Love Destiny Ch-10.

In the camera, Jungkook saw that it’s Y/n. “How could I forget about her… you go and clean my room quickly” Jungkook ordered Hyun and quickly open the door.  As soon as he opened the door, She fell on him. He tapped on her face for making her wake up “Y/n… Y/n… open your eyes” But unfortunately, he didn’t get any response. So, he picked her up on bridal pose and took her in the other room. He made her lay on the bed, and splashing water on her face, he tried to wake her up “Y/n… please wake up… please open your eyes” Then she opened her eyes, and quickly she hugged him.

Then while creasing her hairs he asked “Are you okay?” She nodded in response. “Why were you looking so scared, Is everything okay?”

“I am very scared of the sound of gunfire and blood, and some time ago, I heard the same sound”

“What… gunfire sound… I think you have some misunderstanding”

“No, I know that it’s not any kind of misunderstanding because I didn’t hear only one I heard lots of gun fire sound” 

“Okay… Okay… Now relax… let me bring water for you”

“No, I’m okay… Just don’t leave me alone”

“Just few seconds… I’ll be back” He said and left. And after few seconds he came back with a water “Drink it” And after she drank the water he made her lay and said “Now get some rest” while holding his hand he closed her eyes and said “Please stay with me and don’t leave me alone”

“Don’t worry… I’m always here for you” He said and kissed on her forehead.

~ After sometimes ~ 

When Jungkook felt that she slept, Then he released his hand from her grip and went to his room, where Hyun was cleaning.

“Where are the dead bodies?” Jungkook asked Hyun

“In their right place” he replied 

“Good” Jungkook said

“I never saw them before, did you have any idea who they are?” Hyun asked him “yes” Jungkook said

“Who… Who send them?”


“JK?” Jungkook’s words made him shocked. And Jungkook hummed in response, then Hyun said “But he’s in jail yet… so how can it’s possible?”

“This is possible only when one of his spies is present among us.” Jungkook said  

So, it means someone is cheated on us?” 

“Hmm…” Jungkook said, And then he took out his gun and while looking at Hyun with angry expressions he completes his word “And he knows very well that I’m living here… and also all the roots of the house” 

“Hey, why are you looking at me like this… wait… do you think it’s me?”

“Did I ever say this… But if you are accepting this, then…”

“No… No… I’m Not… believe me, it was not me… wait… Alex, also know this, that you are living here” Hyun said while trying to protect himself

“Alex… yesterday he came here too for cleaning my room”

“And that’s why he knew all the roots well”

“I remembered by the name of Alex, Why did you put the secret camera in my room?” Jungkook asked while raising eyebrows.

“Camera… No… I didn’t fix it… And tell me one thing, If I put a camera in your room, why won’t I tell you about it?” Hyun asked

“Yesterday, when Alex was cleaning my room, he found that camera. I thought you might have put it there… But if you didn’t put it there, then who did?” Jungkook said, Then Hyun take a deep breath and said “Ahh… Now I understand everything”

“What?” Jungkook asked

“The culprit is Alex… Yesterday he came here and recognize all the places, and he put the camera in your room… And so, you don’t doubt him, he himself told you about that camera” 

“Ahhh… this Fu**ing Alex….” Jungkook shouted in anger

“Calm down, Y/n is in the next room” Hyun said

“Don’t worry, I gave her the sleeping pills in the water” Jungkook said 


“Now you tell me, where is that Alex lives?” Jungkook asked

“Come with me” Hyun said and they left.

After some time, they reached at Alex place. Hyun gently rang the doorbell but before someone open the door, Jungkook hardly kick on it and broke it. As soon as he broke the door, Alex was standing in front of him. And he saw that Jungkook seemed angry, so he decided not to say anything. When he saw that Jungkook was pointing a gun at him, So he dared to ask him in crack voice “W-What… Hap-happened?”

“How dare you to cheat on me… you fu**ing a**h*le” While punching on him, Jungkook shout

“I didn’t do anything… believe me” Alex said

“How can I… And I know very well it was you who cheated on me with that JK” he said while gritting his teeth

“No… no… that was not me… But I know who is he” Alex said, and he tries to save himself

“Who… tell me you bas**rd”

“He is the one you trust the most… and he’s tacking the advantage of this” Alex said

“He’s lying, he’s trying to distract you” Hyun said

“No boss, believe me, it was not me, even many times I tried to give you the clues of attack” Alex said 

“He’s lying, not believe him… I’m telling you” Hyun said

“No boss… believe me… Please…” Because of their argument, Jungkook becomes frustrated and he shoots Alex.

“Clean this mess” while going, Jungkook said to Hyun

“Bas**rd” Hyun said while kicking Alex body.

~ Next day ~

As Soon as Y/n woke up she tried to recognize the place with sleepy eyes. Then she saw Jungkook is sitting beside her, And she sat up in shock.“I-is it your p-place?” She asked him in crack voice. And he just hummed in response, then she asked “Then what am I doing here?”

“You…” before he said more than this, while holding her head she said “Ahhh… my head… why it’s paining so much… Last night, what else did you give me with dinner?”

She was looking pensive, so he holds her hands for making her calm.

But she jerked his hands, and shout on him “Stay away…”

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