Contract Marriage CH-13.

“Your Truth?” while looking at her doubtfully Namjoon asked. “Let’s go” while holding his hand she said and start going towards the exit “Suzy what’s the truth” while walking he asked her. Jake noticed the thing that Namjoon is looking angry. So, while trying to arouse his anger he shouted from the back with devil smile “Go… Go… and ask her the truth” Y/n just look at him angrily and left from there with Namjoon. ‘If you can’t be with me then I won’t let you be happy with anyone else’ looking at the exit door Jake think.

*In car*

“Suzy now can you tell me what truth he was talking about?” while driving, Namjoon asked to Y/n “I also don’t know, what was he talking about” Trying to be innocent she said

“If it’s not like that then, what was the need for him to say this?” He asked,

“I don’t know” with puppy eyes she said

“I don’t know which one of you is telling the truth” He said and take a deep breath

“So you mean you don’t trust me?” she asked,

“When did I say like this?” in hyper tone he said

“Then what you want’s to say?” looking at him with crooked eye’s she asked. He parked the car a side, look at her and says “I don’t know anything about your life except your name, but” he comes closer to her, hold her hands and says “but still, I believe in you, But keep one thing in mind, never do anything that will affect our relationship because now I don’t want to lose you”

“Lose… Me…” in slow tone she repeated,

“Hmm… I don’t know how you will feel after hearing this but… but Suzy, I LOVE YOU…” he said with a smile, and finally purposed her. As he confessed, she starts blushing and tried to look here and there, as she had not heard anything. He smiled more on her childish behavior and says “I’m not in hurries for hearing your reply, you can tell me whenever you want” he just complete his words and start driving. After sometimes they went home.

~ At night ~

Y/n was sitting on the bed while reading a book, and Namjoon was laying on the couch and trying to sleep “Suzy, please turn off the light I want to sleep” He said

“You can sleep on the bed if you want” she said with a little smirk

“Are you kidding with me right?” He said with smile,

“No, I’m serious”

“Wait… is…” he starts coming towards her “what I’m thinking… it’s true?”

“And what are you thinking?”

“Is it your reply?” while coming too close to her, he asked. She took a peck on his lips and while blushing she said “I LOVE YOU” “Love you too” he said, and he kissed her passionately.

(After that what happened, imagine yourself. I know Army’s are too much innocent)

~ Next day ~

“Suzy, woke up it’s too late” while waking her up Namjoon said

“Let me sleep some more” she muttered

“It’s too late dear… don’t you go to the shoot today?”

“Today is not any shoot” she replied in sleepy tone

“Okay… So, you sleep, I’m going to the office” then, he kissed on her forehead and while saying “Bye” he left.

~ After few hours ~

Y/n & Mrs. Kim is sitting in living room… Then the doorbell ring “Let me check” Y/n said and open the door. Some police officers were standing there, they show her their identity card “what can I help you sir?” she asked, “can I meet Mrs. Kim Suzy?” one of officer asked,

“It’s me say” she said

“Can we sit inside and talk?” officer said

“Sure” Y/n said, and they went inside and sit “Officer is everything okay?” Mrs. Kim asked

“Maybe it’s not” officer replied

“What you mean?” Mrs. Kim asked

“Mrs. Suzy are you from Korea?” an officer asked

“Yes” she replied

“Can I see your documents and passport?”

“Can you firstly tell me what’s going on here?”

“Firstly show me your document”


“Suzy” Mrs. Kim said. “Fine” She said and went to her room, after sometimes she came with her documents and while giving to the officer she said “here is” he takes them and start reading “Now tell me, what happened?” While sitting, she asked. Without taking a single second he said Mrs. Suzy, you are arrested”

“What?” Y/n shocked!

“What you mean?” Mrs. Kim angrily

“Arrest her” he gave order to female officer

“But what is my crime?” She asked,

“Your crime is that you entered in Paris with a fake identity… Miss Y/n…” she got shocked and freeze on her place. The lady officer handcuffed her and started carrying her “Officer wait, we sit and talk comfortably” while trying to fix it Mrs. Kim said “Whatever you want to discuss now, it will be done in the police station” office said. And they take her and left. While following them Mrs. Kim also went to the police station. She attempted to convenience the officer, but it doesn’t work “I think we should tell Namjoon everything” Mrs. Kim said to Y/n

“No Mom… Please” Y/n said

“But we need someone”

“Then call Jimin”

“Jimin?” Mrs. Kim asked with confused expression

“Yes, he knows everything” Y/n replied

“Mrs. Y/n It’s enough” officer said, and said to the other officer “Take her inside”

“Hey wait… You can’t even touch her, until our lawyer is come here” Mrs. Kim said,

“Okay then call your lawyer soon” officer said

“You wait here I’ll be back” Mrs. Kim said. And went out and call Jimin, he picked up the call,

*On call*

“Hello!!!” Jimin said,
“Get the lawyer to the police station quickly” Mrs. Kim directly said
“Is everything okay… are you okay?”
“I'm But…” she tells him everything
“Did you already know the truth about her?” Jimin asked,
“I'll tell you later… Firstly, you come here… And yes, don't tell Joonie about it”
“Okay… Okay”

*Call end*

Within some time, he went there with lawyer. Mrs. Kim waiting for him outside he went to her and asked “where is she?”


“Okay… Aunty I think you should go home before leader reached home and finds out everything”

“But Y/n”

“Don’t worry… We’ll also be reach in a while”

“Okay… Take care” Mrs. Kim said and left from there. Jimin and Lawyer went inside. They discussed everything with the officer, but he refused to leave her “but we can take her on bail” the lawyer said,

“No you can’t Because Such people are called terrorists” officer said

“Hey, What you mean?” Jimin said in anger tone,

“Jimin, Calm down” lawyer said to him, and to officer he said “Is there any other way to close this case completely?”

“No, there is nothing” he replied

“But as far as I know, we can take her on someone’s responsibility” lawyer said

“Yes you can but” before he completes his words Jimin cut him in the middle while saying “That’s it, I can take her responsibility”

“Who are you?” the officer asked him

“Her friend Jimin” he replied

“No, I mean your position?”

“I’m Director of K-Group”

“We can’t leave her to your responsibility”


“Because for which we have caught her is a massive crime, we can leave her only on the responsibility of some big personality”

“Big… personality… what if K-Group take her responsibility?”

“Then we can”

“Then just wait for a while… I bring the paper of responsibility”

“Not just the paper… Bring the chairman of the K-Group, only after his signature we will let her go”

“Okay” Jimin said to the officer and look at Y/n and says “I’m going to tell everything to the leader”

(Did he really going to tell everything to Namjoon?)

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  1. Omo… What will happen… I think he’ll eventually get to know about Y/n… But I’m thinking about the consequences. Ahhh poor Y/n what will happen to her.

  2. Y/n is in problem, such a big trouble she is facing now. But maybe it’s fun for us😅. Now I think Joonie will know the truth about her.

  3. The starting of this episode is amazing, But the ending is full of suspense I can’t imagine that what will going to be happen. What if Jimin tell the truth to Joonie, how would he react after that?🤔

  4. Oh my gosh… First I thought everything is going well but then boom… Like wtf, I didn’t even expect that kind of thing. what will happen if Joonie came to know about it?😥

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