Love Destiny Ch-13.

After checking Y/n the doctor asked “Did anything happened here?”

“I don’t know, she was unconscious when I came here, maybe she was seeing something before she fainted” He replied

“Possibly, she saw something that made her shocked and scared… But don’t worry, I have given her an injection, she will regain consciousness in a while” The doctor said “Thank you, Doctor” he said, then the doctor left.

‘This girl always scares me’ while looking at her, Taehyung thought. Then he lifted her blanket, and went out of the room.

“Now first of all I should call someone to fix this door, otherwise if Y/n sees its lock broken, she will be angry with me” He talks to himself, and then call the person.

~ After Sometimes ~

After fixing the door when that person left, Taehyung went to Y/n’s room to check her, and … And soon as she woke up, she hugged him and start crying “Clam down… clam down” He said and while giving her water he said “Drink it”

“Now, tell me what happened to you?” he asked her

“I was watching a crime scene and I didn’t know when I fainted” she replied

“Y/n, you have to be careful” he said with the concern

“Hmm… but you tell me how are you in?” She asked

“After breaking the door”


Hmm… You weren’t opening the door, that’s why I was worried”

And why?” she asked

“Because I care for you” He replied

“And why did you care for me?”

“What you mean, you are my friend”

“But because of your care, I am unable to end my phobia” She said with teary eyes

“What you mean Y/n?” He asked

Because whenever I try to fight my phobia, you always come and stop me. But not now… Now you don’t have to take care of me… So please just leave me alone”

But Y/n…”

I said… Just… leave me… alone” She shouted

Okay fine… I’m going” He said and left.

As he left, she starts crying while hugging her pillow “Why… why it’s happen to me… Why I can’t be able to fight this phobia… Why I can’t be able to catch my parents’ murderer… why… Because of this phobia, every time I faint before seeing that person’s face… Sometimes I feel like I’m useless” And while crying she slept.

~ Next Morning ~

After making breakfast, she was waiting for Taehyung, but he didn’t come. So, she called him by the landline, but he didn’t pick it “Maybe he is angry because of the last night… Ahh! Y/n you’re so stupid, Why did you have to be so angry with him… He always helps you and you…” Then she calls him again, but still, he didn’t pick it. And all day she was waiting for his call while sitting in front of the phone.

~ Time Skip ~

She was sitting the same while waiting for his call, and suddenly the doorbell rang. She went and open the door and saw Jungkook was standing there “Oh it’s you” she said with disappointment,

After noticing her expression, Jungkook asked “Are you waiting for someone else?”

“No… you come inside” She said and they went inside.
“Is something happen?” He asked


“Then why are you looking sad?” He asked, on his words, she didn’t say anything. Then while calling her to him he said “Come here” as she went close to him, he hugged her and asked “Now tell me what happened”

“I fought with Taehyung last night” She said

“Oh, So that’s why you’re sad”


Y/n, he is your best friend, so you think he can stay angry with you for a long time” He said


Then, why are you sad”


You know what Y/n, I love to see a smile on your face, so now smile” As he said she smiled in response “Good girl” He said. Then she hugged him.

“Btw Jeon” As she said he hummed in question tone

“Yesterday, you said that you don’t have family… What happened to them?” She asked

~ Flash back ~

Mr. & Mrs. Kim, who had two sons, the elder one name is Taehyung and the younger one is Jungkook. 
And on the other side is Mr. & Mrs. Nam who has a daughter named Y/n. 
Mr. Kim and Mr. Nam were best friends, so Y/n used to spend most of her time at Mr. Kim's house. She loves to play with Taehyung. And Jungkook had a crush on her, But he never had the courage to tell Y/n about his feelings. 
On the Jungkook's 8th birthday, his family went to the amusement park “Honey, I'm feeling so tired” Mrs. Kim said “Mom dad you guys sit here and relax we both will take rides alone” Taehyung said
“Are you sure?” Mr. Kim asked
“Yes dad, we will” Jungkook said
“Okay then, Tae keep this money and go enjoy” Mr. Kim said
“let's go” While holding Jungkook's hand, Taehyung said
“And Tae take care of your brother” Mrs. Kim said
“Don't worry Mom” Taehyung said and they left. After they went away from their parents, Jungkook saw an ice-cream stall, so he said to Taehyung “Hyung I want Ice-cream”
“Okay, you wait here I'll bring it for you” 
“No, I will go with you too” Jungkook said 
“No kookie Just wait here” Taehyung said and left, And Jungkook also started following him, but because of the crowd, he lost his way and got lost. While shouting “Hyung… Hyung” Jungkook start looking for Taehyung, but he couldn't find him and lost his way.

~ Flash back end ~

“Hey Jeon, What are you thinking?” Y/n asked

“Nothing” He replied

“Then tell me, about your parents” She said

“I got away from them because of a person, when I was eight years old” Jungkook said

“So, you never try to find them”

“No, Maybe they don’t need me” He said, And talking about his parents, he started thinking of his mother.

“Y/n, I have to go now” He said

“But why?”

I remembered some work I had to do” he said, and left.

As Jungkook went to his place, he tries to clam himself, He tried so hard not to miss his mother. But the memories with his mother made him cry.

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