Love Destiny Ch-19.

Jungkook was sitting in his car when his phone rang, and he picks up the call…

*On Call*

“Hey Jeon, how could you do this to me... Why did you leave without meeting me?” She said as soon as he picked up the call
“Y/n actually...” while saying as he looked up he saw Hyun was looking at him “What happened...” Jungkook said and Hyun quickly took out a spray and sprayed it on Jungkook's face “Hey... What are you doing... Stop it...” which made him fainted
“Jeon, what happened... Jeon... Are you listening to me... Jeon?” She asked.

*Call end*

‘What happened with him’ She thought, and then she remembered that person’s words ‘I want to meet him, take him to my place’. Then she saw that, that person was leaving. She followed him and as soon as he got into the car, she hid in the trunk of his car. 

She sent her live location to Taehyung and texted him (Tae, help me…) 

But he didn’t see her message because he was busy, finding out whether Jungkook was telling the truth that he is his brother or not.

After some time, the car stopped, and Y/n followed that person secretly and entered into a ruined building. She hid behind a pole as soon as she saw few men standing with guns. And there was a guy tied to a chair, his face was bent down due to unconsciousness, that’s why she could not able to see him. And when that man went to him, he threw water on his face, because of that, he regained consciousness. 

“Jeon…” Y/n muttered as soon she saw his face.

“JK” Jungkook said while looking at that person. And he punched on Jungkook’s face and said “Yes, I’m back… After suffering ten years in prison because of you… But it looks like you’re having a lot of fun by using my name” 

“I have not used your name, I have made my own name, that JK is me, by whom everyone afraid of, not you” Jungkook said 

“J-JK… That’s means Taehyung was right…” she muttered

“It doesn’t matter because I’m the real JK, The Jeon Kai” JK said 

“You are the JK whom only Daegu people knew, but I am the JK whom the whole of Korea knew” Jungkook said.

“If you didn’t take my place, why did you send me to jail?”

“Because you made a mistake… you made the mistake of killing a family that was very close to me”

“Oh, you mean that Nam’s family… I have come to know that you have found his daughter, and you are living with her these days” JK said

‘Are they talking about me?’ Y/n thought

“How do you know that?” Jungkook asked 

“Because I have more power and connections than you can imagine” JK said

Jungkook sighs on his words and said “If you really thought you had more power, you would never keep me tied like that… You have so many men, besides that, tying me up like that means you’re scared of me” as Jungkook said this, his words hurt JK’s ego, and he told his man to untie Jungkook, and stood away from him and said “Now touch me if you have the guts” As JK said, Jungkook Move toward him. As soon as he steps towards JK, his men start attacking on him. And one by one, Jungkook starts beating them. And Y/n was shocked to see him, she couldn’t believe her eyes. 

And after beating up all of JK’s men, Jungkook was about to catch him when Hyun grabbed him from behind and pointed a gun at his head. “Leave me you fu**ing bas**rd” Jungkook shouted while trying to free himself. “Don’t move… Otherwise, I’ll shoot you” Hyun said

“Do you like my surprise… I hope he has taken care of you a lot in my absence” JK said

“So it was you who was giving him all my news” Jungkook said to Hyun

Y/n, was watching everything, when a notification came on her phone, And a photo popped up with the message ‘he was the person in that video’ as she saw the photo she thought while looking the JK ‘He is the same person, He is the real JK, who killed my parents’ she got scared because of which her phone fell from her hand. And because of the silence, JK heard the sound of the phone falling. And while walking towards the pillar he asked “Who is there?” She got more scared and sat down at the same place. As soon as Jungkook felt that Hyun’s grip is loosening, he hit his elbow hard on Hyun’s ribs, and freed himself. And then, he took out his gun and shot him. Then, Jungkook was about to shoot JK when JK fired at him, and the bullet hit Jungkook’s hand. Y/n got more scared by the sound of gunshots, but then, while controlling herself, she thinks ‘No not anymore, I won’t be afraid anymore, today this person is the front of me who killed my parents, and I will not leave him now’ and she saw a gun beside her, She picked it up and point it on JK’s head “You bloody killer” she shouted and fired at him, and the bullet hit him in the middle of the head. And he died at the same time. And Y/n fainted as soon as she shot, Jungkook went to her and tried to wake her up, but she didn’t come to her senses. He picks her up and decided to go to the hospital.

