Contract Marriage CH-8.

Namjoon receive a message from Jimin He read it in mind ‘Leader let’s start’ Then his phone ring, he picked up the call. And Y/n went and sit on her place

*On call*

“Yes dad” Namjoon said
“Best of luck my son. And leader do your best. Let's start” With smile Jimin said
“Dad, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to get married because…” Namjoon stopped in middle cause' he forgot the line, Then Jimin say while reminding “Because there is someone…”
“Because there is someone in my life whom I love, and I want to marry her” Namjoon said
“Maybe it's enough, now cut the call and try to talk to her” Jimin said
“Okay fine” Namjoon replied 

*Call end*

‘I hope our plan will work’ while thinking He looked at her with crooked eyes, she was looking at him. ‘Maybe it’s the right time for real acting’ He thought and then says “Ahh Namjoon, You said it, but there is no such girl, then whose photo will you send him?”

“Sir is everything okay?” She asked


“If you have any problem then you can share with me, maybe I can help you” While sitting in front of him she said

“As you know my dad wants me to marry, And being upset by his fact I lied to him today that there is a girl in my life. And now he wants me to marry her, But the truth is that there is no one in my life. Now I don’t know what to do. I wish I could find such a girl who would be ready to marry with me if not real, then contract marriage” He said and looking in her eyes with hope he said “Suzy…”


“Can you…”

Doubtfully she asked “Can I?”

“Can you do a contract marriage with me?”

“How can I?” She said with full of shocked

“You just say you can help me” he said in a low tone

“But why me?” She asked, while raising her eyebrows

“Because you said you like acting And if you act to be my wife, then our chances of getting caught will be less, So can you?”

“I can understand what you’re trying to say, but you also try to understand me, I am not ready for marriage yet”

“I’m not asking you to marry me for real, it’s just a contract marriage, You just have to pretend to be my wife in front of everyone. And other than that you can do whatever you want and yes, thereafter, you will not even need to come here for job And you can totally focus on your acting career too”

“And for how long will I have to do this?”

“Only six to seven months And in meanwhile I find someone with whom I want to marry in real, then this contract will end there. And Yaa, don’t worry about the payment, I’ll give you one million dollars per month.”

“One… Million… Dollars…” widen eyes

“Is it not enough then two million dollars?”

“Okay… Okay… I’ll do it”

“Thank you, So today firstly you have to sign the contract, and we will marry when my parents come”


“And Yaa, You shift all your belongings from the apartment to my house today, I will tell Jimin he will help you”

“Why today?”

“Because you have to stay there from today”


“You wait, I will make the contract, after signing it, you can go” Namjoon said. Then he calls to Jimin

*On call*

“How's it going” Jimin asked
“Come to my cabin” Namjoon said
“Did she agreed?” Jimin asked
“Okay… Okay… I'm coming…”

*Call end*

Then Jimin came to the cabin, Namjoon gave him all the details of the contract and after some time he brought the contract papers


“Suzy sign here” Namjoon said

“Okay” She said. And they both sign the contract.

“And yes remember one thing, except the three of us, no one should know that this marriage is fake… Okay?” Namjoon said

“Okay” She agreed 🤝

“You go with her and help her to move all her stuff from apartment to my house” Namjoon say to Jimin

“Me?” Jimin asked



“I said go with her”

“Fine” Jimin said. And then they both left.

After sometimes they went to her apartment, took all of her stuff and went to the Namjoon’s house.

While pointing to the upstairs room Jimin say “That’s the leader’s room”

“And my?” She asked

“What do you mean, yours, you have to live in the same room with him… are you forgetting you are going to marry him”

“Oh Yaa…” She said. Then Jimin took all her belongings and put them in the room and said “Now you adjust it comfortably, I will be back in a while” And left. She took things out of her bag and headed towards the cupboard, and suddenly, she realized that what were she going to do, How can she touch a boy’s cupboard in his absence? And she thought ‘No… No… It’s not good… It would be better if I keep my belongings aside’ And She put her stuff aside and sat on the bad. While looking outside She think ‘Where did he left’. She waited for him, but he didn’t come. So, she starts using her phone, and suddenly, she saw a pic of Mini and her. She got tears in her eyes

“Let me call her” She said and call her

*On call*

“Hello!!!” Y/n Said
“Who is?” Mini asked
“It's me” Y/n said
“Y/n… how are you my girl?”
“Fine… you say how are you and Mom Dad?”
“We all are fine… I really want to see your face, let me do a video call” Mini said and make a video call. While showing her room to Mini Y/n say “Look it's my room”
“It looks like a five-star hotel room” Mini say
“No, it's my own room”
“This is very expensive how did you get this?”
“Because I got married”
“What… Was this your dream that you left us all to fulfill… huh?” Mini asked her with anger
“Hey… Hey… relax… It's just a contract marriage” 
“Contract marriage?” Mini asked. Then Y/n tell her everything
Mini was listening to her words carefully, And suddenly, she saw a picture of a boy on the wall behind her And she asked her “Hey… Y/n… who is he?”
“The person with whom I signed the contract”
“Can you see me that picture up close?”
“Sure” Y/n said, and She went to the picture and showed her
“Y/n are you sure he is that person?” Mini asked
“Yes I am… what happened?” Y/n asked
“Stupid…” Mini said with anger tone

(What do you think why does Mini behaving like this?)

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