Contract Marriage CH-7.

“Hey she’s only your assistant, so what’s the matter if she spent her only one night with me…” Albert said with a smirk.

“I said just shut your mouth” Namjoon get angry, and he grabbed his collar

“Leader relax” Jimin said to Namjoon, and then he said to Albert “You just get lost”

“Did I say something wrong, Is your assistant is not hot and sexy???” Albert asked again

“Just get lost before I beat you” Namjoon said angrily

“You’re going to lose this deal because of this girl” Albert say and left from there

“This son of bi*ch” Looking at his way Namjoon muttered

“Leader relax. Please drink some water” Jimin said and give him water

Y/n was busy in booking her portfolio place and suddenly Namjoon come there. And he’s looking so angry, So she asked him “what happen is they didn’t like the presentation?”

“Presentation my foot. You tell me who call you there. Huh?” Shouting on her, he asked

“I… I…was… just came there for giving you” Shaking voice

“Just shut up” He Shouts

“Why are you shouting on me” she said while tears come in her eyes

“I’m… I’m sorry… But if you don’t make mistakes, I’ll never shout on you” while whipping her tears

“But at least tell me what have I done?”

Why did you come when I told you not to come there?”

“Everyone was busy in their work, so I disliked disturbing anyone and I came there myself… But what if I had come?”

“That person is not good at all, he always looks at girls with dirty eyes… And about you, he said such things that…” without completing his words he stopped

“That?” she repeated. But before he says anything While coming there Jimin say “That leader had to beat him”

“What? That’s mean the deal was…” She said

“Yaa it’s canceled” Jimin complete her words

“I’m sorry. I know you are very excited about that deal, but you lost it because of me, I’m so sorry” She said to Namjoon

“It doesn’t matter, but From next time you have to keep in mind, If I say no to anything once, then you will not do that. Okay?” He said

“Hmm” She nodded


~ After sometime ~

Y/n stand up and about to go somewhere but Namjoon stopped her while asking “Where are you going?”

“Just in cafeteria” she replied

“Okay” He said and she left. She was going to the cafeteria when she saw the CCTV room on the way. And without thinking anything she went inside. And the guard was sitting there, and he asked her “Miss, did you want something?”

“Yes I want to see the footage of this morning’s meeting room” she said

“I can’t show you that”

“Mr. Namjoon has given me permission to see that, If you don’t believe me, I can get you to talk to him” she said, and she took out her phone and say “But yes, he is angry, if he got angry above you then don’t tell me that I didn’t tell”


“Now tell me did I call him?” She said and think ‘Please say no and let me see the footage because I want to see that did he really stand for me and if he so how’ and again she asked “Did I?”

“No it’s okay, come let me show you”

“Thank you” She said And then He saw her the footage. “He’s really so nice person, I’m glad that I’m his employ” After seeing the footage she thought. Then she went in cafeteria, took two coffees and went back to the cabin. And while giving him coffee she said “Thank you”

“Thank you, for what?” He asked

“For taking my side at morning”


“I’m just coming from the CCTV room, and you know what it’s the first time of my life that a boy stand for me. Otherwise, every time I take a stand for myself only”

“But from now on, as long as you are my employee, you are my responsibility” he said, and She smiled in response. And after few seconds she said “Btw I want tomorrow’s leave”


“I have to go to shoot for my portfolio tomorrow”


“I don’t remember the proper location” She said and while showing her phone she tells him “This is the location” He took her phone and check the information properly And after checking it he says “Are you really the same girl I saw on the first day”

“Huh?” She confused

“I Mean, I thought that you do everything with care, but I did not even think that you are such a big idiot”

“Why? What happened?”

“Look at these locations properly do you think someone can be a professional shooting artist in this area. Now don’t say that you didn’t see this location, and You applied only because its price is low. Is it?

“You are right, The prices there were lows that’s why I applied there”

“Ahh this girl… Go back and sit at your desk.”

“What about my leave?”

“I said go back” he said with anger look

“Fine” She said and went back, Then Namjoon call someone, and after talking to her He said to Y/n “Come here…” She went to him “Take this address, and go there for your portfolio shoot” He said

“Whose address is this?” She asked

“Just someone I know”

“And her amount?” She asked

“It’s free”


“Only for you”

“But why?”

“I had already said that if I say something, accept it without any question”



“Btw at which time I go?”

