Contract Marriage CH-12.

“Jake, meet her, she is the new lead actress Mrs…” While cutting Jully in the middle, Jake said “Y/n?” But she didn’t react on it and tried to ignore him “I think you have some misunderstanding her name is Suzy” Jully said

“Y/n what’s going on here?” Jake asked Y/n

“Nothing, just forget it” She replied

“Maybe you both know each other well” Mrs. Kim said

“Hmm… He’s my college friend… And we are meeting after so long” Y/n said

“After so long… I came to Korea for your wedding, but you…” While cutting Jake in the middle, Y/n said “Okay… Okay… By the way, I think we should get ready soon and start the shoot” After saying this, she holds his hand and drags him to the makeup room. Then Jake asked her “Can you tell me what’s going on here and about your name?”

“I’ll tell you later” Y/n said

“Firstly tell me” Jake said

“Okay fine. Then listen…” She said and tell him how she came to Paris by changing her name. And here she met Namjoon by chance, both of them started liking each other and then both got married “Oh, so you mean he didn’t know that you are the same girl?” Jake asked

“Not now… And you also have to keep in mind that you will call me Suzy here”

“Okay… Okay… Miss”

“Misses Kim Suzy” she correct him

“Yaa… Yaa… But remember one thing, the relationships which are built based on lies, do not work last long”

“Whatever” She said. And after some time the shooting started

~ After the shoot ~

“Btw, tell me one thing…” Y/n Said

“Hmm ask” Jake said

“Where did you get this idea from?” Y/n asked


“About this show”

“Actually, I have a friend who did something similar in her wedding, so I just got this idea from there” While teasing her Jake said

“Hahaha… Very funny” She said with the fake laugh

“Suzy, Dear let’s go… Mr. Kim is very excited to know about your shoot, he has called me many times” while calling her Mrs. Kim said

“Sure, Joonie has also been calling me too many times” Y/n replied

“Joonie… you never called me by any nickname” Jake said to Y/n

“Why I call you is you are my boyfriend or husband” while raising her eyebrows she asked “L… Friend…” He wanted to say something else, but he controlled himself, by saying a friend, he became quiet. Before Y/n say anything in response Mrs. Kim call her again while saying “Y/n come” “Bye” Y/n Said to Jake, And she left from there with Mrs. Kim.

~ After sometimes~

Mrs. Kim & Y/n went home “How was your day?” Namjoon asked to Y/n

“It was outstanding… I started my shoot as lead” She replied with smile

“That’s nice” Namjoon said

“Congrats dear” Mr. Kim said

“Thank you dad”

“Now let’s go and eat” Mr. Kim said

After having dinner Namjoon and Y/n went to their room. When after getting fresh as Y/n went out of the bathroom she saw Namjoon is reading a file while sitting on the bed she went to him and asked “What are you reading?”

“Information papers of my assistant” He replied

“You mean my?” She asked

“No, about my new assistant” He replied

“Girl or boy?”


“Then you won’t hire her” She ordered him

“And why?” He asked

“Because I’m saying”

“And from with rights, you’re saying this?”

“The right of your wife”

“But the fake wife”

“Was it necessary to remind” She said with weird face

“But that’s the truth” sadly he said

“Hmm, Right… now please be side… I want to sleep” while moving towards the bed she said. He got up from the bed and went to the sofa and sat down… She was angry with him, so without saying anything she lay down on the bed… And after sometimes She heard that Namjoon was talking to someone on the phone, to hire a male assistant for him. After disconnecting the phone, when he looked at her, She had a small smile on her face. She looked like a baby who was happy after fulfilling her wishes.

~ Next day~

After having breakfast “Y/n you have to go alone today because I have to go with your dad for some work today” Mrs. Kim said

“It’s okay mom… I can go myself” Y/n replied

*On Set*

Jully explains the scene to everyone and after explaining she said “Now everyone goes and get ready”

*At shoot time*

“Jake be focused… what happened to you… It’s couple dance so do it properly” Jully scold on Jake because he was not dancing properly

“Jake what happened… why are you spoiling the scene” Y/n asked. And she grabbed his hand and put it on her waist… but It seems like he’s not comfortable with it “What’s the problem with you Jake?” she asked him again

“Your dress” He replied

“My dress?” confessed

“Yes, you don’t think your dress is too short, you should change it” He said

“Why would I, If I’m comfortable in it” She replied in anger tone

“Hey guys stop talking, and start the shoot it’s already too late” Jully shout on them. Then both said “okay” After taking many takes the scene was complete then Jully said “Pack up”

“Finally” Y/n said. And she’s going towards the exit door suddenly Jake stopped her and asked her “Where are you going there, you don’t have to change the dress?”

