The Queen



The story of Silas Kingdom. The war of the crown. The Queen of the Kingdom, whose sudden illness was due to Y/n. What was the reason for which she had to do this and how? The other side was our angry prince Yoongi. Probably who fall in love with Y/n. What will happen when he finds out that she is the reason behind Queen’s illness?


Lead Character

  • Y/n – A sweet girl. Who has just started her doctor career.
  • Yoongi – Angry, charming and young prince of Silas Kingdom. Who is going to become a king soon.


  • Mrs. Min – Yoongi’s Mother & Queen of the Kingdom. She is very possessive about Yoongi.
  • Mr. So – Y/n’s Dad and a famous doctor of kingdom. He loves her so much, but he never allowed her to go in kingdom’s palace.

Supporting Cast

  • Taehyung – Palace guard and a common friend of Y/n and Yoongi.

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