Childhood Love

childhood love
Childhood Love


It is a Pain, Scare, Love or I say the strategy.
A story of two childhood friends. Those who have been separated from each other in an accident. So, now let’s see how these two meet each other by their fates or by any strategy. Are they recognized each other or not, let’s see…


Lead Character

  • Y/n – An Orphanage girl, who can do anything for money.
  • Hobi – Very sweet boy and A single child of very rich businessman.


  • Mr. Jung – Hobi’s Father and a person with angry nature
  • Mrs. Jung – Hobi’s Mother she’s very sweet lady.

Supporting Cast

  • Mr. Han – Mr. Jung’s friends
  • Ewa – Mr. Han’s daughter who wanted to marry Hobi.
  • Mili – A café owner and Hobi’s friend.
  • Sam – Y/n’s Friend, both live in same house, she is a simple girl.

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