Love Destiny Ch-16.

While hugging his mom & dad, Taehyung said “How are you both… I missed you a lot”

“We too, my child” Mr. Kim said, and Mrs. Kim felt her children by touching their faces. And she said “Y/n, I feel like you’re too weak”

“No aunty, it’s nothing like that, I am good” she replied

“If you say then, I’ll believe in it” she said 

“Now you both go and take some rest” Mr. Kim said, Then they both nodded and went to their respective rooms.

~ Time skip ~

Taehyung was asking the watchman at his house, about the boy who came to his house posing as his friend, and the watchman told him that on that day he was on leave when that person came. 

“Okay, then show me the footage of that day” Taehyung said, and he saw that it was not his friend. He sent that footage to Sojun and called him…

*On call*

“Did you see the footage” Taehyung asked
“I want every single information about that person” Taehyung said
“Don't worry, I will find it soon” Sojun said

*Call end*

~ Time skip ~

Everyone was having dinner when Mrs. Kim said “Y/n Tae, you both are getting elder, so it’s good to get married now” 

“Yaa aunty, maybe you are right” Y/n said

“Then it’s done, we will organize the engagement of both of you in a few days” Mr. Kim said,  

After hearing his words, Taehyung had a smile on his face. But Y/n gets shocked and while standing up she asked “Our?” 

“Yes my dear You and Tae” Mr. Kim replied. And without saying a word, she left from there. “Let me talk to her” Taehyung said, and while following her, he went to the garden, and he asked “Y/n what happened?”

“Tae you know that we are just goods friends, I never think about you like that” she replied

“But Y/n what’s the problem with it, We both understand each other and care for each other…” and while cutting him in the middle, she shouts “But we don’t love each other” 

“Who says we don’t, I LOVE YOU Y/n, I have loved you for a long, but the thing is that I didn’t have a guts to say this” he said. And she just looked at him with the blank face and left from there.

She went to her room and while hugging the teddy, she hardly cried because there is no one with whom she can share her feelings.

Then Someone knocked on the door, she quickly wiped her tears and opened the door, Mrs. & Mr. Kim standing there “You go inside and talk to her, I’m waiting outside” Mr. Kim said to Mrs. Kim went in with Y/n. “Y/n now tell me what happened, are you not happy with this decision… If you don’t want to do this marriage, then you can tell me… we will not go against your wish” Mrs. Kim said and on her words Y/n think ‘Should I tell her about Jeon because I can’t live without him, But what if aunty gets sad on my words?’

“Hey what are you thinking, tell me… Do you want to do this marriage or not?” Mrs. Kim asked

“I just need some time” She replied

“Okay my dear, take your time”

“Thank you”

“Now get some sleep, I’m going” Mrs. Kim said, then Y/n helped her to reach the door, and then she left with Mr. Kim.

“I can’t understand, what should I do… How much uncle and aunt have helped me, without thinking about any of their benefits… And now that they have asked me for just one thing, can’t I do this much for them… If I don’t do this marriage, then Uncle, Aunty, Taehyung everyone will be mad at me. But if I did it, then there is only me who get sad… Ahhh… why it’s so hard to take only one decision…” She was talking to herself continuously.

And she didn’t even have any idea that Jungkook was seeing and hearing everything because of Teddy. “It hasn’t even been a day since she went there, and they started making her cry… and why she’s thinking so much about it, she just has to say no… let me talk to her” Jungkook said, and he called her, but her phone was switched off.

~ Next Evening ~

Everyone was sitting in the living area, when Mrs. Kim asked  “Y/n, have you decided something yet or not?” And Y/n hummed in response “So what is your decision?” Mr. Kim asked 

“I am ready” she replied, and after hearing her words, Taehyung get shocked because he didn’t expect it after the last night.

“That’s my good child, So before you guys go back, I will organize your engagement” Mr. Kim said

“As you say… now can I go to my room because I’m feeling a little dizzy” she said and left, and Taehyung followed her. And he caught her outside of her room “Y/n listen…”

“Hmm say…” she said

“Y/n are you happy with your decision?” he asked

“If you all are happy, then I’m happy too” She replied

“Not our, tell me…” but the ringtone of his phone made him stop in the middle, he saw that it was Sojun. “Y/n I’ll talk to you later” he said and quickly went to his room, and picked up the call…

*On call*

“Tae you were right” Sojun said
“That's mean…”
“Yes, he is connected to JK… His name is Hyun. He has been seen many times near JK's old place” Sojun said
“Old place?”
“Hmm, currently he's living somewhere else… and I'm still finding it… but you don't worry, I'll soon find both his place and face.” Sojun said
“Okay… do it soon” Taehyung said

*Call end*

“Ahhh why that guy came to my place why…”

On the other side, As Y/n opened her phone, she saw Jungkook’s missed call “Ahh… how could I talk to him… I’m not going to call him… No… I can’t”

~ Next Day ~

Y/n was sitting in her room when a maid came there and said “Ms. Y/n, Mam said that today you have to go with Taehyung to buy your engagement dress” 

“Okay, you can go now” Y/n said and she left.

As Jungkook saw this, he got angry and said “What… the engagement dress… is she ready for it… no… I don’t have patience now” and he called her. Few times she ignores his call, but in the end picks it up…

*On Call*

“Y/n what happened… why are you ignoring me?” He asked like he didn't know anything
“Jeon… I don't know how to say… But… But it's over” She said

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