Love Destiny Ch-11.

As Soon as Y/n woke up she tried to recognize the place with sleepy eyes. Then she saw Jungkook is sitting beside her, And she sat up in shock. “I-is it your p-place?” She asked him in crack voice. And he just hummed in response, then she asked “Then what am I doing here?”

“You…” before he said more than this, while holding her head she said “Ahhh… my head… why it’s paining so much… Last night, what else did you give me with dinner?” She was looking pensive, so he holds her hands for making her calm. But she jerked his hands, and shout on him “Stay away…”

“Y/n… Y/n… calm down”

“I said stay away from me” she shouted on him again

“Okay… Okay, fine… I’m going” He said and start going towards the door, and suddenly, he felt Y/n’s hands on his waist.

Then he holds her hand and while turning he said “So, it’s a prank?” She smiled in response and said “Sorry”

“If it’s make you feel good, then it’s okay” She smiled on his words and hugged him

“Feeling better now?” he asked


“Btw, sorry” He said

“Sorry, for what?” she asked

“Actually, I gave you a sleeping pill last night” he replied

“No, it’s okay, ‘Cause only sleeping pills can calm me down. Even Tae gives me this as well whenever it happened to me… Oh, sh*t…”

“What happened?”

“I remembered from Tae I have to make his break fast” She said and then while going out of the room in hurry she said “I’ll see you later”

“But it’s already 10 O’clock… will he not have gone yet?”

“Yaa he is” she said. Then he holds her shoulder and while made her sit on the couch, he said “So, now you wait here… Let me make breakfast for you”

“You really?” she asked, and he hummed in response. Then she asked “Do you know how to cook?”

“Yes very well… now you just wait”

“Okay” he said and went in the kitchen. Y/n went there too while following him “May I help you?” she asked

“No, It’s okay, I can do it myself” He said, And start doing his work.

And while standing there, she was just admiring him.

“What are you looking?” He asked

“A handsome and hot guy” she replied,

He smiled and said “Okay continue”

~ After sometime ~

“Everything is ready” He said

“The smell, is really nice” She said

“Now you go and sit… I’ll bring the food”

Okay” She said and went to the dining table. Then Jungkook bring all the food there, and they had breakfast “Umm… it’s so testy” Y/n said, while eating “Thank you” He replied

“It’s my pleasure, Mr. Jeon” She said

After having the breakfast Jungkook said “Now you go quickly and get ready, then we will go out to make your mood good” Okay” she said and left.

The first thing she decided to do as soon as she reached her place, it was to call Taehyung. So, she started looking for her phone, Then she remembered that she had thrown her phone in her room last night. So, she went there and found that the mirror of her room is also broken with her phone. “Ahhh… My bad” she said and took a deep breath. Then she called Taehyung by the landline phone, He picks up the call…

*On call*

“Hello Tae?” She said
“Y/n... Where are you... why was your phone is off ?” he asked
Actually, It's broke last night” She replied
And what about the door, why weren't you opening the door... Do you have any idea how many times I've rung the doorbell ?” He shouted on her
Sorry Tae, I was just in a deep sleep... I'm sorry, I'll be careful next time” she said
Now don't feel bad, I'm just worried about you, And please keep this in mind next time nothing like this should happen. Otherwise, I swear that I will break down your room's door.”
Okay... Okay” She said while laughing
Now take care” He said

*Call end*

Then she cleaned the mess she created last night. After that, she starts getting ready.

~ After Sometimes ~

She went to Jungkook’s Place and rang the doorbell, He opened the door and asked her “Where is your phone I’m calling you for so long”

“It’s broke last night” she replied

“Oh, Now let’s go” He said,

Then they went to the parking lot “In my car” Y/n said

“Why?” He asked

“Because I know the location” She replied

“And where are we going”

“Umm… It’s a secret”


Let’s go” She said, and they sit in the car, and she starts driving “btw Y/n why are you not going to your job… Did drop it? He asked

“No, I’m just doing my personal project” She replied

“Personal… And what is it?” He asked

It’s a secret project”

“Secret project… Don’t tell me that you are working on that JK’s project”

“No… No… Don’t worry”

“Then it’s fine” He said, and she hummed in response.

Then she stopped the car and said “Here we are” They went out of the car, and he saw that it’s an amusement park “Amusement Park?” He asked with the weird face, She didn’t notice his expressions and said Yaa, And The place I love the most”

‘And the place I hate the most’ He thought.

But before he says anything, she holds his hand and dragged him inside while saying “Let’s go” When they went inside, she said “You know what it’s my first time, when I came here with someone”

What you mean by someone?” He asked

As you know, Tae is my only friend…”

Hmm… I know”

And he hates amusement park” she said

And why?”

“Because he lost his younger brother in an amusement park” as she said he muttered “And all of his fault”

Did you say something?” she asked

No, You tell me where we go first?” As he asked, while pointed on a raid, she said “On That one”

Okay, Let’s go” He said Then they start enjoying rids

~ After sometimes ~

I enjoyed a lot today” She said

Me too, And it’s only happened because of you” He said

Because of me?” She asked while laughing

Yaa… Because I have come to the amusement park after almost… fifteen years, and only because of you” He said with the smile

But why… I mean, why have you never come in such a long time?”

Because I don’t have any friends or family and I don’t like coming alone”

Where is your family?” She asked

Would you like to eat Ice-cream?” He asked, while trying to change the topic “Yaa sure” She said, and He succeeded.

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  1. Wait… Is what I’m thinking true… is Taehyung and Jungkook are brothers?
    Because in the previous chapter, when Jungkook heard Taehyung’s name, he had a dream of two kids who were in the amusement park. And now Y/n said that Taehyung lost his little brother in the amusement park. OMG is really they are? Author please tell me.

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