* Other side *

“No… No… No… It’s not possible… He is not my brother, no… But it doesn’t matter to me because he’s a gangster now, who killed many people, and he deserves his punishment… And where is this Sojun, it has been more than four hours, but he has not come yet” While saying he picks up his phone to call Sojun, and he saw a message from Y/n “What the hell is this where is she” he quickly went in the car and followed the location.

* On the other hand *

Jungkook went to the hospital with Y/n, He called the Doctor “Doctor, please check her” A doctor quickly went to her “Y/n?” while looking at her, doctor said. Then he asked Jungkook “What happened with her?”

“She just fainted because of her phobia” Jungkook said.

Then the doctor shifts her to the room and treats her, and the other doctor treats Jungkook.

Within some time, Taehyung went to the location, he secretly went inside and saw lots of dead bodies there “What the hell is this… Where is Y/n?” He looks here and there “Y/n… Y/n… Where are you” He called her by her name but didn’t get any response. Then he took out his phone and tried to call her, but her phone was on silent, So he wasn’t able to hear the sound. He started looking for her here and there, and he found her phone falling on the floor “So the location is right, but where is she now?” he said while finding her.

And other side, after treating her, that doctor said “Don’t worry, she will come in her senses soon” Then he asked Jungkook “what’s your relation with her?”

“She is my girlfriend” Jungkook said

“And your name?”

“Jeon” he said

“Okay” Doctor said and went out of the room. Then he calls someone…

*On Call*

“Hello Taehyung, where are you?” Doctor asked
“I'm a little busy right now” Taehyung said
“Do you know that Y/n is hospitalized?”
“Y/n, What happened with her?”
“She fainted because of her phobia, her boyfriend brought her here” Doctor said
“Her boyfriend?” Taehyung asked
“Hmm, He said his name is Jeon” 
“Oh, thank you bro... I'm Just coming right now”

*Call end*

As soon as he cut the call he went to his car, then his phone rang again, he picks up the call…

*On call*

“I'm in Daegu, where are you?” Sojun asked
“Just come to the *** hospital with the police, The JK is there” Taehyung said

*Call end*

And he went towards the hospital.

Other side as Y/n opens her eyes, Jungkook huge her while asking “Are you okay?” But she pushed him away while saying “Stay away from me”

“Y/n what happened?”

“You’re asking me what happened, how could you lie to me?”

“Because I don’t want to lose you”

“And do you think I’ll believe you now?”

“Y/n, please try to understand me”

“I don’t want to talk to you, Just leave me alone” She said

“But Y/n…” while cutting him in the middle, she said “You know what, you rest here, I’m going” and she left. And while following her, Jungkook went out of the hospital and while holding her hand he said “Y/n, please listen to me at once” she jerked his hand and said “I don’t want to talk to you Jeon… or I say JK” after completing her words, as she turned around she saw Taehyung was standing there. She ran towards him and hugged him while crying “I’m… I’m sorry Tae, I didn’t believe you”

“It’s Okay Y/n” Taehyung said, Then he went to Jungkook and said “Are happy now because she’s crying, because of you”

“Not because of me, because of you, All this happened because you brought her Daegu…” Jungkook said

“No, not because of me, it’s because you came into our life” Taehyung said

“Don’t you think you’re talking too much” Jungkook said, while taking out his gun. As Y/n saw a gun in his hand, she quickly went there and while holding Taehyungs hand, she said “Tae just let’s go from here” Taehyung just hummed in response, and they started walking towards the car. While looking at her going, Jungkook said “Remember one thing before leaving, if you leave me, I will leave this world” But she fully ignores his words. “Y/n I’m not lying this time” Jungkook said, And then he points his gun on his head and said “Y/n, I’ll just count to Three, and if you don’t come here, I’ll shoot myself” And his words made her stop at her place, but after a second she starts walking again “Three…” and she stopped at the same place “Two… One” and as soon as he fired she raised his hand to the sky, And she slapped him “Are you stupid or what… every time you just think about yourself, but what about me… Huh… Do you even think if something happened to you, then what would happen to me… you’re so selfish… While shouting at him, she started crying, And he hugged her while saying “I’m sorry”

And at the same time, Sojun went there with the police. “Arrest him, he is the real JK” while pointing at Jungkook, Sojun said to the Officer. Then the officer went to the Jungkook and handcuffed him “Hey what are you doing, leave him” Y/n said. But the officer took him and made him sit in the car. Y/n went to Taehyung and said “Tae… Tae, please do something, please… please save him… please” then officer Came to Taehyung and Sojun, and said “You have to come with us”

“You go with them, I’m Coming in my car” Taehyung said

“Okay” Sojun said, and they left.

