You & I Ch- 1.

*Seoul Airport*

Y/n was talking to Jihoo

*On call*

"Where are you?" Y/n asked
"I sent my coworker to pick you up there" Jihoo said
"But why are you not coming?" She asked
"Nuna (elder sister) relax, He had to pick up someone else that's why he's there... And I had some urgent work in the hospital" He said
"Ahh... Fine, I'll go myself" She said with the frustration
"But nuna..." Suddenly, Y/n collided with someone and her phone fell and broke

*Call end*

In anger, she said “You…” As she saw his handsome face, She became speechless.

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And while blinking she thought ‘He’s so Handsome… Exact type of my boyfriend… No… No, Y/n control…’ and she came out of her thoughts when he said “Are you blind or what?”

“What you mean?” She asked

“Don’t you see someone coming from the front, you bumped into me like stupid” He said, while expressing his cold personality.

“I’m Sorry” She said

“Whatever” He said and Left.

As he left, she came back to her senses and thought ‘Wait… Did I say sorry… I mean The Y/n… The Y/n, said sorry to someone… But he’s so Handsome… So, it’s okay if I was apologized to him’ Then she decided to take a cab.

And while going from there He’s thinking ‘Why she seems like I see her somewhere… Oh yes, she’s Jihoo’s cousin’ And While turning he said “Hey… Ahh… Where did she leave”

Then while coming towards him, A girl said “Hey Jin”

‘Yes, That person is Jin and the girl is Maria’ author pov

“You’re looking happy, it seems like your flight was good” Jin said

“Hmm… Because today I met a very sweet girl in the flight, and she was very cu…” and the sound of his phone call mad her stopped in the middle of her words

“Just a minute” Jin said and picked the call

*On call*

"What happened?" Jin asked
"Hyung (elder brother), Please come here fast, the patient's health is very bad, I have tried everything, but I am unable to cope, please come" Jihoo said
"Okay...okay... I'm coming"

*Call end*

“What happened?” Maria asked

“You go home by cab, I have to go urgently to the hospital” He said and Left.

She was about to leave when her leg got twisted and her leg got sprained, she looked at the exit gate and thought ‘Maria You just have to walk a short distance, you can do it’

*Outside the Airport*

Y/n decided to take a cab, but her phone was broken, that’s why she couldn’t. So, she was waiting for the taxi, and Suddenly a man came to her and asked “Miss Y/n?”

‘Maybe he is the person Jihoo was talking about’ she thought. The person asked again “Are you Ms. Y/n?”

“Yes I’m” She said

“Mr. Bam has told me here to pick you up” He said


“Yes, ma’am”

“Okay… Take my luggage” She said and sat in the car. Then, while giving her the phone, he said “Here is a call for you”

“For me… give me” She said and took a phone

*On call*

"Did you reach well?"  Mr. Bam asked
"Yes dad" She said
"And what happened with your phone... I called you many times"
"It's broken"
"It's OK... By new one... And did Jihoo comes to pick you?"
"No, He was busy with some work"
"I knew he wouldn't come, that's why I sent the car... And yes, I booked a villa for you there" Mr. Bam said 
"Okay dad... Bye" She said

*Call end*

After ending the call as she looked at outside, and she saw Maria “Is it Unnie (elder sister by girl)?”

Then she went to Maria, and asked “Unnie, are you okay?”

“Little bit, my leg got sprained” She said

“Come with me, I’ll drop you” Y/n said

“No, I’ll go myself”

“Unnie please”


“Put her luggage inside” Y/n said to the driver, and they sat inside the car, Maria told the driver the location of her house.

“In flight, you told me that someone was coming to pick you up, then what happened?” Y/n asked

“He got some important work, so that’s why” Maria said


“The flight was very short, that’s why I didn’t get to know much about you” Maria said

“Yaa, me too” Y/n said

“Btw, why did you come to Seoul to visit, or some other work?” Maria asked

“I came for some work” She replied

“So you come with me to my house until you’re done”

“No, it’s okay… I have my personal villa here… So, I live there” Y/n said

“Oh I see”

“Unnie, you say that you’re a doctor, but you didn’t tell me in which field” Y/n asked

“I’m heart specialist in ***hospital” Maria replied

“Really… My cousin is also working there”


“His name is Jihoo” Y/n said

“Oh Jihoo… He’s my junior… And he’s also sweet like you”


“Ma’am we reached” Driver said

“Thanks Y/n… I wish to see you again” Maria said

“Me too”

“Bye” Maria said and Left.

~ After sometime ~

She reached at her Villa. All the Servants came in front of her and wished her “Good evening miss” there was a lady, who was head of all the servants. “Mam, we’re five servants here for your help. And these two are your guards and one is your driver” That lady told her. “Okay. Take my in luggage in my room” Y/n said, a servant nodded at took her luggage.

