Love Destiny Ch-5.

Hyun was watching everything from afar with one of his men Alex “look at him, no one can say that he is the JK, who always looks angry” Hyun said to Alex with a smile. “Yaa, he’s looking so happy with her” Alex says

“Take a picture of them for me” Hyun said, And Alex took a picture of them.

“Now let’s go” Y/n said, and they left. And within some time both of them reached their respective apartments. “Ahhh, I’m so tired now” while sitting on the couch, Y/n said.

“How could I forgot to ask her about that fu**ing Tae” JK scream and throw away a cushion “Never mind, I’ll ask her next time”

While lying on the couch, Y/n was thinking about today. And then she remembered that Taehyung asked her to send a file “Oh sh*t, how can I forget… Never mind, I’ll just go and send it” She was about to leave, then she thought that she should call him first and ask whether he still needs it or not. So, she called him.

*Other side*

Taehyung was sitting in the meeting room with all staff members when his phone rings. He said “excuse me” to everyone and went out of the room to pick up the call,

*On call*

“Hello?” He said 
“Tae I'm sorry I'm a little late, do you still need that file?” She asked 
“No, I just postponed the meeting” 
“BTW, Be ready tonight, we'll go out for dinner” 
“I am tired today, we will go some other day” 
“Okay, as you say” 

*Call End*

‘It’s okay if you don’t want to go, but I’ll give you a treat tonight’ He thought and went back to the meeting room.

“So, what is our new task” Sojun asked Taehyung.

“What do you mean by new, we have to complete an old task” Taehyung said

“Old, which one?” Sojun asked

“JK’s one” He replied

“Are you kidding with us” a person said

“No, I’m serious” He replied

“Did you forget that what was he did with Mr. Ban” a person said

“No, I’m not, And that’s why I want to bring his real face in front of everyone so that the police can arrest him. I will not force you, if you don’t want to help me then no problem I will do it myself” Taehyung said

“It doesn’t matter to me whether someone wants to support you or not, but I will always support you” Sojun said

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. We are with you. Right guys?”

“Yes we are” everyone says

“But I have a request to all of you, no one will tell Y/n about this case.”

“You don’t worry about it” Sojun said.

~ Time skip ~

After parking his car, Taehyung was going towards the lift when he bumped into Jungkook, and he fell on the ground. “Oh, I’m sorry… are you okay?” While making him stand up, Taehyung said “Hmm” Jungkook nodded, And as he tried to move forward, he was about to fall, but Taehyung caught him and asked “Are you okay?”

“I think I sprained my leg” he replied

“I’ll drop you at your apartment” Taehyung said

“No, No it’s Okay, I can manage”

“Don’t be silly bro, let me help you” Taehyung said,

“Okay” Jungkook said and smirk. Then Taehyun held his hand with one hand, and his shoulder with the other. And while walking slowly, he took him to the lift. “Which floor?” Taehyung asked

“15th” He said. Taehyung pressed the button and said “If I’m not wrong, you’re Mr. Jeon, right?”

“Yes, I am. But how do you know?”

“Your neighbor Miss Y/n, She is my friend. So, She told me about you”

“Oh I see, BTW what’s your name?” Jungkook asked

“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, but you can call me Tae” as Jungkook heard his name his eyes closed automatically while muttered his name “Kim Taehyung”

And a view of an amusement park came in front of his eyes, there two children were standing and fighting on something. “Hyung (brother),  hyung, please let me come with you, please” younger one said “No, You stay here I'll be back in a while” elder one said and left. The younger boy start following him while shouting “Hyung... Hyung... Hyung” but suddenly the elder one is disappeared at the front of his eyes.

“Hyung” while shouting, Jungkook open his eyes.

“Hey, are you okay?” Taehyung asked

“Yes I’m, I just miss my brother. He looked just like you”

“So from now, you’re like my younger brother” Taehyung said with a beautiful smile☻

“It’s a pleasure for me” Jungkook said

“Now that I have already called you brother, would you like to join my happiness?”


“I am going to give a surprise treat to Y/n in the joy of my progress, will you join us?”

“If you say so”

“Then let’s go”

Then they reached the floor and Taehyung rang Y/n’s doorbell. As she opened the door she saw Taehyung is standing there with Jungkook. She greets them and calls them inside. “Come in carefully” Taehyung said to Jungkook and carefully brings him inside and makes him sit on the couch. “Is everything okay?” Y/n asked

“His leg is sprained” Taehyung said

“That’s it, I’ll fix it” She said

“No, No it’s okay… it’s not a big deal” Jungkook said

“Hey don’t worry she’s expert in it” Taehyng said. Then she sits down, and while touching his feet, she asked “which one?” he touched his right leg and said in a low tone “this one” Then she started pressing his feet slowly. And at that time, Jungkook was only wishing that nothing happened to his leg because there was no sprained his leg. And suddenly, she twisted his leg. He screamed loudly, She smiled and said “Now it’s fine, You can try to walk” He stood up and walk few steps and said “Thank you” to Y/n.

She came closer to him and whisper “Nice acting” Her words made him shocked.

Then she took a back step and while looking at Taehyung, she said You guys sit and talk, I’ll make coffee for you”

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