Contract Marriage CH-14.

Jimin look at Y/n and says “I’m going to tell everything to the leader”

“No you can’t” she said

“But Y/n, We need him now”

“Do one thing… Call Dad”

You mean Mr. Cha?

No… Joonie’s Dad… call him and tell him the situation

“Okay” he said, and went outside and call Mr. Kim

*On call*

Uncle where are you now? Jimin asked Mr. Kim,
“In office” he replied
With leader?
No, He left
That's good
You want something?
Uncle, a big problem has happened
What happened? Mr. Kim asked and Jimin tell him everything I just reach there Mr. Kim said 

*Call end*

*At Namjoon house*

As Namjoon went home, while looking here and there he asked Mom, where is Suzy… Is she still sleeping?

No she replied


She has gone to the shoot

Shoot… But in the morning she told me that she has no shoot today

maybe it’s unplanned

Yaa He said and went to his room.

*Other side*

Mr. Kim went to the police station. He sighed the responsibility papers and take Y/n out of there Uncle, you sat in the car with her, I’ll come Jimin said to Mr. Kim

Where are you going? He asked him,

I just want to ask something to the officer

Okay Mr. Kim said. And take Y/n and sat in car. After some time Jimin also come and sat in the car and start driving What did you want to ask him? Mr. Kim asked to Jimin That how did he come to know about her He replied

And what did he say? Mr. Kim asked

Do you know someone named Jack? Jimin asked Y/n

Hmm… He’s my co-actor She replied

He provided your information to the office Jimin tell them

This son of bi*c” she muttered


Sorry dad… but I can’t believe that he can do this

But he did it” Jimin said

Y/n you should calm down now we are about to reach home… and make good your condition also Mr. Kim said, and she nodded in response.

*At home*

While coming downstairs Namjoon asked Mom didn’t she even come?”

Maybe she’s just about to come” she said, and then she heard a sound of door and while looking there she says Look she came After following her Jimin and Mr. Kim also come. As Y/n went in she saw Namjoon is standing in front. Without thinking anything she runs towards him and hug him hardly Are you okay? He asked her I just felt that I will lose you today she said

Why… is something happened?” he asked, Before she says something Mrs. Kim said to her Go and get fresh, then we’ll have dinner together

You guys have dinner, I’m not hungry” while going towards the stairs she said

What happened to her today?” Namjoon asked Mrs. Kim

Actually…” Mrs. Kim was about to say something but Y/n quickly came to her and cover her mouth and said Mom, after getting fresh I’ll be back While looking her Mrs. Kim smiled. When she left Namjoon asked Mrs. Kim Mom, what’s going on?”

Nothing” She replied with smile

Ahh… both of you Namjoon said, then asked to Jimin and Mr. Kim Btw where are you both coming from with her?”

We just meet outside” Jimin replied


~ After dinner ~

After having dinner when Y/n went to her room and she saw Namjoon was already there, and it’s look like he is looking for something she went to him and ask What are you looking for?”

A few days ago I put a blue file here, have you seen it?” he asked her

No… But let me found it for you”

No, It’s okay… I’ll find myself”

As you wish” she said, and sat on the bed while reading the book.

~ After few minutes ~


Hmm She was so lost in her book that as soon as she heard her name, she hummed. While looking at her Namjoon asked Did you say something?”

No, No… But maybe you say something she gets hyper and said. While showing her wedding card, he replied This is my and Y/n’s wedding card

You look so happy after finding it” she said. He hummed and says Are you feeling jealous?”

I was asking because earlier you were angry with her… But now you’re so happy talking about it she said

Yaa… because now I want to say thank you to her Because if she doesn’t run away that day, how can I meet you?”

Yaa…” while controlling her smile she said

Btw are you free tomorrow?” he asked her


Then let’s go for shopping”

Okay, But will you do me a favor before that?”

Just order Mrs. Kim” He said with smile

Before we go shopping, will you take me to the set?”

Do you have a shoot tomorrow?”

