Contract Marriage CH-10.

The doorbell ring, Y/n went there and open the door and said “Hello, Uncle and Aunty”

“Y/n?” Mrs. Kim said. After hearing this, Y/n feel like she’s going to dead. But before She said anything Mrs. Kim continue her words “Oh I mean Suzy… what are you doing here?”

“Namjoon had said that I should shift here” She replied

“For the first time in his life this boy has done a good deed” While sitting Mr. Kim said

“Oh really dad?” While coming there Namjoon Asked

“Oh my son… Come” Mr. Kim said, And while hugging him He Congrats him and said “Finally you got the girl you wanted”

“Yes Dad” Namjoon replied

“Looks like someone is forgetting I’m here too” While taunting on Namjoon Mrs. Kim said

“Mom How could I Forget you” While hugging her Namjoon said

“Both of you must be hungry, I bring you something to eat” Y/n Said

“No, we did not feel hungry, we have come from outside after having dinner… you two have dinner” Mrs. Kim said

“We just did it too” Y/n said

“Mom, Dad You guys must be tired, go take a rest” Namjoon said

“I Will sleep with Suzy tonight” Mrs. Kim said

“Sure” Y/n said. Then they went in Mrs. Kim’s room

“Thank you aunty” Y/n said

“Say thank you to your friend who told us everything at the right time” Mrs. Kim said

“Did you meet her?”

“Hmm… Yesterday when Namjoon told us about both of you, we were preparing to come here. Then I got her call, she said that she wants to meet me and when I met her, she told me that the girl Namjoon is talking to is you, she informed me that you two met each other in Paris and now you both love each other And Namjoon still doesn’t know that you are the same girl he was going to marry. He just knows you as Suzy”

“Thank you aunty for supporting me”

“You know why I supported you?”


“Because you were the first and last girl I choose for Namjoon. Already you would have become my daughter-in-law, if you weren’t…” Y/n cut her in the middle while saying “I know I did wrong, I shouldn’t have run away, but when I had reason to do it”

“And what is it?”

“Actually, I wanted to become an actor and at that time I thought that if you guys did not support me like my dad. So, how will I fulfill my dreams, so that’s why

“It’s okay dear. But let me tell you one thing that everyone will support you here”

“I’m glad to hear it from you” Y/n said with sweet smile

“I think Namjoon may not have told you, but I have been an actor too” proudly Mrs. Kim said

“It means you are my senior” With smile Y/n said

“And this senior is always there to help you, not like a senior but like your mother. I remembered from mother, what have you thought of informing your parents about you?”

“Right now I didn’t think of anything like this, but I will tell them soon”

“Okay. Let’s go to sleep now, you have to work hard tomorrow”

“Hard work?” Y/n asked with confused expression

“Don’t worry tomorrow you will know everything”


~ Next day ~

Everyone except Namjoon was having breakfast then Mr. Kim said to Y/n “I’m Sorry, dear”

“Sorry, for what uncle” She asked

“Not only you, I think we should apologize to both of you because We should have to give you some time to understand each other”

“It’s okay uncle, and please don’t feel sorry”

“What’s going on guys” While coming there Namjoon asked

“Nothing we’re just asking that how you both meet” Mrs. Kim said

“We both met in a very strange way, I thought she was a thief” Namjoon said with big smile, Mr. & Mrs. Kim laugh “Thief”

“Because she was takes my bike and run away” Namjoon said

“Again” While looking at him angrily Y/n said

“Okay… Okay… She needs my bike… No… No… She needs my useless bike to catch a thief” while taunting on her Namjoon said

“And for how long will you bother me about this” Y/n asked him

“Every time this topic comes up” Namjoon said

“Why…” she asked with frustrated face

“Joonie stop teasing my daughter” Mrs. Kim said

“Joonie” While looking Namjoon and Mrs. Kim Y/n said.

“Yaa she’s the person who called me Joonie” Namjoon said

“Okay” Y/n said

“Btw Mom, I had heard that after the marriage of a son, his mother gives more importance to her daughter-in-law…. But you will change, so soon I never thought” Namjoon said

“Because she’s My choice” Mrs. Kim said

“Your?” Namjoon asked

“Your choice is my choice… isn’t it?” While controlling the situation Mrs. Kim said.

“Obviously mom it is.” Namjoon said

“Hope you both have taken your dress” Mr. Kim asked

“Yes dad” Namjoon said

“Then you both get ready tonight” Mr. Kim said

“Tonight?” Namjoon said

“Hmm” Mr. Kim said

“But dad, we haven’t even decided the venue yet, and haven’t invited anyone” Namjoon said

“I have done”

“But you just came yesterday”

“After hearing your yes, he was so happy that he had done everything from there with Jimin” Mrs. Kim said

“Oh I See” Namjoon said

“Now be ready tonight okay?” Mr. Kim said, In response Y/n & Namjoon nodded

* At venue *

Y/n was getting ready in Bridal room, then Jimin come there and said Hey Suzy, You’re looking nice bro”

“Thanks” Y/n said. She was combing her hair so Jimin sit behind her on the sofa and says “Btw, Suzy…”



“Do you know any girl named Y/n?” As Jimin said this she stopped combing her hair and looked back at Jimin and in a shaking voice she said “N… No…” While coming towards her, he said “Oh really… Then you would also not know that she lives in Korea… No… No… She was lives in Korea, but now she used to live in Paris” she gulped and say “W… what… are you talking about?”

(Does Jimin come to know the truth, what will Y/n do now?)

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