Contract Marriage CH-11.

Y/n gulped and asked “W… what… are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you and whose” Jimin said

“What… Me… No… No… I think you’ve got some misunderstanding” She said with trembling tone

“Oh miss Y/n, Do you think I am so stupid… that you will refuse to accept everything and I will admit that you are not that girl” he said while raising his eyebrows


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me… I tell everything with proof to the leader and after that, he will ask you everything by himself” He blackmailed her. He was about to leave but Y/n stop him while saying “Wait… I’ll accept it” then she takes a deep breath and said “Yes, I’m Y/n”

“Good” Jimin said

“But now you promise me that you didn’t tell him anything” she said

“And why would I don’t?” Looking at her doubtfully he asked

“Because, I don’t want to lose him” While expressing her feelings she said


“Maybe I like him that’s why…”

“And why should I trust you… and when, When you’ve left him once”

“Please trust me… and please don’t tell him anything… Not for me, at least for his happiness”


“Didn’t you notice that since yesterday he has different happiness on his face, and how happy Uncle Aunty is too… Do you want to snatch everyone’s happiness by telling this in front of everyone?” she tried to convince him

“But sometime everyone will know this” Jimin said

“But before that time comes, I will tell everyone myself… but until then, can you please…”

“Okay… Okay… Fine” He agreed

“Btw, how did you know all this” She asked

“You very wisely deleted all your dad’s contacts and details from the company’s database… And all his contacts and websites were also blocked… But you forgot one thing that they will be blocked only in your computer, they can be searched in the rest of the computer” He said with a smile

“Ahh… how could I be that much stupid” While slapping herself she said

“It’s okay… It’s Okay… Some things people get to know late” While laughing he said



Then Mrs. Kim come there and asked Y/n “Suzy are you ready?”

“Hmm” She nodded. Then Mrs. Kim noticed Jimin and said to him “I sent you here to bring down her, and you’re sitting here”

“Sorry aunty” Jimin said

“It’s okay… Now let’s come” Mrs. Kim said

When Y/n entered there, She felt different happiness, it seemed as if this is her real marriage. She wished that this becomes her real wedding. Namjoon look at her, She was looking so beautiful as he never dreamed. While looking at her, he thought ‘I am very happy that she is going to be my wife but… But not in real… how nice it would be, if this was our real wedding’ he was busy in his thoughts then she came and stood beside him. After few minutes priest asked “Did you both are ready?” In response Y/n & Namjoon said “Yes”

“Firstly, I want to ask the handsome groom, Mr. Kim Namjoon. Do you want to marry Ms. Suzy and be her lifetime companion in sickness or in health and for richer, for poorer?” Priest asked “Yes, I Do” Namjoon replied

“Now I want to ask the pretty and kind bride, Ms. Suzy. Do you want to marry Mr. Kim Namjoon and be his lifetime companion in sickness or in health and for richer, for poorer?” Priest asked “Yes, I Do” Y/n replied.

“Congratulations from today, both of you are husband and wife” Priest congress them. And suddenly, everyone starts shouting for kiss. As everyone start shouting both look at each other. By his eyes Namjoon asked to Y/n for her permission and she nodded in response. Then they both kissed.

~ Time skip ~

*At Namjoon house*

“Now you both go to your room and relax” Mrs. Kim said with smile

“Yaa…” Namjoon said. Then he looks at Y/n and said “let’s go”

She looked at herself up to down try to hold her dress but failed in it then she looked at Namjoon and said “How do I go upstairs in this dress?”

“Namjoon you should think for yourself how will she go?” Mrs. Kim said

“Hmm… Wait…” He said and come near to her and take her up in bride poses. By her arms she holds his neck “You’re so heavy” while laughing Namjoon said

“I’m not heavy, maybe you’re just week” Y/n said. Mr. and Mrs. Kim laugh on it. As they laugh Namjoon looking at them and said “Mom… Dad…”

“Go up…” Mr. Kim said

They both went in room Namjoon made her sit on bad and said to her “Firstly go and change your dress” “Yaa right” she replied and went to the bathroom and changed her clothes… After that Namjoon also changed his clothes. After changing as he went out of the bathroom Y/n asked him “Do we have to sleep in the same room now?”

“Obviously, Now we are both husband and wife” While saying this he starts coming closer to her “Wha…what are you doing?” in shaking voice she asked. He came more closer to her and in slow tone he said “I… am…” And take a pillow from behind her and said “I’m just taking this”

“Oh…” she said with relaxed reactions.

“Now you sleep comfortably here, I’ll sleep on the couch” He said


~ Next day ~

As Namjoon woke he went near to Y/n, he saw her face and thought ‘she’s looking so cute while sleeping… Can I wake her up? No… it is okay to let her sleep she in a very deep sleep’ Then he went to the bathroom.

When Y/n opened her eyes She saw Namjoon was standing in front of the mirror, He just covered his lower body with a towel, while setting his wet hair he’s looking so sexy. And suddenly, he turned around, she quickly close her eyes. “You are not ashamed, you are seeing a boy in this condition” he said with smirk ‘Did he saw me?’ Y/n thought

“Mrs. Kim Suzy I’m talking to you, don’t act like you’re sleeping because your blush is saying everything” While teasing her Namjoon said she quickly open her eyes and while touching her face she said “Did I?”

