Contract Marriage CH-9.

Mini say in anger tone “Stupid, He is the same boy you were going to marry that day, but you ran away”
“Mini I think you have some confusion” Y/n said
“I think you may have forgotten that your mother told you his name Kim Namjoon, who manages his dad's business in Paris, the name of their company is something related to group…” Mini said
“K-Group?” Y/n said
“Yaa right”
“But if it's him, then why doesn't he recognize me?” Y/n said with confusion
“Because like you didn't see his photo, he also didn't see your photo”
“What if he finds out about this. Because he is very angry with the girl, who ran away after leaving him at the wedding. Mean from me, what should I do now?” Y/n asked Mini
“Stay with him as you are until now and don't let him know” Mini said
“But wait what about his parents, If they recognize me?”
“Of course they are because they know you. Btw did they are not at home now?”
“No, they are in Korea, But in a few days, they will come here for our wedding, then what will I do?”
“They are here, right” Mini asked
“Don't worry, Let me handle it in my way”
“Do you trust me?”
“Then don't worry… Okay?”
And suddenly Y/n heard someone's footsteps, and she said “Looks like someone is coming, I'll talk to you later”

*Call end*

“Suzy, have you set all your stuff?” While coming there Jimin asked

“Not yet” She said

“Why?” He asked

“How can I touch Mr. Joonie’s wardrobe in his absence, If he minded it then?” she replied

“Why would he, If he had to mind it, he would never allow you to stay in this room and touch his belongings. And Yaa, you’re his future wife, and it’s also your room from now. So, now set your stuff”


~ At night~

Namjoon was going towards his room and he heard from his room someone humming songs, He went there. It’s Y/n while looking at her, he stood at the door. She was standing in front of the mirror, she’s wearing a bathrobe her hair was wet which she was cleaning with a towel. Then She noticed in the mirror that Namjoon was standing behind her looking at her with a smile “what are doing here?” while turning she asked

“Miss it’s my room also” He replied

“Oh Yaa…” embarrass.

She was talking to him, and suddenly, she realized that she was in her bathrobe, She quickly took her cloths and went into the bathroom. While looking her sudden action, he smiled. After changing her cloth she came out and namjoon looking at her “What are you looking?” She asked “Nothing” He said. Then a servant come there and say “Sir dinner is ready”

“Okay, you go… we’ll come in a while” Namjoon said and the servant left. Then he said to Y/n “You must be feeling hungry, you go and eat food, I will come after freshening up” and went in bathroom.

After getting fresh as Namjoon went down he saw Y/n is sitting in living area “Haven’t you eaten yet?” While coming to her, he asked

“I thought when you come, we will have dinner together” She said

“Then let’s come” With smile he said And think ‘She’s really a wife material’

“Suzy, my mom dad is coming tomorrow” while eating he said



She think ‘So soon, I hope Mini has taken care of everything’

“What are you thinking?” He asked


“And yes, Tomorrow morning the dress designer will come for our wedding dress” He said


After the dinner they both went in room Y/n sit on the bad and Namjoon sit beside her. While looking at him, She asked “Don’t you want to sleep?”

“Yaa… I’m very sleepy” While lying on the bad he said

“Are you going to sleep here?” She asked

“Of course, this is my room. So, I’ll sleep here”

“Mr. Joonie, I can’t sleep in the same room with you”

“There is only one person in my life who calls me by this name, no one else can call me by this name”

“But I can”

“Okay you can because it’s sounds cuter, Btw, you say…” She cut him in the middle while saying “Now go… You have to sleep somewhere else, or I’ll go somewhere myself”

“Hey… Hey… relax… I just came here to get my pillow… I’m Going” He said, and took his pillow and left.

~ Next day~

After Waking up when Namjoon went to the dining table for breakfast, Y/n was keeping the dishes on the table “Why are you doing this, there are servants for this work” He said

“Sir, not only this, she had taken us out of the kitchen and made all the breakfast herself” One servant said

“Oh really… now I have to taste it” He said with excitement

“Sure… let me serve you” Y/n said.

Namjoon went to her slowly hold her shoulders and while mad her sit he said “You sit here” and to servant he said “Serve us…”

After sometime designers come there. When the designers came, they showed them a lot of dresses, and they were so beautiful that she got confused which dress to wear. So, she asked to Namjoon “These are all so beautiful, I don’t know what to do… can you please help me?” He looked dresses for a while and pick two dresses and while giving her dresses he said “Try these two”

After she finalized her dress, designer ask to Namjoon “Sir which one you want for you?” He looked at Y/n and said “Pick one for me”

“Me?” She asked

“Hmm” He nodded

“Okay” She said, And pick one suit for him and said “This one”

“Okay” he said to her and to designer he said “Final this one”

“At least try it once” Y/n said

“No it’s okay” he replied

“As your wish”

~ In the evening ~

The doorbell ring, Y/n went there and open the door and said “Hello, Uncle and Aunty”

“Y/n?” Mrs. Kim said

(What do you think what’s going to happen next?)

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  1. Oh my god😢 what will happen next , Suzy get doomed. it becomes more interesting than before😍. I really loved it 🥰Just wondering what will happen if they recognize her. Joonie will be really angry.😬

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