Love Destiny Ch-3.

Hyun took out a key from his pocket and give JK “What is it?” JK asked “Keys of Apartment. This is only the way”

“But who’s?” JK asked

“The building she lives in has two apartments on one floor. On the 15th floor, one is hers, and this is the second apartment keys.” Hyun tell him

“Do you buy it?”

“Do you think I can” He said with smirk


“A man named lee lives in that apartment, I kidnapped him, and he had to give me this apartment in exchange for his life”

“That’s my boy”

“I told my boys to shift your stuff there, you should also go there now”

“But first I have to change my look a little” JK said

“And Yaa, don’t forget to use lenses” Hyun said

“Hmm, I’ll do that. But firstly, you tell me is there any meeting today?”

“Yes you have a meeting but don’t you worry I’ll handle it, you go”

“Okay” JK said and left.

*On the other hand*

Y/n was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when the door opened and Taehyung came in. She looked at him and asked “How do you know the door lock?”

“Do you forget, you tell me yesterday”

“Now I have to change it. Otherwise, a bear thief came in my house without my permission” She taunted on him

“Hahaha, very funny” Taehyung fake laughing. He went to the dinning table and sat there. She came with breakfast and put it on the table “Have it”

“Thanks” He said “Is anything special today?”

“No” He said

“I’ll cook every day for you. Then why are you saying thanks today?”

“I don’t know, I just have feeling like, so I said. That’s it”

“Oh I see” Then they had their breakfast. After having it, Taehyung said I’m going”

“Wait, I’m also coming”



“No, you have to rest until then the investigation is not complete”

“But why?”

“Because I don’t want to see you like yesterday”

“Okay” She said with the sad face “Now don’t be sad. I’m saying it only for your goods”

“I understand”

“Good, Now I’m going. Take care”

“You too”

While saying “Bye” He left.

After few minutes, her phone rang she picked up the call

*On call*

“Hello Y/n” Taehyung said 
“Hmm” She hummed 
I had ordered your cake but in the address I mistakenly wrote 5th floor instead of 15th, so will you pick it from there?” 
“Yaa sure”

*Call end*

She went there, took a cake and come up. When she came upstairs, she saw someone’s belongings being shifted in the apartment next to her. She stopped a man and asked him “whose stuff is this?”

“Mr. Jeon’s. Your new neighbor” man said

“Okay” she said and went inside to her place.

“How could Mr. Lee sale it to someone else. Even after he knew how passionately Taehyung wants to buy this apartment” she talked to herself

*Other side*

Taehyung having a conversation with police officer “As we know it’s JK who did all of this. We have to find him”

“Kindly let me know if you need any help” Taehyung said

“If somehow you can reveal his face, then nothing can be of greater help than that”

“Okay, I’ll try but make it secret Because if somehow he comes to know about this then there could be a problem”

“Okay I’ll”

“Btw is investigation complete, or you need more time?”

“Just today, you can use this place from tomorrow”


*At Y/n’s Place*

She’s doing something in her laptop, looks like she’s trying to hack something. Then the doorbell ring, she closed the laptop and open the door.

A handsome boy is standing there, his deep coffee brown eyes, Sharp nose, beautiful lips, and he’s looking so cute in his baggy cloths. She just lost in him, she came back in her sense When he spoke “Hello, My name is Jeon”


“This is for you” While giving her a gift he said

“Thank you”

“Uncle lee told me that a beautiful girl lives here. And he’s right, You’re really so beautiful”

“So he’s your uncle”


“BTW thanks for the gift”

Welcome, but It seems that you are not interested in talking to me” Jungkook said

“Why?” She asked with the confusion

“If you keep a guest standing at such a door, then anyone will feel the same”

“Oh sorry, sorry, please come in” He went inside. While pointing on the couch, she said “Have a sit” They both sit there “BTW you didn’t tell me your name”

“My name is Y/n”

“So pretty name like you”


“Do you live here alone?” while looking here and there he asked

“Hmm” she hummed

“What about your parents?”

“Few years ago they died in an accident”

“What kind of…” While cutting him in the middle, she said “I’ll bring you coffee” And went to the kitchen.

‘Is she really my Y/n… Maybe… But I can’t say this without any solid proof… Just because her name is also Y/n’ While looking at her Jungkook thinking. Then she back with a coffee and give him. While taking it he said Thank you “No problem” while looking at her, he’s smiling like a fool she looked at him for a while and then asked “what happened?”

“Nothing, I’m just getting someone’s vibe from you”


“My first love”

“You already have a lover, my bad luck” She said with disappointment

“It’s one sided love. So don’t worry” He said with a smile

“So who is she, your friend or?”

“No, she was someone I know in my childhood. Now I don’t know where is she”

“Is that me?” She said and wink

“I can tell this only after knowing your hometown”

“Ohh, But I don’t like to tell anyone about my hometown” She said

“Why, don’t you like your hometown?” He asked

“Something like this”

“BTW, if you don’t mind, can you please help me?” He asked

“Yaa sure, say what I can help you?” She asked him back

“Actually, I’m new here, So can you please show me the places here so that I can survive here?”

“Yaa sure, it’s not a big deal for me”

“So tomorrow”


“Ok, then see you tomorrow. Now I’m going”

“Okay” She said, and then he left.

~ At Night ~

*JK’s place*

“Did you meet her?” Hyun asked

“Hmm, You know what her eyes, Lips and the way of talking. Everything is same like My Y/n” JK said

“So you are not sure yet that she is the same”

“No I’m Not. Because I don’t know anything except her name, but it doesn’t matter, I will find out everything.”

*At Y/n place*

She was working on her laptop, Then Taehyung come in and she quickly close the laptop. “What are you doing?” He asked “Nothing, you sit, I’ll bring the dinner” she said and went to the kitchen. Then Taehyung asked “Btw, Is there someone shifted in neighborhood?”

“Yes, He said Mr. Lee is his uncle” she replied

“Oh, I see” he said

“How do you know about it?”

“I heard the guard talking about him to someone”

“Okay” he was talking to her when he noticed a teddy, Which was not her “whose teddy is this?”

“It’s my new teddy, My new neighbor give it to me as a gift”

*Other side*

“Did you give her any gift?” Hyun asked JK

“Yaa, A teddy” JK said

“Teddy, is she a child?” Hyun asked

“No” he replied

“Then, why?”

“The eyes in that teddy will become my eyes and keep an eye on her Because I fixed the camera in that teddy’s eyes”

“Did you check it, is it working well or not?” looking at him, he opens his laptop he said “I just saw a while back, she’s keeping that teddy in her living room” And seeing the view of his room on the screen, his blood started boiling.

Then he looks at Hyun and asked him “what did you say that there is no boy in her life”

“Yaa, right” JK stood up and grab his neck from the back and while showing him the screen he asked “Then who is he?”

“H-He’s her c-coworker” Hyun said in a crack voice. He grab his neck tighter and asked “His name?”


“Tae or Taehyung?” He asked and jerked off his neck “Tae”

“This fu**ing Tae I’ll kill him if he’s the same Kim Taehyung” He said and threw away his laptop in anger.

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