Contract Marriage CH-15.

Namjoon takes a deep breath and says Suzy Look, what do you think, what are you to me… Have I ever said that I like you… or I have a crush on you? No She said getting more sad. Then he completes his words “Whenever I said, I only said that I love you. Which means I can’t live without you, So how can you even imagine that I will leave… without completing his words he controlled his feelings.

“So promise me that even if I ever make a big mistake, you will not talk about leaving me” She said

“I promise. Now smile” As he said she smiled in response,

“Come here, give me a hug” He said and hug her. Then asked “would you like to eat ice cream?” She nodded in response,

“Then let’s go” He said and start driving.

*At ice-cream parlor*

“Sir, what would you like to have” Waiter asked

“Order for me too” Namjoon said to Y/n

“Okay” She said to him and look at waiter and said “Two mint Choco”

“Mint Choco?” he said with weird face

“Hmm” She smiled and said

“Anything else ma’am?” waiter asked, and she didn’t say anything he was about to leave, when she stopped him while saying “Cancel mint Choco, and please give us two chocolate flavors” “Okay” He said left

“Why you change it?” Namjoon asked her,

“Because I know you didn’t like mint Choco” she replied

“So why did you order it before?”

“I just want to see your reaction” She said while laughing

“Oh really… Well, how did you know I don’t like it?”

“Mom told me about it”

“And what did she tell you about me?”

“It’s our secret” She smiled and said

“Hmm secret”


~ After a week ~

Y/n was in the bathroom and Namjoon was sitting on the bed. Then Y/n’s phone ring “Suzy, your phone is ringing” Namjoon said,

“Who is it?” she asked

“Lifeline?” while looking at her phone he said. As she heard the name, she quickly wore a bathrobe and came out. But before she came out he cut the call said to her “Oops, you’re late, call was end” She took the phone from his hand. “Btw tell me one thing, I’m here so, who was that lifeline?” He asked while getting jealous.

“Someone about whom you didn’t know”

“And who?”

“My best friend”

“Girl or boy?”

“What if I say, it’s a boy” while teasing him she asked

“Then I won’t leave him”

“Relax Mr. Jealous. It’s a girl”

“Sure?” While raising his eyebrows, he asked,

“Hmm… Now, can I call her?” She asked

“Sure” He said, while dealing her number she sat on the bed.

*On call*

“Hello” Y/n said 
“Where are you busy?” Mini asked 
“Nothing, I was just taking a shower”
“Btw bro, you did rocking in it Happily Mini said
“In what?” Y/n confused! 
“What you mean, What… I'm talking about your series
“My series?”
“Now don't say that you didn't know, that it's first episode was released last night
“I really didn't know anything about it because I didn't talk to the director after the shoot
“It's okay… And you know what, you guys have become so famous in one night that you can't even imagine, people have liked it's starting very much She said with the excitement.
“Thank you so much for giving me such good news in the morning” She said with the bright smile
“There is one more good news”
“And what is it?”
“Guess where I'm?” as Mini asked Y/n quickly replied “Obviously in Kor-” and suddenly, her tone become slow “Wait… Are… you… in… Paris?”
“Yes I'm” Mini said
“Really… But, wait… why do I feel like you're kidding with me?” She said in doubtful tone
“Why would I? Btw I'm sending you the location, get there quickly, I can't wait to see you anymore”
“Okay… Okay… I'll come” 

*Call cut*

As she cut the call Namjoon asked her “where are you going?”

“My friend Mini is in Paris, so I am going to meet her” she replied

“Mini… Why do I feel like I have heard this name somewhere before” As he says this, she realized that she made a mistake. And while trying to control the situation she said You may have heard, but it is not necessary that it is the same girl”

“So when did I say that this is the same girl?” He asked

“I thought so, that’s why I cleared your confusions”

“Okay. Now, I’m going, you also go carefully” He was about to leave, but he stopped and said “And Yaa… come back before evening”

“Why?” she asked

“We will go out for dinner”


“Bye” while going he said

“Bye” She said and he left. After some time Y/n also went to the location which was Mini send to her.