“Yes you’re blushing right now” Namjoon said and suddenly Mrs. Kim entered in room, and She saw Namjoon in that condition so, while turning around she said “Oh… I’m sorry guys, I just came to invite you for breakfast” She quickly finished her words and left from there.

“First you go and wear your clothes, don’t know because of you what aunty would be thinking?” Y/n said

“That’s it, the husband and wife were spending some romantic time together” With smirk Namjoon said

*At dinning table*

Mr. and Mrs. Kim were sitting there then Y/n and Namjoon went there. While coming there Namjoon said “Good morning…” “Good morning…” Mr. Kim said

“Good morning Uncle and Aunty” While sitting Y/n said “Good morning dear…” Mrs. Kim said

“What’s your today’s plan?” Mr. Kim asked to Namjoon

“What kind of plan dad, I’ll go office as usual” Namjoon replied

“What… Office?” Mr. Kim asked

“Son, both of you got married yesterday, you should spend time with each other, go somewhere, stay with each other” Mrs. Kim said

“Ok mom, we will do it, but for some time I am very busy, I have a lot of meetings… So, after that…” Namjoon said

“And how much time?” Mr. Kim asked

“Few months” Namjoon said

“What? And a week later I was planning to send you on a honeymoon” Mrs. Kim said

“Please Mom not now, When I’m free, we’ll go on our own… Right Suzy?” Namjoon said and Y/n nodded in response

“Ok as if you both want” Mrs. Kim said

“Thank you mom” Namjoon said and start eating his breakfast

“Btw Suzy, What’s your plan?” Mrs. Kim asked to Y/n

“Nothing… I want to go to office, but he refuses me to go there now” Pointed on Namjoon, Y/n said

“So what do you need to go to the office now, You should focus on your acting career” Mrs. Kim said

“I am also saying to her the same” Namjoon said

“I want to be focus, but I don’t have any shoot right now” Y/n said

“That’s all, I don’t think that being your aunt, you should be worried about this” Mr. Kim said

“Means?” Y/n asked

“You just get ready quickly, we have to go somewhere” Mrs. Kim said

“I’m getting late I have to go” Namjoon said and looking at Y/n he said “Bye…” “Bye” with a smile She replied. Then Namjoon left.

“You to go and get ready soon” Mrs. Kim said

“Okay aunty” Y/n said

“No… Not Aunty… You have to call me Mom… Okay?” Mrs. Kim said

“Okay” Y/n said

“And what about me?” Mr. Kim said

“Dad” Y/n said

“Good Girl” Mr. Kim said

Then Namjoon’s message came in Y/n’s phone, She looked at it and the message was (Best of luck, I think your first shoot is going to happen today, so be ready for that) With smile she replied him (Okay) “I’ll be back” She said to Mrs. Kim and left from there

“Where will you going to take her?” Mr. Kim asked

“At Jully’s place” Mrs. Kim said

“Okay… But firstly call her and ask, is she’s in Paris or not” Mr. Kim said. She nodded and call her and talk to her… and after few minutes she ended the call “What happened?” Mr. Kim asked

“It’s a Good news” Mrs. Kim said

“What is it?” Mr. Kim asked

“Jully was starting shooting for a new show from today, but her actress refused to work at the last minute”


“And when I told her about Suzy, she agreed to take her on the show without even meeting her, and she quickly called us on the set”

“Oh that’s very nice”

“What’s nice dad?” While coming there Y/n asked

“Congratulations you got the shoot” Mr. Kim said

“What… Really… How” It was just like magical for her

“Just Magic” Mrs. Kim said

“Magic?” Y/n Said

“Think about it later, now quickly come the director is waiting for us” Mrs. Kim said. Then they both left.

*On set*

“Hey Jully” Mrs. Kim said to director Jully

“Finally, you come” Jully said with relieved

“Meet she’s my Daughter-in-law Suzy” Pointed on Y/n Mrs. Kim said

“Hello dear, Nice to meet you” Jully said

“Nice to meet you too” Y/n replied

“Well tell me one thing how did you get ready to take her on your show without meeting her?” Mrs. Kim asked

“Because you said she is your daughter-in-law and your daughter-in-law can’t be an ordinary girl, so that’s why” Jully replied

“Oh Yaa”

“You go and get ready… we will start shoot after a while” Jully said to Y/n

“Okay, But Firstly tell me what’s my place, my role?” Y/n asked

“Oh Yaa, I forgot” Jully said

“It’s okay” Y/n replied

“So you are the lead actress of this show”


“Hmm… And today is the first day of shoot, And the first shot is yours”

“And what is the story”

“The story is, You belong to a very big family, and today is your wedding with the lead actor… But you don’t want to get married that’s why you run away from there… And after this, you both meet coincidently, but you didn’t recognize each other because you both didn’t see your faced before”

“Y/n, Looks like this is your story” Mrs. Kim said to Y/n

“Means?” Jully asked

“Nothing, You say how they meet” Mrs. Kim said

“They meet at a party” Jully replied

“Oh, it’s different” Mrs. Kim said

“Maybe it’s enough for today… I’ll tell you later the more story” Jully said

“Okay, Btw who wrote this show?” Y/n asked

“I am, but the starting of the story is idea of ​​Jake, the lead actor of the show” Jully said

“Jack?” Y/n feel like she knew him And suddenly “Hello Mrs. Jully” while coming there Jake said

“Look he came” Jully said

“What’s going on?” Jake asked

“Jake, meet her, she is the new lead actress Mrs…” While cutting Jully in the middle Jake said Y/n?”

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