Love Destiny Ch-14.

Y/n was sitting at her place while waiting for Taehyungs’s call And Suddenly the Doorbell rang. She looks at the time and said “It’s maybe Taehyung” And she quickly open the door, And found Taehyung standing there. As she saw him, She quickly hugged him. “What happened Y/n?” He asked 

“Firstly come inside” She said and then went in.

“Now, tell me what happened?” he asked

“Are you still angry with me because of last night” She asked

“No, I’m Not” He said 

“Then why weren’t you picking up my calls?” She asked 

“Because I forgot my phone at home” He replied

“And you didn’t even come for breakfast” She said

“Because I had to go to office early in the morning, and I didn’t want to disturb your sleep” 

“Oh” She said 

“Btw, I have something for you” He said

“And what is it?” As she asked, Taehyung gave her the gift. While taking it she said “Thank you” And she opened it “Wow new phone… Thank you, Tae”

“Welcome… Now please give me a dinner, I’m very hungry” 

“Okay… Okay”

~ After having dinner ~

“Y/n tell me the truth, what were you watching last night… Because I know very well that you were not watching any crime scene movie”

“No Tae, believe me, I was watching a movie”

“Oh really, you were watching the movie in the secret room. Y/n, don’t try to make me fool, I want to hear the truth… So tell me”

“Okay fine, then listen… I was trying to hack my old house camera so that I could reach my parents’ murderer… And because that camera was burnt, it has become difficult to hack it and extract old footage… That’s why I can only listen to the recorded voices that day, and before I do anything, I faint because of this phobia of mine”

“But Y/n it’s not good for you, you’re getting in trouble because of this… Why don’t you stop searching for that person… Why?” 

“No, I can’t… I have to find that person… because of him, I lost my parents”

~ Flash back ~

“I am afraid because of this case of yours… can't you drop this case?” Mrs. Nam said (Y/n's Mom)
“I can't leave this case, I have all the proofs against JK, due to which he can be jailed for a long time… And don't take tension, after tomorrow's hearing all this will be over” Mr. Nam said (Y/n's Dad)
Then Mrs. Nam noticed that seven years old little Y/n was continuously looking at her baby bump “Hey naughty girl, what are you looking?” Mrs. Nam asked 
“Mom, why your tummy is so big?” Y/n asked 
“Because inside it, she is carrying your little sibling” Mr. Nam said 
“Really dad… so now when will I meet him?” 
“Soon my girl” she starts dancing in the excitement “Yeah… my little sibling is about coming… I'm so happy” Then the doorbell ring, And as soon as Mr. Nam opened the door, he saw a man standing there with his face covered, accompanied by two guards. Mr. Nam was shocked to see him. But before he could say anything, all three came inside. “Hey, who are you?” Mrs. Nam asked 
“I'm your husband's current favorite person… The JK” He said 
“W-What are you doing here?” Mr. Nam asked with the scared look 
“If you can come to my house without permission, then can't I… What did you think I wouldn't know... You seem to have forgotten my warning… And now you have made a mistake, you will get punished for it too… And your punishment is that today you will see your family being killed in front of your eyes” JK said and took out a golden gun with the JK's mark on it. As soon as Y/n saw the gun, she hides behind her mother while saying “Mom, it's a gun”  Then JK looked at Mr. Nam and asked him “From where should I start?” 
“JK don't do it Please” Mr. Nam starts begging “should I start from the little one” JK said while going toward the Mrs. Nam. “No… No… JK” while saying, Mr. Nam went towards the JK, but his guard caught him. “Leave me… Leave me you bas**rd” Mr. Nam shouted, and tried to free himself, but he can't. Meanwhile, JK reached at Mrs. Nam and pointed the gun on her baby bump. And without taking a second, he shoots her. As soon  as he shoots, she falls on the ground and blood splatters all over her. And Y/n was shocked to see her. And while crying, she tried to wake her up “Mom… Mom, please open woke up… Dad, look at mom, she is not opening her eyes… mom…” Then while pointing the gun on Y/n, JK said “Now it's her turn” And he was about to shoot him, when Mr. Nam frees himself from the grip of those guards and gripped JK, and said “Y/n, Just run away” 
“But dad…” She said while crying
“I said just run away from here” As he shouted, she stood up and starts running from there, and suddenly JK frees himself from the grip and gripped Mr. Nam and said to Y/n “Stay right there, or I will kill him” She was about to stop after listening to him, But Mr. Nam said “No Y/n, Just go away… Go away” and as soon as she went out a little far away she heard the sound of a gun shot and the voice of her father. For that reason, she fainted there. 
And in some time, JK also set the house on fire and left from there, and it was Y/n's good luck that JK did not see her.

~ Flash back end~

“Y/n, You told me that your parents sacrificed their lives to save you, so it means that they wanted you to live your life well… So, just think if your parents are watching you, then how bad they must be feeling that you are getting yourself in so much trouble because of them” Taehyung said 

“But Tae, If I can’t find that person, I’ll regret my life” Y/n said 

“Okay, Fine…if you want to find that person, I will help you… But not now… After few days and until you don’t even have to think about it… okay?” And she just nodded in response.

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