She went inside and saw Mini was sitting there and waiting for her. She went near to her, And while hugging her Mini said Oh my love”

“How are you?” Y/n asked her

“I’m Fine” She replied

“It’s good to see you” while sitting she said

“For me too”

Y/n was talking to her, and suddenly, she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder, she turned around. As she saw the person she got shocked and said “Mom” As Mrs. Cha heard her voice tears welled up in her eyes, and while hugging her she said “Y/n… My love” And Y/n start crying. While whipping her tears Mrs. Cha said Are you okay?”

“Yes mom I am… What about you?” Y/n asked her

“Fine” she replied

“Are you angry with me?” Y/n asked

“Why, shouldn’t I be?” Mrs. cha asked her back

“I know I shouldn’t have done that. I know I shouldn’t have run away, but I had no other option that day” She explains herself

“What do you think I’m angry with you because of that?” Mrs. Cha asked


“I am angry with you because you gave your information to Mini before me” Mrs. Cha said

“I’m sorry mom about that. I thought you would be angry with me that’s why”

“It’s okay”

“Mom, What about dad, did he still angry with me?” In sad voice Y/n asked her

“I don’t know because he doesn’t talk to me about you anymore” She replied

“That’s mean he is. Btw where is he now, is he didn’t come with you?”

“He has come, but now he is in the hotel because we did not tell him that you are here”

“Thanks mom” Y/n said and took a deep breath

“Btw how’s your life going here?” As Mrs. Cha asked, Mini quickly said Aunty, is I didn’t tell you th-” Before mini complete her words Y/n hold her hand and dragged her from there a side and asked her “what were you going to tell her?”

“About your series, what do you think about your marriage?” Mini asked,

“Hmm” She nodded in response

“It’s your job, you can tell them when you want to” As Mini said that Y/n take a deep breath. And suddenly a boy come to them and asked to Y/n “If I’m not wrong, you are Mrs. Kim Suzy?”

“Yes I’m” She replied

“I see your series yesterday. It was outstanding, I’m really excited about the next episode. In the very first episode, I became your fan”

“Thank you” She said with smile

“Can I take a picture with you?” he asked

“Sure” she said and take a selfie with him. After taking a selfie he left. Then while teasing her Mini said “Oho… Fan following” She just smiled in response, And then said “Now come on, mom will be waiting for us” then they went back there.

“Is everything okay?” Mrs. cha asked

“Yes mom” Y/n replied

And after doing some talks Y/n said mom I have to go”

“Why?” Mrs. Cha asked

“I have a meeting” She replied


“Then see you”

“See you love” Mrs. cha said and hugged her “Bye” while going Y/n said and Left.

~ After sometime ~

She reached home. She picked her favorite dress and got ready quickly. Then she got a message from Namjoon,

After reading the message she went downstairs. There Namjoon was waiting for her “let’s go” he said,

“Are you going somewhere?” Mrs. Kim asked

“On dinner” Namjoon replied

“Okay… Bye” Mrs. Kim said

“Bye mom” They both said and Left. After some time, they went to the location it’s “Le Très Particulier” when they went inside, The whole place was decorated with roses. “Wow… It’s so beautiful” she said with smile,

“Did you like it?” He asked

“Hmm… Is it for me?” She asked

“Yes” he said, and took her to the center and while sitting on his knees, he took out a ring from his pocket. And while extending the ring towards her, he asked her “Miss Suzy, will you marry me, will you be my wife in real?”

“Hmm” and while blushing she nodded. Then he gave her the ring. While having dinner Namjoon said “Suzy” she nodded, then he asked “Today I am going to tell mom and dad the reality of our marriage, will you support me in that?”

“I will always support you” She said and think ‘I guess, I also shouldn’t hide my reality from you anymore’

“You tell me, what do you think… should I tell them?” he asked her

“Hmm… Let’s do it… let’s clear all misunderstanding today” She replied

“All?” While confused he asked

“Nothing, Let’s go” she said. And after sometimes they went home. Y/n rang the doorbell “They come” Mr. Kim said to the person, was sitting inside,

“Your son and daughter-in-law?” person asked


“It means we have come on right time”

“I know you will be happy to meet them” Mr. Kim said to that person, and then said to Mrs. Kim “open the door” As soon as the Mrs. Kim opened the door, Y/n was surprised to see the inside view. And her feet stop there.

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  1. It’s amazing, She already make promise with Joonie it means if something bad happen in future Y/n doesn’t care cause she have promise😂😂 Very smart move Y/n.👏

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