Love Destiny Ch-8.

Jungkook took a sip of coffee and then while putting the cup aside he said Y/n?” She hummed in response.

Then he said I want to ask you something…”

“Yaa… asked”

“Will you go on dinner with me today?” his question make her little confused because she didn’t expect it, so soon. And then while laughing she said “Are you kidding with me?”

“No, I’m serious… Please don’t say no Y/n”

“Okay… If you insist so much”

“Thank you” He said like a happy child

‘I’m falling for this cute bunny smile’ she thought while looking at him smiling “You’re so cute” She said

“Really… You’re the only person who’s saying this”

“It’s not possible… If anyone can’t say this… That’s mean they are blind” She said while laughing “Maybe…” he said

~ After sometime ~

“Let’s go home now” Jungkook said

“Home? She asked

“Yes home”

“Are you not buying anything?”

“Not yet because I have to do many preparations… Because I’m going on a dinner with a beautiful girl so, I have to make her happy”

“Okay… Okay… Let’s go”

They were about to reach then Y/n asked “BTW where we are going on dinner?”

“Don’t worry about the location… Because we are going together” Jungkook replied

“Please Y/n it’s surprise… you just get ready at 8 o’clock”

“Okay… Okay” Then they reached.

As they went in lift Y/n select 5th floor “why 5th?” Jungkook asked

“Actually, I have some work with Tae” as she said this, the expression on his face changed, but he didn’t say anything. Then the door opened, and she said “bye” to him and left. She rang the doorbell of Taehyung’s apartment “Why This Stupid not opening door?” while punching on the door she said. Then she realized that it’s office time, and he must be in office. So, she opened the door by his password. As she went in, while looking here and there, she said what the…” and then she directly called him. He picked up the call…

*On call*

“Hello” he said with a sweet tone 
But she starts shouting on him “Mr. Kim Taehyung are you stupid or what… how can you live in this messy house… did you know any word called cleaning?” 
“Yaah~ what are you doing in my apartment?” 
“Nothing” she said and cut the call

*Call end*

“Ahhh, this girl… sometimes I feel like she had an OCD problem” Taehyung said and took a deep breath

“Let me clean this mess first” Y/n said and put both bags on couch “wait… it’s two bags… ahhh… how could I forget to give him… it’s okay, I’ll give him tonight” then she starts cleaning.

As Jungkook went in his apartment, he found everything neat and clean. While coming out from the kitchen, Alex asked “is everything according to you?” Jungkook hummed in response, then Alex said “Boss I don’t know that you know it or not, But when I’m cleaning your room I found a hidden camera there”

“Hidden camera?”


“Show me where is it” they went in his room. Then Alex said “Here it is… in between these flowers” Jungkook looked at it

Then he picked it up and said “Maybe Hyun put it here for my safety… you don’t worry about it”

“Okay boss”

“Now you go” as Jungkook said, Alex bowed him and left. As Alex left, Jungkook took few pictures of that camera and put it back. And then he called someone for the restaurant preparation. 

*On the other hand*

Y/n’s cleaning is over, she looked at the time “Oh… it’s already 6:00… ahhh…. Y/n, lets cooked his dinner quickly” Then she starts cooking.

~ After an hour ~

While sitting on the couch, she took a deep breath “Finally, it’s all done… Now let me tell him first so that he didn’t disturb me” then she called him…

*On call*

“Hello Tae…” Y/n said
“Y/n I'm a bit busy” Taehyung said
“Okay… But listen to me… Your food is kept in the fridge, heat it up before eating”
“Why me, are you going somewhere?”
“Yes, On dinner”
“With whom?”
“With my friend”
“Your friends, Which those friends you are hanging out a lot these days?”
“Just my new friends… now you listen to me, heat all food properly… and didn't eat anything from outside”
“Why are you behaving like my possessive wife”
“Just shut up…” she shouts

*Call end* 

And she went to her place for getting ready.

After the call is disconnected, Sojun said to Taehyung “Why every time you tease her” 

“Because I like to tease her” he replied

“And you like her also?” Sojun asked 

“Hmm” he replied

“So when are you going to tell her all this?”  