“When you want”

“Okay” She said and went back to her desk. Then a many notifications come in Namjoon’s phone at same time “Now who is…” And while looking at his phone he says “Dad… What did he send to me” He’s about to open it, Suddenly his phone ring. He picked up the call

*On call*

“Yes dad?” He said
“Did you see?” Mr. Kim ask
“The photos I send you, did you forget what I told you last night”
“What did you say?”
“About girls photos, And now, You have to choose one of the photos I sent you, to marry you”
“Dad I'm very busy now, I'll talk to you later”
“But Joon… Listen”

*Call cut*

“Ahh… what should I do with my father” Namjoon while talking to himself….

~ Next day ~

Y/n walk up, Quickly get ready and went to the location Namjoon told her to go. She saw an old lady there, She went to her and Say “Hello, I’m Suzy”

“Hello dear, You’re Namjoon’s friend, Right?” That lady asked

“Friend… No… No… I’m his assistant”

“Okay… okay… come” Lady say, and then they start the shoot.

*Other side*

Namjoon and Jimin sitting in Namjoon’s cabin and discussing something and then Namjoon’s phone ring, but he didn’t pick the call continuously twice his phone ring, but he still didn’t pick it “who is?” Jimin ask suddenly his also phone ring, He picked up the call

*On call*

“Hello uncle” Jimin say
“Hello my son, can you make me talk to Namjoon?” Mr. Kim asked
“I have been calling him since a long time, but he is not picking up the call, where is he?”
“In front of me”
“Give him the phone” Mr. Kim said 

And while giving phone to Namjoon Jimin tell him “You’re dad” Namjoon took Jimin’s phone

And said “Yes dad?”
“Why weren't you picking up my call” Mr. Kim asked
“I was busy”
“Okay… Okay… Now tell me”
“Which girl did you choose for yourself?”
“No one, they are not my type”
“Okay, so Then we ourselves choose the girl of our choice”
“To waste my time like last time”
“If this one also run away like the previous one, then my time will be wasted”
“That's why I am telling you that choose a girl of your choice, meet her, spend time with her, then marry her”
“Okay… Okay… fine dad”
“Now choose any of these girls and tell me who she is so that I can fix your date with her”

*Call end*

“What happened?” Jimin asked


“Guess what could happen” Namjoon said

“Again your marriage?”

“Hmm… and this time he sent me pictures of girls and said that I have to choose one of them”

“So what does the problem choose the one” Jimin said. And While showing him pictures Namjoon says “Look at her, her eyes are so big, and it’s look so dangerous, and this one she’s so fatty, and this is looking so Dumbo… they all are not perfect for me”

“Then what is the perfection in your language, any example?” Jimin asked and Namjoon start thinking as he started thinking about the perfect girl, there was only one face coming in front of my eyes.

“Leader… tell me… who is she?” Jimin asked

“Maybe someone like Y/n. Beautiful, Intelligent, Hardworking and Daring” Namjoon said

“Why someone like Y/n, why not only Y/n” Jimin asked


“Sorry for my words, but I know that you have feelings for her” Jimin said with concern

“I only care for her, I have no feeling for her in my heart” Namjoon said

“But we care only for those we love, And I’ve seen the love for her in your eyes”

“Whatever is it… but the truth is I’m not sure about my feelings”

“But she’s the only girl who can save you from your dad’s proposals”

“So what do you want from me. That I will go to her and propose her for marriage, Tell her that I have feelings for her And such feelings about which even myself am not sure. And what if she rejects my proposal. I can’t take a risk. She is my employee and I don’t want her to see me as her lover.”

“Leader calm down” Jimin said with smile☻

“After putting me in so much confusion, you say that I should calm down”

“Umm… I have another idea, by that you don’t even have to propose to her, and you can marry her”

“And what is that?”

“Do a contract marriage with her”

“What? How? And Why did you think she agreed to it?”

“Look leader, when she comes, tell her the same thing as I am telling you”

“Okay say” Namjoon asked Then Jimin explain to him everything properly

“Do you think she will agree after all of this?” Namjoon again asked

“Hmm…. and Yaa, If she agrees, sign a contract with her tomorrow before her mood changes”


*Other side*

Y/n’s shoot is over after the shoot Y/n say “Thank you”

“Welcome dear. I hope you will achieve your goals soon” Lady give her blessings

“Thank you”

“And Yaa, I’ll send your portfolio tomorrow”

“Okay, Bye” She said and left

~ Next day ~

While entering in cabin Y/n say “Good morning”

“Good morning” Namjoon reply and ask “How was your shoot?”

“It’s wonderful, that lady was very nice” she replied

“Hmm… She is” Namjoon said. Then he received a message from Jimin He read it in mind ‘Leader let’s start’

(What do you think, what they both are going to do? Did Y/n get ready for the contract marriage?)

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  1. Ohh it’s amazing. At least now he realized that she is a perfect girl. Now I don’t have that level patience just want a yes from Y/n.

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