Love Destiny Ch-15.

“Okay fine, then listen… I was trying to hack my old house camera so that I could reach my parents’ murderer…  And because that camera was burnt, it has become difficult to hack it and extract old footage… That’s why I can only listen to the recorded voices that day, and before I do anything, I faint because of this phobia of mine” Y/n said

“But Y/n it’s not good for you, you’re getting in trouble because of this… Why don’t you stop searching for that person… Why?” Taehyung shout

“No, I can’t… I have to find that person… because of him, I lost my parents” she shouted back

“You told me that your parents sacrificed their lives to save you, so it means that they wanted you to live your life well… So, just think if your parents are watching you, then how bad they must be feeling that you are getting yourself in so much trouble because of them” he said peacefully

“But Tae, If I can’t find that person, I’ll regret my life” she said 

“Okay, Fine… if you want to find that person, I will help you… But not now… After few days and until you don’t even have to think about it… Okay?” And she just nodded in response.

~ After Few Days ~

Y/n took a deep breath and said “Ahh Finally… I did it… but still, this footage is blurred… Now what should I do”  Then she remembered that Sojun can make it clear. So, she called him…

*On call*

“Hey Sojun, How are you?” Y/n said
“I'm Fine, what about you?” Sojun asked
“Fine too, Btw where are you?” She asked
“In the office, do you want to talk to Tae… wait, I'll give him” 
“No, no… I want to talk to you… actually I need your help” she said
“Tell me, what is it?”
“I am sending you a video, can you make it in good quality?”
“Yes I will, but it will take some time or maybe some days”
“No matter how long it takes, you just fix it”
“Remember one thing Taehyung shouldn't know about this Because he forbids me to work on it and if he finds out, he will be angry on me” she said 
“Don't worry”
“Then bye”

*Call end*

As she ended the call, she saw Jungkook’s missed call “20 calls by Jeon”

The number of his call made her shocked, so she quickly called him…

*On call*

“Y/n where are you?” He asked, as soon as he picked up the call
“At my place” she replied
“Then open the door” He said

*Call end*

And she quickly opens the door.  As soon as she opened the door, Jungkook Hugged her “Jeon, is everything okay?” She asked

“You tell me is everything alright, I have been calling you for a long time, but you are not picking up my call and I have rung the doorbell so many times. Do you have any idea how scared I was?” He said while hugging her tightly

“Sorry love, I was just busy with my work that’s why I didn’t hear”

“It’s okay” he said and took her peck. Then asked “Do you still have work, If not, can we go somewhere?”

“Yaa sure, let’s go” She said

*Other side*

Taehyung was doing his work, then his phone rang, he looked at the phone and said Oh, it’s mom” with a smile.

And quickly pick up the call…

*On call*

“How are you, my son?” Mrs. Kim said
“I'm good mom, what about you and Dad?” he replied
“We are good too” she replied 
“I'm missing you mom” he said 
“Me too child, now tell me when are you coming with Y/n?” 
“Soon mom” 
“Btw, did your friend come to see you?” She asked
“My friend?” he repeats because of the confusion 
“Hmm, few days ago a boy came here, he told me that he was your friend, and he was asking me about you and Y/n”
“About me & Y/n… And did you tell him anything?”
“Yes, because I thought he was your friend, but from your words it sounds like he wasn't… Tae, tell me… is everything okay?”
“Yes mom, everything is okay, don't worry” He said
 “Son, you take care of yourself, since I have heard about your boss, my worries have increased”
“Mom… I said don't worry… okay?”
“Okay, Bye” she said

*Call end*

*Other side*

Y/n was peacefully drinking her coffee, when Jungkook said “Y/n, I want to ask something” “Hmm say” she said, and then he stood up, came near to her and sat on his knees and while extending the ring towards her, with the smile he asked “Ms. Y/n would you like to be Mrs. Jeon?” And his words made her shocked because she didn’t expect this question. She didn’t say anything and stood up and while holding his shoulders she said “Firstly stand up” and because of her words, the smile left his face. And he stood up and said “Now say?” 

“Firstly, sit at your place” she said, and while sitting he said “Are you rejecting me right now?” She sits too and then said “No, it’s nothing like that”

“Then?” He asked

“Jeon, it’s a really big Decision of my life, and that’s why firstly, I want to talk to Tae’s parents about this” she said

“And if they say NO… Then?” he asked

“I know they will never say this, I know they will respect my choice”

“You know what Y/n, I’m just scared if other guy comes between us, then what will happen?” he said with the concern

“If it’s happened, then… I’ll kiss him on the forehead, and tell him that how lucky he is to have you as his father” She said and smiled.

“Ahh Y/n… You scared me for a second”

“Don’t worry Jeon, Just give me some time” she said, and suddenly, her phone rang.

She picked up the call…

*On call*

“Hey Y/n, where are you?” Taehyung asked
“I'm outside, why?”
“At tomorrow morning, we are going to Daegu (Tae's home)… So get ready” He said
“Oh okay” She said

*Call end*

“Tomorrow I’m going” she said

“Where?” Jungkook asked

“To meet Taehyung’s parents” she said with the smile

*Other side*

“Why are you suddenly going to Daegu?” Sojun asked

“Firstly, I miss my parents so much and the second thing is I want to know who is the person who came to my house posing as my friend… And I don’t know why I got the feeling that he was JK’s man” Taehyung said

“If you feel like, then go ahead”

~ Next day ~  

“Y/n come quickly, we are getting late” Taehyung said while sitting in the car

“Yaa, Yaa coming” And she also sits in the car, as she sits in it, Taehyung noticed a teddy in her hand “will you take this teddy too?” he asked, and she just nodded in response.

“Think one more time you have kept all your essentials” He said

“Don’t worry, I have kept everything” she replied

~ Time skip ~

They reached at Taehyung’s parents’ home, while hugging his mom & dad, Taehyung said “How are you both… I missed you a lot”

“We too, my child” Mr. Kim said, and Mrs. Kim felt her children by touching their faces. And she said “Y/n, I feel like you’re too weak”

“No aunty, it’s nothing like that, I am good” she replied

“If you say then, I’ll believe in it” she said 

“Now you both go and take some rest” Mr. Kim said, Then they both nodded and went to their respective rooms.

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