Love Destiny Ch-4.

“This fu**ing Tae, I’ll kill him if he’s the same Kim Taehyung” JK shout and threw away his laptop in anger. “You calm down, I’ll get his information out” Hyun said

“There is no need for it, I will do it myself. But if he’s the same, then firstly I’ll kill you, then him”

“Maybe I have to go now” Hyun said, and he bowed to him. He was about to leave, but Jungkook stopped him and said “give me your laptop might be I need it”

“It’s in my car, I’ll bring it now” Hyun said and left from there. After few minutes, He came back with his laptop and give it to JK. He connects it with the camera.

*At Y/n’s Place*

Both were having dinner when Y/n asked Taehyung “Is the investigation over?”

“Yaa, it’s over today. You can join the office from tomorrow”

“I am thinking that I take rest at home for a few days”

“If you want, you can do it, there is no problem in that” Then after having dinner he left.

~ After sometime ~

Y/n was laying on the sofa while holding a teddy. And talking to it, she said “You know what, Tae is my best friend, But now I feel like you’re taking his place… Let me show you one place… It’s my secret workroom… let’s go”

“Secret room… let’s see” while looking at screen, JK said, she went in a room. There were three big monitors with huge setup. “Setup, Like a pro hacker, impressive” 

She put teddy on the chair and said “Now you sit here, let me do my work.” She sits in front of the computer and listening something by the headphones, because of which she was drenched in sweat and was shivering. She’s trying to make herself calm while saying “Y/n you can do it… you have to see this… If you want to catch the murderer of your parents, then before that you have to learn to deal with your phobia… watch it Y/n… watch it…”

“What is this girl trying to do, If she keeps listening to this like this, her health will get worse, I have to stop her somehow” He stood up and about to leave. But then he realized that it’s not right. “I have to do something else” while sitting back he said to himself. Then took out his phone and call someone. But didn’t get any response. Then he tried again “pick up the call… pick up”

Y/n take off her headphones at the time, she was breathing heavily. She was about to wear it again when she realized that her phone is ringing. Her phone was kept in the living room, So she went there, But before she picked up the call, the call got disconnected. She check the caller ID, it’s unknown number. And then her phone rang again, She picked up the call,

*On Call*

“Hello?” She said
“Are you okay?” JK asked
“Yes I'm. But who are you?”
“I'm your new neighbors Jeon”
“Okay, But why did you call me?”
“You have told me that we have to go tomorrow, but at what time you have not told. So, that's why I call you”
“Umm… At 11 O'clock”
“Okay, BTW sorry for calling you late at night”
“It's okay”

*Call end*

“Oh, I forgot to ask him, from where did he get my number… Maybe from Mr. Lee” Y/n talking to herself

“It is good that Hyun gave me her number. Otherwise, I don’t know what I do. But still, I did not understand what she was seeing and what she was saying because her voice was not being heard properly.” JK said to himself.

~ Next Morning ~

*At Office*

Everyone gathered in the meeting room, Then Sojun said “Tae, we all decided something”


“As you know after Detective, we need a new leader to lead us” A person said

“Yaa So?” Taehyung asked

“So we decided who he is…”

“Who?” Taehyung asked

“It’s you” Sojun said
“No… No, guys… how can I”

“You’re the only one here who can lead us” A girl said

“Okay… Okay… Fine… if you guys are saying that much, then I’m ready” Taehyung said

“Good, Now you tell us who will you choose as your assistant” Sojun said

“A person who always understands me” Taehyung said

“Y/n or Sojun?” a person asked

“Sojun” Taehyung said

“Me, really… I thought you would choose Y/n” Sojun said

“No, it’s you. Now guys, first we have to clean the office completely. Then after that we will do the rest” Taehyung said

“Okay” Everyone said

*Other side*

Y/n was sitting, then JK knock the door. She adjusted her dress then open the door “Good morning” JK said

“Morning” She said with smile ☺

“Let’s go” He said. Then they both left.

~ After sometimes ~

“So now you remember all the places?” Y/n asked him

“Yes I’m” He said

Then she saw a cake shop, she held his hand and while dragging him there she said “come here” They went inside the shop “A cake shop?” He asked

“It’s my favorite cake shop”

“Oh, let me guess your favorite flavor”


“Umm… strawberry?”

“How do you know?”

“Just guess” He said, then think ‘How could I forget my Y/n’s favorite flavor’

“What are you thinking?” she asked

“Nothing, let me by it for you”

“No, there is no need of it”

“Just a small Thank You gift from me” before she said anything her phone rang, she picked the call

*On call*

“Hello Y/n?” Taehyung said
“Y/n can you help me?” He asked 
“Yaa say” she said
“There is a file on my study table, can you please send me its photo?” He asked
“Actually, I'm out now” She replied
“Why did you go out alone, if you had to go, you would have told me”
“Don't worry, I'm not alone”
“Then with whom?”
“My friend”
“Who?” He asked
“Forget it, I'm just going home, then I'll send you a photo” She said

*Call end*

“Here is your cake” while giving her he said

“Thank you” she said

“Now let’s go” he said. Then they both went out. Y/n saw bunny ears at a shop “Hay, look at that” she went there. She picked it up, and put it on Jungkook’s head “You are looking so cute” She said. Hyun was watching everything from afar with one of his men Alex “look at him, no one can say that he is the JK, who always looks angry” Hyun said to Alex with a smile.

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