“It’s a very nice place and too big as well. But what would I do here alone. Umm. Let me call Jihoo here. He also lives alone in his apartment…” while sitting in the living area, she was talking to herself. Then while going in her room, she said to the lady “Send a juice in my room”

“Mam, you’re looking tired… Tea or coffee is good…” lady said

“But it’s not good for my health… So, just send a juice…” Y/n said

“As you say” that lady said, and she went in her room.

“Now I have to call Jihoo…” she said and started searching for her phone “Where is my phone… ahh… I forget that it’s broken… Because of that guy…” and as she thought about him, a smile came to her face “But he’s so handsome… I wish I could meet him again…. God, every time you help me… so please do something this time as well”

*Other side*

“Finally, he’s safe” Jin said

“Only because of you” Jihoo said, and Jin hummed in response “Let me call nuna… Did she went safely or not” Jihoon said, and called Y/n “Why did her phone is off?”

“Maybe her phone is braked” Jin said

“Broken… How do you know?”

“She bumped into me at the airport, and her phone fell… So might be…” Jin said

“Oh… Now how should I contact with her…. Yaa… Let me talk to uncle Bam” Jihoo said

“Why are you taking so much tension, she is not a small child… she can take care of her herself…” Jin said

“She can… But sometime…” Jihoo was telling him, but Jin’s phone’s ringtone made him stop in the middle, Jin picked up the call “Hmm… But why…. I’m on duty… Fine… I’m coming” and ended the call.

“Your dad?” Jihoo had to know by his expression

“Hmm… Jihoo, Today is my night shift. Can you take it instead of me?” Jin said

“Don’t worry hyung, I’ll” Jihoo said

“Thanks” Jin said and left.

*At Jin’s Place*

As Jin went to his home he asked “What happened dad?”

“You tell me what happened… I told you, that you had to pick Maria, but you didn’t… Why?” Mr. Kim asked

“I have to handle an emergency case” he replied

“Emergency case… Nothing should be important to you more than Maria” Mr. Kim shouted

“No… My work is important than everything” Jin shouted back

“You said that you do not want to do business. I said it’s okay… You said you want to be a doctor, I said okay… But now, it’s now enough. Now you have to do what I’m saying”

“But dad…”

“Tomorrow Mr. & Mrs. Park are coming here for dinner so just come on time”

“Fine” He said in anger tone and Left.

~ Next day ~

“Good morning miss” lady said

“Morning” Y/n replied

“What would you like to have tea or coffee?” Lady asked

“I already told you that it’s not good for my health… So just make soup for me”

“For me too” Jihoo said while coming there. As Y/n saw him she hugged him “Jihoo…”

“How are you?” He asked

“Fine…. Btw, how do you know I’m here?”

“Uncle told me… because your phone was off… so ask uncle that where are you living”


“And yes. I have fixed your tomorrow’s appointment with Hyung” Jin said

“Hyung?” Y/n asked

“I mean Dr. Kim Seok Jin… He’s my senior and also elder than me… That’s why I call him hyung” Jihoo said

“Oh I see… Btw, are you free today?” she asked

“Hmm… Why?”

“I am getting very bored. Let’s go somewhere…”


“Amusement park” she said

“What will you do there?” he asked

“Obviously, I’ll take rides there” she replied

“But that was very scary and fast”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me” she said

“Okay, I’ll take you there, but only on one condition… you won’t take dangerous rides”

“Okay fine… Now please let’s go” she said, and he hummed in response, and guards were also about to go with them but Y/n stopped them “You stay here, we will go ourselves”

“But sir has told us to be with you all the time” a guard says

“But I said stay here” she said and they left.

~ After sometime ~

They went there and took some rides

“I… I… Love it… Now that… That one” she said while taking long breaths

“Nuna look at you… your breath and I know your heart also will be beating too fast”

“No… No, I’m okay”

“But Nuna…” she cut him in the middle while saying “I’m going to take it… you can come if you want”

“If you go there, then I will give your complaint to Uncle”

“As you wish… But I’m still going… Bye” she said while going, and Jihoo went there too while following her. They sat in it, they were enjoying the ride, when Jihoo looked at Y/n, her face was turning red… And it seemed like she was having trouble in breathing. “Nuna… Nuna… Are you okay?” he asked, but she couldn’t be able to speak. Then the ride was complete, Jihoo took her out, and suddenly, she fainted. “Nuna… Open your eyes… Nuna” while tapping on her face he said, he checked her heartbeat that was very fast. He took her in his arms and ran towards the car. While sitting in the car, he said “hurry to the hospital”

“It will take at least two hours to reach the hospital” The driver said.

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