Love Destiny

Love Destiny


A story of two boys, who loves the same girl. One is a Normal boy, and second is a Mafia.
Don’t think it’s a love story, it’s a game. The game of love. They both are ready to do anything. Mafia is ready to being innocent and the innocent one ready to being dangerous. No one knows whose destiny this love is. Will this love become someone’s destiny, or will it end with Y/n?


Lead Character

  • Y/n – A girl who works in detective office as a hacker. She is a fearless girl, but she is afraid a lot by blood and guns. She doesn’t have parents, that’s why she lives alone.
  • Taehyung – Y/n’s best friend and her coworker too. He’s very sweet and kind person. He secretly loves her, that’s why he never leaves her alone. Even every time he used to go to his hometown to meet his family, he used to take her there with him.
  • Jungkook – The biggest and secrets mafia of Korea, everyone knows him as the name of JK and afraid of him. But no one knows how he look like. He’s very dangerous. He easily shoots anyone without thinking a thing. He doesn’t trust anyone except his right hand.


  • Mr. Kim – Taehyung’s Father.
  • Mrs. Kim – Taehyung’s Mother. She got blind in an accident when Taehyung was ten years old.

    They love Y/n as their daughter because after her parents dead, Teahyung’s family took care of her. But when she would be able to bear her own expenses, she started living separately because she did not want to be a burden on them for long time.

Supporting Cast

  • Mr. Bin – A detective, In whose office Taehyung & Y/n works.
  • Sojun – Y/n and Taehyung’s friend and their coworker too.
  • Hyun – JK’s right hand.

3 thoughts on “Love Destiny”

  1. This fiction is really wonderful and the JK’s corrector gives a real gangster vibe. At this time, I have only read 9 Chapters and Y/n with Jungkook. And I’m very excited for that chapter in which she had to know about Jungkook’s truth. Maybe she leaves him and expects Taehyung. Because I want Taehyung with her.😁 I know it’s a bit selfish but still.

    1. I’m happy after reading today’s chapter Because Y/n is ready to get married to Taehyung. Thank you author 🙂

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