Contract Marriage CH-16.

As soon as the Mrs. Kim opened the door, Y/n was surprised to see the inside view. And her feet stop there. “What happened… Let’s go” Namjoon said to her, As he said she quickly took out a mask from her bag, covered her face, and went with the Namjoon they stood in the living area. Then He greets the guest “Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Cha”

“Hello” Mr. Cha and Mrs. Cha replied

“Hello, Mr. Namjoon” Mini greet him. Y/n looks at Mini and asks her in a gesture “What is going on here?” she replied in a same way “I don’t know” and Y/n understand that staying here for long is not good for her. So, she decided to go and said to Namjoon “I’m going to my room” after saying she went towards the stairs and started climbing the stairs. Suddenly Mr. Kim stopped her while saying “Suzy wait… come here”

“But dad” she wants to say no, but Mr. Kim said “I said come” So she went there and stood next to Mr. Kim. Then he said “I don’t think you should hide all this anymore”

“Hide… What?” Namjoon asked, And Mr. Kim remove her mask, Mr. & Mrs. Cha get shocked “Y/n”

“Y/n… No… No… She’s my wife Suzy” Namjoon said,

“No, She is my daughter Y/n. If you don’t believe me, then ask her yourself” Mr. Cha said,

“Suzy is it?” Namjoon asked,

“Yes, he is right, I’m his daughter Y/n, I am the girl you were going to marry” She accepted

“And you kept hiding all this from me until now?” Namjoon shout

“I’m sorry” she said sadly

“Y/n what’s going on, what are you doing here?” Mr. cha asked, But before Y/n say anything Namjoon left from there and while following him, she also left. While looking at her going Mr. Cha shout “Where are you going, come back here”

“Please sit peacefully, I’ll tell you everything” Mr. Kim said

Y/n ran after him, and he went into the room and locked himself inside. While knocking the door Y/n shouting “Joonie… Joonie… Please open the door… please… listen to me once” She’s continuously shouting, but he didn’t reply “Joonie, I know you are angry with me but believe me, I was going to tell you the truth today. I’m sorry I hid these things from you until now… I’m sorry… please open the door” it’s like, it doesn’t matter to him what she’s saying. She gets frustrated and said “I’ll only count to three if you don’t open the door I’ll break it… 1… 2…” and while saying “3…” She runs towards the door and as she was about to hit it, the door open, and she collided with Namjoon and they both land on the bed… and she hug him tightly,

“Leave me” In anger tone Namjoon said, seeing so much anger on his face, tears welled up in her eyes “I already said I’m sorry… now please forgive me… please…” he didn’t care what she was saying. He stood up and took a bag, And that bag was none other than Y/n’s. He was about to leave the room with the bag when she grabbed the handle of the bag and asked “This is my bag, where are you going with it?”

“Downstairs” he replied


“Whatever happens now, it will happen after going down. Now come”

“No I’m not” as she refuses, he grabbed her hand and took her down. After going down he put her hand in Mr. Cha’s hand and also gave him her bag/luggage and said “Mr. Cha, please take your daughter from here”. As he said Y/n jerked Mr. Cha’s hand and hold Namjoon’s hand and in trembling tone she asked him “wh… why are you… saying like this” and while crying she completes her words “Have you forgotten… your promise… you promised me that you would never leave me… Then… why?” while crying she sat on the ground,

“Namjoon… Just stop this nonsense, Now she is your wife” Mr. Kim shout on him,

“No, She’s not my wife. I’m Sorry Mom Dad, but this marriage was not a real marriage, it was just a contract marriage. And now I have to end this marriage contract” Namjoon said, Mr. & Mrs. Kim get shocked and shout “What?”

“Yes dad, it was all fake, and now I have to finish it because…” he stopped in middle of the sentence, then look at Y/n and complete his word “Because now we are going to get married in reality”

“Huh?” Y/n with mixed feelings,

“And before marriage, She has to go to her home… right?” While looking at everyone he said, after hearing his words she stood up and while punching him she said “You… you just gave me a heart attack” He held her and while hugging her he said “I’m sorry, And how did you even think that I could leave you. I have loved you, not in your name, you are mine as you are”

“Then why did you do all this drama?” She asked,

“So that you don’t even think of hiding anything from me next time”

“I hate you Namjoon”

“But I Love You”

“Thank god everything is okay” While taking a deep breath Mrs. Kim said. After all of this everyone sits peacefully then Mr. Kim said to Mr. Cha “Once you gave me proposal of your daughter marriage, but this time I’m asking you, would you give me your daughter as my daughter-in-law?” As Mr. Kim said this Mr. Cha look at Y/n and asked her “This time I’m asking you what you want?”

“I agreed” She replied

“But I am Not” Namjoon said

“What?” Y/n confused,

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cha… I can’t marry your daughter Y/n” he said,

“And why?” Mr. Kim asked

“Because I love someone else” as he said this line, while standing up Y/n said in anger tone “And Who the hell is she?”

“The girl I love Her name is Suzy” he said with serious expression. Y/n scream “Joonie…” as she screamed he jumped at other place, and she starts running behind him while saying “I’ll kill you”

“Sorry… Sorry” after completing few rounds of the whole house, they sat with everyone.

“So now?” Y/n asked him

“Now what… If your dad allows, then I will marry you now” He replied

“Relax son, I have dreamed a lot for her marriage, so it will take some time to fulfill it… Because now I want to do everything better than before” Mr. Cha said

“Will you wait till?” Namjoon asked Y/n

“Hmm… And if I can’t, I’ll run away again… But this time not alone” while winking she completes “with you”

“What Did you say?” while raising his eyebrows Mr. Cha said

“Relax dad, I am just kidding” Y/n said with a smile. He also smiles and said “I am also kidding”.

After few days they get married… After doing a show, Y/n became so famous that she started getting offers from many directors… and all her dreams came true.

|| THE END ||

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  1. Wow.. That’s a awesome story, and yn character is like kind of my character so I can able to connect with the story more.. And namjoon role, I guess every husband and boyfriends should be like him, the way supports his wife is like a thing every womaan and girl needs.. Totally you have a good imagination author

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