Love Destiny Ch-7.

“You just have information about Taehyung, but I have even bigger news about Y/n” Hyun said “what you mean?” Jungkook asked with low tone

“Actually, Y/n is the same girl. The girl whom you loved in your childhood” Hyun said

“Do you think I’m fool, if Taehyung is the same person then obviously She’s also the same” JK shout

“But you didn’t know that Taehyung and his family is the only reason, because of that, she’s in this good conditions”

“Tell me properly, what you’re trying to say”

“When her family was attacked, she ran away from there and went to Taehyung’s house. And when his parents went to her house, it was completely burned, And along with it, her parents also burnt to death. And ever since, Taehyung’s family has taken care of her. Because of whatever happened to her parents, she was unable to live in that area, so Taehyung’s family shifted from there” Jungkook listened to him calmly, and after he was finished, Jungkook asked “How do you know?”

“I went to his house, so I came to know from there”

“And who told you this so easily”

“Actually, when I went to his house, only his mother was there, and I told her that I am his childhood friend. And ask her that”

“And she didn’t recognize you that you’re not”

“No, she didn’t because she’s blind”

“What? Blind? How?”

“In an accident” after hearing his words, Jungkook put his gun aside, and start clapping. Hyun got confused by his act. Then Jungkook came near to his face and while lifting Hyun’s his chin with his finger, and with smile he said “You know you are in the wrong line of this gangster, you should have been a writer, what a nice story you have written” and after completing his words, his smile turned into a devil smile. “N-No it’s t-true” Hyun said in a trembling voice with fear “okay, if you say, so I agree… But today I have to kill you, so I can kill that Taehyung tomorrow” Jungkook said and took his gun and pointed it at Hyun’s head “p-please don’t shoot me… Please”

“Okay, Let me fulfill your this wish, I don’t shoot you” Hyun heaved a sigh of relief as soon as Jungkook said this, But suddenly a hard punch touched his face by Jungkook, and he starts beating him.

*Other Side*

When Y/n was cleaning the living room after Taehyung left, she found a wallet near the couch. She picked it and said “This wallet doesn’t look like Taehyung’s wallet, is it belongs to Jeon… let me see it” She was about to open it when she remembered that she had seen this wallet in Jeon’s hand at the cake shop. “This is a good chance to go to his apartment” So she went there and rang the doorbell. Inside, Jungkook was still beating Hyun. But hearing the wonder of the bell, he stopped and said “Who the hell is come at this time” He looked into the camera and saw Y/n is standing there “what is she doing here?” he muttered “I can’t invite her in because everything is broken in here, because of my fu**ing anger” and then the bell ring again. So, he decided to open the door.

He just opened the door a little and stood outside. “Did you need something?” He asked

“Sorry to disturb you at this time.”

“It’s okay, You tell me what’s brought you here?”

“Your wallet was left at my place” While giving him she said

“Thank you” while taking it he said. Then he was about to turn when She said “Won’t you invite me in”

“I want to, but I told you I have a meeting, so those people are still inside”

“Oh I forgot”

“Then see you later”

“Hmm, goodnight” She said and left, and he also went inside. After going inside, he went to Hyun who was lying on the ground completely injured. He sat near to him and said “Congratulations, because of her now You’re safe. So, before I count 3… get lost of here… otherwise…” He said and load his gun and start counting “1…” As he starts counting, Hyun tried to stood up, due to injury, he can’t able to walk properly. But still he tried his best to reach the door. “2…” He said, and pointed a gun at him. And as soon as he counted “3.” Hyun was out the door. Jungkook throw away his gun and lay on couch.

~Next Morning~

Jungkook was calling Hyun for long, But he didn’t pick up the call.

So, he decided to call one of his men, Alex. As he picked up the call, Jungkook shout…

*On Call*

“Where is that Fu**ing As**ole Hyun?” Jungkook Shout 
“He is admitted in the hospital” Alex said 
“Ok, Now listen to me, I'm going out for a while, and I want my house neat and clean when I come back... Understand?”
“Yes boss... I'm coming” Alex said

*Call End*

~ After sometimes ~

While sitting on the couch, Jungkook was seeing Y/n in his laptop by that teddy camera. Then Alex came there “Good Morning boss” He just hummed in response. And as he saw She’s going out So while wearing his jacket he said “I’m going… clean everything properly…” and left. But when he came out, she was already in the lift. He quickly went to the other lift. When he got out of the Lift, he saw that she was walking towards her car.

He went to her “Good Morning Ms. Y/n”

“Good morning” She replied with a smile

“Are you going somewhere?”

“Hmm, on shopping”

“Oh what a coincidence… I’m going on shopping too”

“Then let’s go together”

“Yaa sure”

~ After Sometime ~

They reached to the mall “So from where do we start?” Jungkook asked

“We just have to go straight single shop, I always buy my dress from there” She said

“Okay, Then let’s Go”

Then they went to that shop “Good Morning Ms. Y/n” receptionist said and when she noticed that Jungkook is also with Y/n, so she also greets him “Good morning sir” “Good morning” He replied with his so cute smile. Then Y/n asked “Is any new arrival available?”

“Yes there is” Then she called a lady and send both of them with her. Y/n was busy in selecting a dress for her, meanwhile Jungkook gave her a dress and said “Try this, This one will suit on you” “Okay” while taking it she said and went to the changing room. As she went inside, Jungkook saw that her phone was ringing on the table. He was about to call her when he saw a caller ID “Tae bear, Why does this person spoil my mood every time” And directly, he switched off her phone.

Then she came out wearing that dress. And he’s looking at her without blinking, then she asked him “How’s am I looking?”



“I-I mean pretty”

“Yaa… Yaa… Mr. Jeon, I know your mean properly”

“No, Really”

“Okay, okay… Now I’ll be back” She said, and went to the changing room. After changing, she’ll be back. Then she went to the counter and give that dress for packing, and then she also gives him a jacket then the counter boy asked “Miss, will you pay for this jacket, or will Sir do it?”

“What you mean this jacket, I’ll pay for both”

“Sir, has already paid for the dress”

“Sir?” While saying as she turns, he’s standing behind her “why did you pay for it?” “Just…” he said with smile, and then he asked to boy “tell me the price of the jacket”

“This is a gift for someone, I will pay for it myself” The way she said it, he understood it was for Taehyung “As your wish” He said, and then she pay for it, and they went out. “Would you like to have coffee with me?”

“Yaa sure” She said, and they went to the café. After placing their order, they are waiting for it. Then She asked “Why didn’t you buy something for you?”

“I didn’t like anything there”

“Oh…” Then their order will come. He takes a sip and then while putting the cup aside, and he said “Y/n?” She hummed in response. Then he said “I want to ask you something”

“Yaa… asked”

“Will you go on dinner with me today?”

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