“Tae, why are you doing this, please save him” Y/n said

“Firstly sit in the car” Taehyung said, and they went in and Taehyung started driving “Tae, please save him, You know once he goes to prison no one can get him out… So please do something”

“But Y/n…” While cutting him in the middle she said “I can do whatever you want, Just save him… I’ll marry you if you want… But please…”

“Okay… Okay… relax” he said then he called Sojun…

*On call*

“Hmm?” Sojun Hummed in question tone
“Don't show them any proof, until I came” Taehyung said
“Why?” Sojun asked
“Just do as I said”

*Call end*

“Oh yaa… I have your phone” He said and gave her, her phone. Then asked “Y/n what happened at that place?” She told him everything, “That’s mean you killed him?” Taehyung said because of the shock

“I don’t know what happened with that time, I just shot him”

“It’s okay, don’t worry” Taehyung said

After sometimes he stops the car, “Why we came here?” Y/n asked

“Just came inside” Taehyung said and they went in. “What was the gun you killed him with?” Taehyung asked

“That one” she said while pointing at the gun. Taehyung picked up that gun and said “Now let’s go” and when they were going out, Taehyung said “Do not share with anyone what was happened here… Okay?” And she just hummed in response.

And after some time, they reached at the police station. “What took you so long?” Sojun asked

“I was looking into something” Taehyung said

“And what is that?” Sojun asked

“That is, that he is not a real JK” Taehyung said

“What you mean?” the officer asked

“Sorry officer, it’s our mistake” Taehyung said

“What are you talking about” Sojun whispered, “I’ll tell you everything later” Taehyung whispered back.

“Mr. Taehyung, can you explain to me what is going on here?” The officer said

“Actually officer, Our company was looking for two people, one was JK and the other was my brother. And the mistake happened that one of my employee put his photo in JK’s profile… But” Taehyung took Y/n’s phone and showed the picture of JK to the officer, and said “He’s the real JK, he was in prison for a long time. And behind him here, one of his men was doing all the wrong things for him” Then he showed Hyun’s picture to the officer on his phone and said “He is Hyun JK’s right hand, who was doing all this here”

“And now where are they?” officer asked

“My job is to give you their faces, it’s your job to find them” Taehyung said

“Okay, we will find them” Officer said

“So can I take my brother now?” Taehyung asked

“Yaa sure” Officer said

“Let’s go” Taehyung said to Jungkook, And they went out of the police station.

Then Sojun asked “Why did you do this, why did you save him?”

“Because of her” while pointing at Y/n, Taehyung said. “And you said he is your brother, what about that?” Sojun asked “Yes, he is, but it doesn’t matter to me” Taehyung said

“Ahhh, I can’t understand what are you talking about, I’m going” Sojun said and left.

“What you mean by your brother?” Y/n asked

“And you have to promise me something too Taehyung said

“And what is it?” Jungkook asked

“That you’ll never make her cry, And if you do, remember that I still have all the evidence against you” Taehyung said

“You don’t worry about it” Jungkook said

“So shall we go home now, I know mom and dad will be happy to see you” Taehyung said.

After some time, they reached at home. And first Y/n went in “Uncle, Aunty, I want to talk to you about something” She said “Yaa say” Mrs. Kim said

“Actually, I can’t marry your son Taehyung”

“But why?” Mrs. Kim asked

“Because I want to marry your second son Jungkook” She said, And her words made them shocked “Y/n, are you senses, do you even know what you’re talking about” Mr. Kim said

“Yes uncle I know, And I want to tell you that Jungkook is alive, And he is here”

“Jungkook, where is he… Y/n tell me” Mrs. Kim said

“I’m here, mom” While coming inside, Jungkook said. And as soon as he went to her, she hugged him tightly and started crying.

After few days, Y/n and Jungkook get married. And she rejoined her office, And Jungkook also joined them. And Taehyung also starts tearing Jungkook like his brother.

|| THE END ||

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