Contract Marriage CH-6.

“You don’t have any rights to ask me why” He said “No” said

“So Now find his contact” He said

“But from where?” she asked

“Check it in office records, or else on the website… today you have to find somewhere”

‘Who knows better than me that where can I found his contacts. But I promise, you will never get that’ she thought. And open the office database and found all the details of her dad’s company and remove all the details “What are you doing?” While looking at her, He asked

“I am looking for details” She replied

“Did you see it in Company’s database?”

“Hmm… But there are not any details about him”

“And what about websites?”

“I’m just looking into it”

“Okay… go ahead.” He said and start doing his work. Other side Y/n search all websites and block them. ‘Finally I block every contact and everything through which he can contact with dad’ She thought And after that, she started doing research about shooting so that she can get shoots as soon as possible. And then she saw a comfortable shoot for her. “Ahh… Finally…” She said with happiness

“Did you find it?” He asked

“Hmm… maybe just in a while” She lied to him “Okay” He said. And then She started filling the submission form And think ‘Oh sh*t they want a portfolio, but I didn’t have it. It’s okay for now just skip it‘ And she filled all details and submit it.

“How much time you want for it?” He asked

“It’s all not my fault, there are not any details about him.”

“You just do one thing call Jimin. He’s expert in finding someone’s details”

“Okay” She said and call Jimin. With in a while he came there and asked Namjoon “Did you call me?”

“Hmm… I want Mr. Cha’s contact number”

“But I don’t have his number”

“I know you don’t have, but you can find it for me”

“Suzy check it in Company’s database” Jimin say to Y/n

“I’ve already seen it, but there is nothing” She replied

“What?” He’s confused. He went to her desk and say “Let me check it” He tried to find it but did get anything “What the hell is this… I’m 100% sure that I enter it by my self”

“But I already told you that there is nothing here” She said

“Never mind, I go to my cabin and take a look and find it”

“Okay… go” Namjoon say to him

“But leader why did you want it so Argent?”

“Because…” Namjoon was about to tell him and suddenly, his phone ring and while looking at phone he said “Mr. Albert, Why he’s calling me?” He picked up the call

*On call*

“Hello!!!” Namjoon say
“Mr. Namjoon?” Mr. Albert asked
“Yes it's me, how can I help you?”
“Can we meet if you're free? I am starting a new project, so I had to discuss something with you about it”
“Sure… Let's meet tomorrow”
“At your place?” Albert asked
“Then see you”

*Call end*

After that Jimin say “I’m Going… just give me some time I’ll find it.”

“Wait” Namjoon stop him


“No longer need it”


“I thought of a new project, so I wanted to do it with Mr. Cha… But now that Albert’s call has come from the front, so how can I let this opportunity pass by”


“So now you go”

“Okay” Jimin said and left.

“Suzy, I am telling you about my project, and you have to make a presentation on it” Namjoon said

“And present?” She asked

“I’ll do that, you just make it”

“Okay” She said, and then he told her about the project “It’s so simple for me. I’ll make it easily” she said


“But there is one problem” she said

“And what is?” He asked

“How can you explain my presentation?”

“It’s all my headache, you just remember you’re not allowed there.” He gave her warning ⚠

“Why?” she asked

“Did you want to do argue with me?” He asked with serious face

“No, it’s nothing like that”

“Then just go and do your work”

“Okay” She said in low voice and sit at her place

‘Is this the same person who was behaving so well with me yesterday? Now he’s too rude.’ while looking at him, she’s thinking

“What are you looking?” He asked

“N-Nothing” she said and start doing her work

~ After sometime ~

“It’s done” Y/n said “let me see it” He said. And he was going towards her desk suddenly his leg bent, and he fell on her chair, his face is very close to her face as much that he can feel her breath. ‘It was not, that I had never seen him before today… But Yaa I saw him from so close for the first time… and his eyes were so deepest like an ocean’ looking in his eyes she’s thinking. And suddenly, he stood back.

“I… I’m… sorry… my leg was bent.” In hyper tone he said

“It’s okay” With a little smile and blush she said and move a side. