Love Destiny Ch-2.

“You know… w-why I didn’t know his face… be-because his face was co-covered… But- But that gun… I never forget that… golden gun, I swear… I swear JK is… He is the same person… Who kill my parents” Y/n said in trembling tone.

“But Y/n”

“D-Did You saw that JK’s mark on his g-gun… the s-same mark was also on t-that person’s gun… And now h-he found me too… h-he w-will kill m-me too…” For making her calm he hugged her and said “Y/n don’t worry I’m here with you. No one can harm you”

“Promise, you’ll be with me” Y/n asked him

“Always” He said. Then while breaking a hug, he said “Now get some sleep” and made her lay.

She tightly holds his hand and close her eyes. While creasing her head by his other hand, Taehyung think ‘The person who killed Y/n’s parents is really a JK… No, Maybe he can’t Because all this happened about fifteen years ago when she was seven years old. And JK’s voice and looks make it seem that he will also be around 25 years old, so according to this he will also be very young at that time. But if he… he is that person… I need to investigate about it. And if JK is the same person. I’ll never leave him… never.’

~Time skip~

*At JK’s Place*

Hyun was sitting on the sofa while drinking wine. Then Jungkook (JK) went out of his room. While looking at him Hyun asked “You haven’t slept yet?” while sitting next to him JK said “I couldn’t feel sleep” Hyun picked up an empty glass and pouring wine into it, he asked him “And what’s the reason of it?”

“A girl” While taking a sip of wine he said

“A girl, interesting” Hyun said then take a sip of wine and asked “And who is she?”

“Do you remember the girl at Bin’s office who…” While cutting JK in the middle, Hyun said “Oh, the one who get your attention”.


“Do you think I didn’t notice anything?”

“But what was the use of noticing this to you?”

“I didn’t do anything about her because I didn’t think that because of her, your sleep will also fly away. But don’t worry, tomorrow that girl will be in front of you”

“No, don’t think of hurting her. Don’t even think of touching her” JK said

“Okay, okay… Tomorrow morning all her information will be in front of you”


“Now I’m going” Hyun said and start leaving. Then Jungkook made him stop by calling him by his name. Hyun turned around and look at him with questioning eyes “Don’t forget that I also need a way to meet her peacefully” Jungkook said to him “Okay” he said and left.

~Next Morning ~

Y/n’s sleep breaks with the feeling that she has touched someone’s legs. She opened her eyes and looked slide up, It’s Taehyung who was sleeping there while sitting. Looking at him Y/n thinking that ‘He’s sleeping but still looking so tired. Like he didn’t sleep all night. Is it because of me?’ Then he opens his eyes and look at Y/n and asked “You wake up, Feeling better?”

“Hmm” She hummed

“Good, Now you freshen up, I’ll make breakfast for you” He said and start going towards the door “Tae…” She said in sleepy tone. Her voice made him stop, He turned and hummed in a question tone “Hmm?”

“I am sick, but it seems that you have been forgetting that you do not know cooking” She said with a smile

“No, I wasn’t”


“I was just going to make coffee for you”

“And what about you?”

“I’ll eat something in the office”

She took a deep breath and stood up. While tying her hairs, she said “Wait a while, I’ll make breakfast for you”


“But what, I said just wait”

“Okay, So until then, I come to change my clothes”


“Yaa now, Maybe you’re forgetting that I also live in this building”

“How can I forget this that, how much you try to get the apartment next to me from Mr. Lee, But he refused to give it to you. So you had to live on the fifth floor instead of fifteenth” And she starts laughing.

“If you made fun of me, can I go?” he asked her. She tries to control her smile and said “Yaa… Yaa… sure”

“Thank you”

“No problem” She said and smile

‘Nothing can happen to this girl, But I am happy that she recovered so quickly from yesterday’s incident’ while thinking he left from there.

*Other side*

JK was sitting on dining table, doing his breakfast “Why Hyun hasn’t come yet?” He asked himself, he picked up his phone and call him. Then while coming in front of him, Hyun said “I’m here”

“Good, Now tell me”

“Her name is Y/n”

“Y/n, same name” JK said with smirk

“Means” Hyun asked

“Nothing, You tell me more”

“She lives in her own apartment which is near to Gwangan bridge”

“With her family or alone?” JK asked

“She lives alone, her family died in an accident” Hyun replied

“What kind of?”

“No one knows about it. It’s happened in her hometown”

“And where is it?”

“I don’t know” Hyun said

“And now why?” JK asked him while raising his eyebrow

“Actually, the thing is, she has kept her past life hidden from everyone. No one knows about where she came from, who were her parents and how they died. Even the owner of her building does not know this thing where she has been living for the last 5 years” Hyun explained

“Okay, And what about my meeting?”

“I think you shouldn’t meet her”


“What if she recognized you that you are JK”

“And how could she. Are you forgetting that yesterday my face was covered”

“But still, I don’t think it’s any use for you to meet her”

“But why?” angrily JK shout

“Actually, she has a phobia of blood and guns”

“So what happened, this is the common thing in 50% of the girls in the world”

“But she…” Before he completes his words JK shout on him “Just shut up, and tell the way if you have any” Hyun take a deep breath and took out a key from his pocket and give him “What is it?” JK asked “Keys of Apartment. This is only the way”

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