You & I

You & I
You & I


A Love story. Between two different personalities. One is a cute and fun-loving girl. And second is a cold person. A Doctor, Dr. KIM SEOK JIN. Who loves his work more than anything. Now let’s see What’s going to happen. In between of them. How can they meet each other, love each other.


Lead Character

  • Y/n – Cute and fun-loving girl, she loves to enjoy her life. But the sad thing is, her heart is very weak. Maybe she doesn’t have much time to live her life.
  • Jin – A doctor of heart, who loves his work more than everything. And a cold person.


  • Mr. Bam – Y/n’s Father and very biggest businessman.
  • Jihoo – Younger cousin brother of Y/n.
  • Mr. Kim – Jin’s Father and also a businessman.
  • Mrs. Kim – Jin’s Mother and a very sweet Lady.

Supporting Cast

  • Mr. Park – Business partner of Mr. Kim
  • Mrs. Park – Second wife of Mr. park and a stepmother of Maria.
  • Maria – Daughter of Mr. Park and very friendly girl.

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