No, I just want to talk to Director Jully, about something”

Okay… Now, put this book side and go to sleep you look so tired


~ Next day~

Namjoon was sitting on bad and Y/n is standing in front of the mirror and combing her hair. Namjoon look at her and asked Suzy, how long will it take you?”

Just five minutes” she replied

Okay, I’m waiting for you downstairs, come quickly”

Okay” she said. Then he left from there, and went downstairs. Mrs. Kim was sitting there while hugging her from the back he said, Mom, we are going on shopping

Nice, take care” She said. Then Y/n come and stood next to Mrs. Kim, She whispers in Y/n ear It doesn’t matter if you’re late… just enjoy

Mom” she said

Suzy, let’s go” Namjoon said. Then they left from there and with in sometimes they went to set You go inside I’m waiting for you here Namjoon said. Okay she said and left. She went inside Hello Mrs. Jully Y/n said

Oh hey” she replied

I want to say something to you” Y/n said with hesitation

Me too Jully said

Then you say first” Y/n said

Suzy, I am sorry”


I have to stop this shoot


Actually, Jake dropped this project Jully said it with sad expressions

So what will you do now?”

Now I will release it like this”

But it’s not ending”

I need you for its ending”

Me… how can I help you?” Y/n asked with the confusion

Now I have to make it a sad ending”


Just scene is, He came to know your truth, so he left you”


Suzy please, you’re my last hope… If you don’t do, this I will be at a great loss”

But without Jake how’s it been possible”

I will edit it, You just please shoot your scenes

Okay… Okay… I’ll

Thank you so much” Jully said happily. Then Y/n call Namjoon and tell him all this and asked So are you going back to home or office?”

Umm… Today I didn’t have any work, so how’s it if I see, your shoot?” he said

It’s great idea, Please come inside she said. And after a few minutes he went in Hello aunt Jully He said

How are you my boy Jully asked

Fine” he replied

When did you come?”

Just now”

Suzy get ready quickly” Jully said to Y/n

Okay” she said and left. After some time shoot will be started. As Y/n start acting, scene by scene she started feeling like all this is happening in real. Instead of fake crying she started crying in real. As Jully say cut she came back to in her senses. Suzy, You’re outstanding Jully said

Thank you” while whipping her tears he said

You’re really outstanding Mrs. Kim Namjoon said

Thanks she said

Is it done now?” Namjoon asked to Jully

Hmm” She replied

Shall we go now?” He asked to Y/n

Let me change my clothes first?” She said, And left. As she left Namjoon asked to jully when will this release?”

Next week She replied

I’m really excited about this” Namjoon said. Then Y/n come back and said let’s go”

Bye” they said to Jully and left from there and set in car If you want we can go on shopping now Namjoon asked

No, I’m feeling tired” she said

It’s okay” He said and start driving. She was looking outside and the only thoughts running in her mind was ‘today’s scene, what if it’s come true, What if he left me after knowing the truth’ Thinking about these tears welled up in her eyes. What are you thinking? He asked while driving N-Nothing she said without looking at him. He stopped the car a side and asked Suzy, are crying? No still without looking at him, she said. Then look here he said, but still, she didn’t turn. Suzy… he said, when she didn’t react he holds her face by his hands and turned to him. What happened? While whipping her tears, he asked

I was just…

Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about the scene”

Yaa I was”

Suzy, It’s just a fake story”

But what if it happens in real life?”

And why do you think so?” as he asked, She think ‘Because there is such a secret of my life that you do not know, and I am afraid that after knowing it, you will not leave me’

He takes a deep breath and says Suzy Look, what do you think, what are you to me… Have I ever said that I like you… or I have a crush on you? No She said getting more sad.

(what do you think what’s he trying to say?)

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  1. hey I’m totally confused cause in future Joonie will know the truth or not. I hope Y/n shoot last part doesn’t happen in real.😥

  2. I want to kill this Jake. How could he do this…
    Btw the scene was amazing when Namjoon said “Y/n” I thought that he had to know everything but then I read other line and came out of my imagination. But please someone go and tell Joonie that Y/n and Suzy is same.

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