“I don’t think that I need to tell her” Taehyung said with a smirk

“Why… aren’t you afraid that if someone proposed to her, and she accepted?” Sojun asked

“There is no boy in her life other than me whom she can choose” he replied confidently

“Oh I see…” 

“Now, shall we start the work?” Taehyung said.

~ After sometimes ~

While looking herself in the mirror, Y/n said “Finally I’m ready… and before the time” 

She sat on the couch and while putting her purse aside she said “Mr. Jeon come quickly I’m waiting for you… wait… where is his gift” while looking here and there she said. And then she remembers that she forgot to bring her bags while coming from Taehyung’s place “ahhh… I’m so, stupid… I have to get them from there before Taehyung sees them.” Then she quickly went to his apartment and while picking up the bags she said “finally, he’s not home yet… but wait… it’s just one bag where is the other one” Then she opens the bag “It’s my dress where is his gift… wait… is Taehyung at home, and he took it” Then she starts looking for him here and there “Let me call him” 

*On call*

“Hey where are you” She asked
“Just on the way” he replied

*Call end*

“He’s not here yet, then where this bag left?”  Then she starts looking for it near the couch, and then she found that bag under the couch “finally, I got it” And then her phone rang, She picked up the call…

*On call*

“Hello” she said
“Ms. Y/n are ready?” Jungkook asked
“Yes I'm” She replied
“Then please open the door, I'm waiting for you outside” 
“Actually, I'm not at my place”
“Then where are you?”
“At fifth floor… I'll see you at the parking area”

*Call End*

*At parking*

As she went to the parking area, she saw Jungkook was waiting for her standing by his car. While coming to him she said “Good evening Mr. Jeon”

“Good evening, You’re looking so pretty” he said with a smirk

“Thank you” she said and while giving the bag to him she said “This is for you”

“Thank you”


“Now let’s go” He said then they sit in car.

*At restaurant*

Y/n pov:

As we enter there, The whole restaurant was decorated and there was no one except the two of us. And it’s look like a dream for me. In fact, it was looking so beautiful that I had never thought even in my dreams.

End pov~

“So you were talking about this preparation?” She asked 

“Hmm… Do you like it?” He asked

“It’s wonderful” she said with a beautiful smile

“Have a sit” he said and gently push her chair and made her sit. And he also sits in front of her. Then the waiter came there with a food and serve them. And she was looking at food without blinking because that food was too much, and secondly it was her favorite food. After serving the food, the waiter left. Then she asked “Did you do it with the intention, or it’s a coincidence?”


“The food… Did you know that this is my favorite food?” as she asked he hummed with a smile.

“But How?” she asked

“Umm… Just guess” he said and thinking with a smile ‘I’m so glad to know that your choice is still the same’

“Hey, why are you not eating?”

“No, I’m…” He said while picking up his fork.

After few minutes, While looking into Y/n eyes said “Y/n, I want to say something” And before she said anything her phone rang and without westing a single second she picked up the call…

*On call*

“Hmm” She hummed 
“Are you still out?” Taehyung asked
“And Yaa, you forgot a bag here, is it for me?” He asked with a smile
“No, it's my dress stupid”
“BTW, Did you eat?”
“Okay… Now I am disconnecting the call” she said 

*Call end*

“Who’s calling you this late?” Jungkook asked

“Who else can it be other than Tae” she replied

He didn’t say anything in response, just think ‘again this fu**ing Taehyung’  but he calmed down his anger and said “Y/n If you don’t mind can I ask something”

“Hmm asked” she said 

“You denied loving him, then why do you care for him that much” he asked 

“Actually, after the death of my parents, his parents took care of me. So in return, I can at least take care of their son”

‘That’s mean Hyun is right’ He thought and then said “But if your boyfriend objected to this, then?”

“That’s why I don’t have any boyfriend yet” she said while smiling, and then she controlled her smile and said “Because if someone wants to be my boyfriend, then he had to understand that my care is equal for both, but my love is only for my boyfriend” 

“So, can I be yours?” He said with the deep voice

“What?” She said with the shocked face…

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