Love Destiny Ch-9.

“But if your boyfriend objected to this, then?” Jungkook said

“That’s why I don’t have any boyfriend yet” Y/n replied while smiling, and then she controlled her smile and said “Because if someone wants to be my boyfriend, then he had to understand that my care is equal for both, but my love is only for my boyfriend” 

“So, can I be yours?” He asked with the deep voice

“What?” She said with the shocked face

“Why do you give me this shocking expression every time I ask something?” he asked with smile

“Because every time you asked something unexpected” she said

“Oh, I see” he said. Then he stood up, came near to her and sat on his knees and while extended his hand towards her, he said “Ms. Y/n will you be my girlfriend… because I like you

And because of his question she was feeling so nervous, and she said with the hesitation “Umm… Jeon… actually… actually, I need sometime…”

“Oh, time… okay… so, your time starts now… 3…”

“Hey… Hey… wait”

“2… 1… now give me my answer” he said and giggled, but as he said she stood up, and he stands up too, and then she asked “So you want your answer right now?” he hummed in response then she took a deep breath and said “actually… Jeon… the thing is… I don’t like you…” As she said,

The smile left his face and he became sad.

And then she completes her words while saying “Because… Maybe…. I Love… you”

“What… really?” he said with mixed expressions of joy and shock 

“Hey, now you’re coping my expression” she said with the smirk 

“You really love me?” he said while blinking. Then she came close to him and replied in a deep voice “Yes Mr. Jeon” And then she came more close to him and kissed him, and he kissed her back.

And after the long kiss, they decided to go back home.

~ After some time ~

They reached at their building parking area. As they both went out of the car, Alex came there while running and bowed him. Then Jungkook asked “What happen?”

“I have something to tell you” while looking at Jungkook, Alex said, and then he looked at Y/n. She felt that it seems like something personal, so she decided to left from there then she looked at Jungkook and said “See you tomorrow”

“Okay… Goodnight” He said

“Goodnight” she replied and left.

“Now say” Jungkook asked

“I saw few suspicious people, they are walking around the building. If you allow, I will send some guards to your place”

“No, there is no need of it”

“I’m just worried about you”

“Don’t worry, nothing going to happen to me… and Yaa you also go home”

“But how could I leave you alone, when Hyun is not there too”

“Didn’t you hear what I just say?”

“If you want then” Alex said and bowed and left from there.

Jungkook went into the lift. And send the message to his hacker RD…

Then the lift stopped, and he went to his place.

*At Y/N’s Place*

While laying on the bed, she’s hugging the teddy and thinking about today, about the proposal ‘Ahhh… I’m so happy today… Without doing anything, I got the boy I want. He’s the only person that I started loving from the first day I saw him. And finally, he’s mine’ And while thinking she slept.

*Other side*

After taking a bath, he went to bed and lay down, while covering his face.

“He’s sleeping now. Go and do your work” A man give the instructions to the man while looking into Jungkook’s room by the camera.

After a few minutes, Jungkook hears the sound of someone’s footsteps. So without getting out of the blanket, he messaged his hacker to stop the camera footage. As the man enters in his room, he shoots on the bed.

After hearing the gun sound, Y/n woke up while shouting “Jeon…”

Other side as soon as that man shoot on the bed, the whole room covered over the feathers, and he shouts to his other partners “Find him…”

Then Jungkook shoots him on the head while coming out from behind the curtains. And all of a sudden, the other guy fired a shot that hit Jungkook in the arm. And quickly he shoots him back on the head too. And the last man was about to run away when Jungkook shot him in the leg, and he fell on the ground. Then Jungkook went to him and asked “Who sent you here?”

“I… I, don’t know” he replied in trembling tone.

Jungkook clutched his wound, and asked “Are you going to tell me or I?” while asking, he points his gun on him “Now tell me quickly” 

“J… JK” That man said

“I think you want to die too soon” He said with the raise eyebrows

“No… No… I’m telling the truth”

“I’m The JK you ba**ard”

“I… I know… But he said that he’s the real JK, and you’re fake”

“What did you say I’m fake… You…” He shouted and shot him three times in a row and said “I… am… not… fake”

Then Hyun enter there in hurry. And the room view made him shocked, and then he notices that Jungkook’s arm is bleeding. Hyun made him sit on the bed and asked “Are you okay?”

“Hmm… just clean it” and then Hyun took a knife and took the bullet out of his arm and start bandaging.

*Other side*

Y/n was sitting in a corner, covering her ears. And she was crying continuously. She calmed herself and picked up her phone to call Taehyung. But her phone was switched off. So, she threw it away because of which the mirror broke. And the sound of it scared her more. She ran from there and went out of her apartment and she started walking towards the elevator to go to Taehyung but in the middle of the way mistakenly she pressed the Jungkook’s doorbell.

“Wait, let me see who it is?” Hyun said and went out of the room, Jungkook wear his jacket and while following Hyun he also went out. And in the camera he saw that it’s Y/n.

“How could I forget about her… you go and clean my room quickly” Jungkook ordered Hyun and quickly open the door.  As soon as he opened the door, She fell on him. 

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