the serious expression

“Miss Y/n, I’m not in a mood of joking at all” He said while raising his eyebrow

“No, I’m serious… Did don’t want to know, who is he?”

“Who?” he asked

“You… Dr. Kim, you stole my heart… As first, I saw you… I fall for you… I like you, Dr. Kim”

“Miss, please don’t waste my time… I think you should go Now” he said in a very peaceful tone

“But I really like you…” She said, while making an innocent face. And this he gets angry on her and shouts “But I don’t… Understand… Now please leave”

“But…” before she says more than this, he shouts at her again “Are you leaving, or I call the guards” and because of this, tears come up in her eyes “Fine…” She said and went out of the cabin.

“Did you don’t go in yet…” While coming towards her, Jihoo asked

“I- I went in… B-But” She said in a crack voice

“But what?” He asked. As he asked, tears started falling down from her eyes and she said “B-But he… He…” and she gets fainted in middle of the words. “Nuna… Nuna… nurse quickly bring the stretcher here” He said and then he made her lay on that. Then he said to the nurse “I am going to the emergency room with her, you bring the doctor there” and left.

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