Love Destiny Ch-6.

Y/n smiled and said “Now it’s fine, You can try to walk” Jungkook stood up and walk few steps and said “Thank you” to her. She came closer to him and whisper “Nice acting” Her words made him shocked. Then she took a back step and while looking at Taehyung, she said, “You guys sit and talk, I’ll make coffee for you” and went in the kitchen.

‘If she knew, then why didn’t she say anything to Taehyung’ Jungkook thinking

‘I don’t understand why I was feeling that he is doing a drama, but if it was so, then Y/n would have come to know about it and she would have definitely told me’ Taehyung thinking

‘Why did he pretend to have a sprained leg, is he trying to get close with my best friend to get close to me’ Y/n was thinking while making coffee.

After few minutes she went to the living room with coffee “Tae here is your coffee” while giving a cup of coffee to Taehyung she said. Then she picked up another cup and while giving it to Jungkook she said “This is for you Mr. Handsome”

“Y/n” Taehyung said while looking her with crooked eyes. She looked at him with an innocent face and hummed.

“How many times have I told you to reduce your flirting habit” Taehyung said

“And how many times do I have to tell you to stop putting these restrictions on me” while sitting, she said

“But Y/n”

“Oh please”

“You both look like a cute couple” Jungkook said

“What couple… No way” Y/n said. Taehyung becomes sad as soon as she said this. But in a second, he brings a fake smile on his face, and said “you’re wrong, We are just best friends”

“Oops, I’m sorry” Jungkook said

“It’s okay” Y/n said. Then the doorbell ring “Now who is?” she said and about to stand up when Taehyung said “I had ordered food, it must have come. You sit, I’ll take it” Taehyung said and left.

As Taehyung left, Jungkook whispered “Hey Y/n, you like him right?”

“No, he already told you, we’re just best friends” She whispers back

“Is anyone else, whom you like?” Jungkook asked. But before she said anything, Taehyung came there and asked “what are you guys talking about”

“Nothing, you tell me, why did you order food?” She asked

“It’s a surprise treat for you” He replied

“And reason?”

“My promotion, On the place of Mr. Bin”

“Oh really, So from now what should I call you. Detective Tae or Boss”

“Just Tae is enough”

“Congratulations bro” Jungkook said

“Thank you” Taehyung said

“BTW, what is your job?” Jungkook asked

“We used to work with the famous Detective Mr. Bin, but he was murdered a few days ago. And now there is no one in his family, so now the whole staff has chosen me in his place” Taehyung said

“Are you talking about the detective whom gangster JK killed?” Jungkook asked

“Hmm, but how do you know?”

“Everyone knew about it. It’s came in the news”

“JK’s name reminded me, what do you think about his case?” Y/n asked Taehyung

“I’m thinking about it” He replied

“Please leave that case, that person is very dangerous” She said

“Yaa, she’s right. It’s good for you to stay away from his matters” Jungkook said

“Okay, okay, if you both say so. BTW Jungkook, I understand the fear on Y/n’s face while talking about him. But why do you look so scared” Taehyung asked

“You’re talking about fear, look I get goosebumps hearing his name” while showing his hand he said. But before they see, he took back his hand.

“What goosebumps?” Taehyung said

“Yaa, I am very scared of gangsters and things related to them” Jungkook said with disappointment

“It seems like a sibling symptom in between both of you” Taehyung said while look at Y/n and Jungkook. But before Jungkook says anything, Y/n looks Taehyung with full of anger and said “You know I don’t like anyone calling me their sibling, And still you”

“Y/n… Y/n, I’m sorry” Taehyung said, while holding her hand. And seeing him doing this, Jungkook got angry, but he controlled his anger, and thought ‘it’s right to leave’ “guys, I have to leave now” while standing up he said “why? We haven’t even had dinner yet” Taehyung said “Actually, I have a meeting and I forgot about it” he replied

“At this time?” Y/n asked doubtfully

“This was my free time so that’s why” He replied
“Oh” she said

“See you later” he said and left.

He went to his apartment and angrily slammed the door. “This fu**ing Taehyung, I want to kill him” He shouted while throwing the things in anger.

After some time, when Hyun came there, he saw that all the things were scattered on the ground. ‘I hope everything is fine’ while look at here and there he thought. Then he started walking slowly and as soon as he turned towards the living room, he saw Jungkook was standing there with a gun and his target was Hyun, and he’s looking very angry. As Hyun saw himself becoming his target, he understood that if he didn’t do anything today, then maybe today would be his last day. And he quickly sat down near to JK’s feet and while rubbing his hand he starts begging for his life to him “I… I’m… I’m so sorry… I just knew about him and that’s what I came to tell you” Jungkook kicked him hardly and shout “You are useless, If I have to do this work myself while you are alive. So, wouldn’t it be better if I kill you”

“No… No… Please… I’m sorry”

“You know that I never go back on my words, And I told you before that if he’s Kim Taehyung, then I will kill you first and then kill him. So get ready my boy” Jungkook said and put his gun on Hyun’s head “please… please… give me a last chance… I will never disappoint you”

“Because of you, I am already so disappointed that now I can’t even tolerate your face. Because of you, I had to talk lovingly to the person I hate the most. I had to call that person my brother, who is responsible for my condition”

“You just have information about Taehyung, but I have even bigger news about Y/n” Hyun said

“What you mean?”

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