Love Destiny Ch-17.

Few times she ignores his call, but in the pick it up…

*On Call*

“Y/n what happened… why are you ignoring me?” He asked like he didn't know anything
“Jeon… I don't know how to say… But… But it's over” She said
“What… why…what happened… did I make any mistake?”
“No, you didn't”
“Then why… Y/n you know I love you so much…”
“I love you too, but… But here I have a family, whom I can't see sad”
“But Y/n…”
“Sorry Jeon…” She said

*Call end*

As she cut the call, she hardly cried.

And the other side, Jungkook decided to came to Daegu. So, he calls Hyun…

*On call*

“Book my urgent tickets to Daegu” Jungkook said
“Why, is everything okay?” Hyun asked
“Just do as I said” he shouted
“Okay… Okay”

*Call end*

~ Time Skip ~

Y/n was resting in her room then, Taehyung knocked on the door and went inside. As he noticed that she was looking sad, he asked “Is everything okay?”

“Hmm, why?” she asked

“Then what happened to your face, why are you looking like this?” he asked

“Nothing, I’m just not feeling well.” She lied because she couldn’t tell him the truth.

“You tell me, what’s brought you here?” she asked

“I just came here to take you on shopping” he replied

“Then let’s go” she said

“No, now you have to take some rest because you said that you are not feeling well. We will go tomorrow”

“Okay” she said 

“Now take some rest, I’m going” he said and left.

~ Next day ~

Y/n call Sojun to ask about the video…

*On call*

“Hey Sojun, How's it going on?” she asked 
“Sorry Y/n, for taking that much time, actually I was just a little busy… But today I have given this work to someone else, he will send you the photo of that person before night because that video is not getting fixed… is it okay?” he asked
“Hmm… because I just want to see his face” she replied 

*Call end*

Then Taehyung came into her room and asked “Do you feel well now?” and she hummed in response. “Then let’s go” he said, and they went to the sopping. 

Shortly after they left, Jungkook arrived at Taehyung’s house. “What can I help you?” the watchman asked “I’m Jeon, Taehyung’s friend… I want to meet him” he replied “Please wait for a while sir”  watchman said, and called Taehyung…

*On call*

“Sir, a guy came here to meet you… he's saying that he's your friend… his name is Jeon”  Watchman said
“Hmm, he is… take him inside… and first make him talk to me” Taehyung said
And while giving the phone to Jungkook, watchman said “Sir wants to talk to you” Jungkook took's phone and said “Hello?” 
“Jeon, actually I'm outside, can you wait for me for a while?” Taehyung asked
“Sure, take your time” Jungkook replied

*Call end*

And Jungkook went in with the watchman. And as he saw the Mrs. Kim, tears came up in his eyes, but he controlled his feelings and greeted her.

Other side, as Taehyung ends the call, Y/n asked “Who is it?”

“Jeon came to visit us at home” as he replied, she thought ‘What was he doing here?’ then she said “Then shall we go back?”

“Tomorrow is our engagement, and you don’t have any dress to wear, so first we will take your dress and then go home” he said

“Okay” she replied

*Other side*

Jungkook was sitting in the living room and talking to Mrs. Kim, and then he asked “Aunty if you don’t mind, can I ask something?” and she just hummed in response 

“Who are those two kids in that picture?” he asked 

“It’s Taehyung and his younger brother Jungkook” she replied

“Taehyung never told me that he have a brother” 

“Because fifteen years ago, we lost him” she said

“How?” he asked

“Our family went to the amusement park, and he separated from us there” she replied

“So didn’t you try to find him?”

“We searched for him all over the park, but we could not find him anywhere, even I went on the road while searching for him, and I had an accident there, and I lost my eyesight” as she said,

Jungkook got emotional, and he thinks ‘Is it all because me… my mom living like this because of me’ and then he asked “Didn’t you file his missing complaint?” 

“Yes, we did it, and the next day the officer found his dead body near the park. He died in a car accident, and his face was completely disfigured” she said 

“Then how do you know he is Jungkook?”

“Because he was wearing the same jacket as Him, and it was his favorite jacket, he didn’t give it to anyone” she said

“But that bas**rd snatched it from me” he muttered

“Did you say something” she asked

“Nothing” and while saying he noticed the tears in her eyes, and he hugged her while saying “I’m sorry” and in mind ‘I’m sorry mom to misunderstand you’

*Other side*

Y/n and Taehyung were busy in finding her dress and then Taehyung’s phone rang, he saw that it was Sojun, so while going far away from Y/n he picked up the call…

*On call*

“I just sent you JK pictures and his details, maybe you know him because he is living in the same building as you” Sojun said
“Let me see” He said and saw the Pictures which made him shocked “Jeon?”, and he asked “Are you sure he's JK?”
“Yes I'm he is the same person who attacked on our office” Sojun said
“Then do one thing, Come to Daegu as soon as possible because he is here”
“Okay” Sojun said

*Call end*

As the call ends, Taehyung remembers that his mother is alone at home with Jeon. He went to Y/n and said “Y/n I have to go now for an urgent work, you buy your dress and go home” “Okay” she said, and then he left from there in hurry.

~ After sometime ~

Taehyung reached at home, and finds his mom having fun chatting with Jungkook. And while looking at him, he thinks ‘He is really sweet and kind, how can he be a gangster?’ Then while looking at him, Jungkook said “Hello bro”

“Should we go outside and talk?” Taehyung said

“Sure” Jungkook said and they went outside. Then Jungkook said “Shall we talk in my car?” and then they sat in his car. As Taehyung entered inside, he saw that Hyun was sitting on the driving seat, which made him shocked. But he asked “Jeon, who… is… he?”

“He is my driver… why?”

“That’s mean… you are really The JK?”

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