“I am exhausted, I do not have the courage to change my dress” She replied

“It’s okay… Btw if you are alone let me drop you?” He asked

“My driver is waiting outside” She said and while going outside she says “Bye” to him and left.

*At home*

Namjoon was doing his work in his room, Then Y/n entered in the room and lay on the bad. While looking at her, he thought ‘It looks like she’s coming from the party’ He stood up and covered her legs with the blanket and sat down beside her “Where are you coming from?” He asked

“From the set” She replied

“In this look?”

“Hmm… I was tired, so I do not feel like changing my dress, so I came home like this”

“But still don’t you think that this dress is too small” He said

“If you don’t like it then I will keep this in mind from next time” She said as a good girl


“Has mom dad come home?”

“Not yet… maybe they will come tomorrow”


“Now you freshen up quickly, then we have dinner”

“You didn’t eat yet?”

“No, I’m waiting for you… now get fresh quickly… I feel famished”

“Just give me five minutes”


~ Next day~

“Let me drop you today?” After having breakfast Namjoon asked Y/n

“But it’s opposite side of the company… you will be late because of me” While showing concern Y/n replied

“It doesn’t matter… Let’s go” Namjoon said. And as they both about to left Y/n’s phone rang, She picked up the call

*On call*

“Hello!!!” Jimin said
“Hmm?” she hummed 
“Is leader at home yet?” He asked
“Hmm” again she
“Could you make me talk to him?
“Sure” she said, and while giving the phone to Namjoon, she tells him “It's Jimin”
“Hmm?” He took a phone and asked
“Where is your phone? I am calling you for so long, but you are not picking up my call” Jimin said
“Oh it's on silent” while checking his phone he said “You tell me what happened?”
“Did you forget?” Jimin asked
“You asked me to arrange a director's meeting today, everyone is here and waiting for you”
“Oh Yaa... Just wait for a while I'm coming”

*Call end*

“I’m sorry Suzy, you have to go alone” Namjoon said

“It’s okay… I can go myself”

“But Yaa, in the evening I’ll pick you from there”

“Okay” Y/n said. Then they both left on their path.

*On set*

Jully tell them that today’s scene is proposal scene. After some time, the shoot was started… Jake proposed Y/n, and she accepts it ‘I hope tonight you will accept my proposal as the same’ while looking at Y/n Jake thought. And after sometimes the shoot is over. Then Jake asked to Y/n “Y/n, If you’re free now can we go out for dinner?”

“No, I can’t” She clearly refused him

“Please dude… How long has it been, we haven’t talked to each other properly”

“Today I have to go with someone else”

“With whom?”

“With me” while coming there Namjoon said

“When did you come?” Y/n asked him

“Just now” He replied

“Who are you?” Jake asked to Namjoon

“Her husband” while holding Y/n’s hand he said

“Whatever… But you can go now because she’s going with me” Jake said

“Jake, he’s my husband how you could talk to him like that?” Y/n said angrily

“So you want to argue with me for this tomorrow’s guy… the guy whom you’re afraid to tell your truth” Jake said

“Jake… just shut up” Y/n shout on him

“Your Truth?” while looking at her doubtfully Namjoon asked.

(will he find out the truth?)

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  1. Their story is worth to be in a drama. Btw I hope that everything goes well in y/n and joonie’s relationship. But still afraid thinking jooie’s reaction when he will come to know that suzy is Y/n. Maybe she have to face the huge trouble because of this Jake

  2. Day by day they build feelings for each other and getting comfortable with each other. But maybe That jack spoiled everything.

  3. Our Joonie is so sweet and cute. But I’m just confused with jake like what he wants?
    maybe he have feelings for Y/n.

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