Love Destiny Ch-1.

*At detective office*

Y/n is sitting at her place, looking at the picture of her parents. Then Taehyung came from the back and while tapping on her shoulder he asked “Do you miss them?” She turned around and saw Taehyung from upper to lower and said Stupid, tell me one thing, if I was not missing them, then why would I be looking at this old picture?”

“Sounding sad also, let me make you feel good” He looks at her with smile and said

“And how?”

“By your Favorite strawberry cake”


“Let’s go, I’ll buy it for you”


Both of them were about to leave when Bin’s assistant came out of his cabin and informed that everyone gathered in the meeting room, Mr. Bin needed to discuss something. After hearing his words, Y/n looked at Taehyung with a puppy face, then he said to her “It’s okay, after this I’ll buy it for you.” Then they also went to the meeting room with everyone.

Everyone went there and took their places. Then Mr. Bin enter in cabin, everyone wished him good morning, He nodded and took his place.

“So today we’ve got our new mission, As you all know about the Gangster JK. we have to reveal his identity. And during this case our most important person will be Y/n” Mr. Bin informed everyone

“Mr. Bin, You know I am scared of blood and guns, yet you are giving me an important role in a gangster case” Y/n said with disappointment.

“You don’t have to run after someone with a gun” Mr. Bin said

“Instead of it, how’s it Possible?” Y/n asked

“Look everyone, We have to do it in a simple way. Just you guys have to find out his place of residence, And after that, Y/n will hack there’s CCTV so that we can easily see his real face” Mr. Bin explain

“But how we can find his residence place?” Taehyung asked

Before Mr. Bin say anything, Everyone heard the sound of sabotage from outside the room “Who the hell is?” Mr. Bin shout. “Sir, let me check it” His assistant said. He was about to stand up and suddenly, someone kicked the door and broke it. Some people entered the room with guns and their faces were covered.

“W-Who are you?” Mr. Bin asked. A person came to him and picked up a picture from the table, and said “It seemed like you were taking too much interest in me”

“W-What do you mean?” Mr. Bin asked

He turned to everyone and brought the picture close to his face, and said Isn’t it the same?”

Everyone suddenly stood up because of the shock “J-JK” Taehyung said

“Nice catch” JK said.

Then he turned to Bin and sat down on the table, putting his foot on the handle of Bin’s chairs. Then he took out a golden gun. As Y/n’s eyes fell on the Gun, she grabbed Taehyung’s hand out of fear. While moving his gun on Bin’s face, he said “I don’t come here to say much, I just came to say that don’t even think of inquiring about me because if you did… Then…” While talking to him, he put the gun on his head “Boom” JK said and start laughing.

Everyone was scared of his behavior. “Now, you understand what I mean?” JK asked to Bin. “How dare you talk to the detective like that?” Bin’s assistants screamed. His words made JK more angry, while blinking, he looked at him and then said “How dare I… Huh?” and he shot him in anger.

As he fired, the sound of someone’s screaming fell in his ear. He looked to the side where the voice came from. There was a girl covering her eyes with her hands, her lips were trembling, and her face was wet from the sweat. JK was busy looking at her, when he heard the sound of dialing the number.

He noticed that Bin was dialing the number. He snatched the phone from his hand and threw it away. Not only that, he grab his collar, made him stand up and throw him at the wall and while grabbing his neck JK shout on him “Do you think I’m fool?”

“You-You are son of a Bi*ch” clenching his teeth Bin said

“Son of a bi*ch… Huh?” JK said and leave him and while taking back steps He said “You know what, you’re right. She’s really a bi*ch” then while scratching his head with his gun, he completes his words “But you are not allowed to say that. And now you have made a mistake, So you will get the punishment. So, tell me…” Moving towards him “Where do I shoot you?” Pointed on his head “Here?” Pointed on his chest “Or here?” JK’s behavior brought Bin to his knees and while rubbing his hands, he starts begging “I-I am sorry… please leave me… I-I promise, I will stop investigating about you… please forgive me” JK look at him for a while then said “let’s go Boy’s” and start leaving

“Bastard” Bin muttered.

JK stopped at the door and stared at Bin. And suddenly, he shot him with his gun and left.

When he shot, Y/n hid her face on Taehyung chest. While caressing her back he said “Y/n relax, everything will be fine” then he looked at Sojun and said “Call the police” He nodded and went outside. Then Teahyung also took everyone out of that room.

He made Y/n sit on the chair and while giving her water he said Drink some water” She was trembling as much because of fear that as soon as she tried to hold the glass of water, it fell down. And because of this, she was trembling and sobbing more. Without taking a second, Taehyung hugged her “Y/n… Calm down”

Then Sojun said “I guess you should take her home, I’ll handle everything here”

“Are you sure?” Taehyung asked

“Hmm” He said

“Y/n let’s go” Taehyung said. And holding her by the shoulder, he helped her to stand.

“Take care” Sojun said. Taehyung nodded and left.

*At Y/n’s Place*

Taehyung made her lay on the bed and said Take some rest” and while going “I’m outside, if you need anything, then call me”

She quickly sat and said “No… No… don’t leave me alone… otherwise-otherwise he also killed me…” He sits next to her “Okay, Okay calm down, I’m not going anywhere” She holds his hand tightly and complete her words “Tae… Tae h-he will kill me as… as the same he killed my parents” her words make him little confused, so he asked her “Your parents? Did you remember that person, who is he?”

“You know… w-why I didn’t know his face… be-because his face was co-covered… But- But that gun… I never forget that… that golden gun, I swear… I swear JK is… He is the same person… Who kill my parents” Y/n said in trembling tone.

“But Y/n”

“D-Did You saw that JK’s mark on his g-gun… the s-same mark was also on t-that person’s gun… And now h-he found me too… h-he w-will kill m-me too…”

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  1. I think it’s very difficult to choose one between Tae & Jk😅 If in ending she choose Tae then she will definitely regret to reject Jk😂

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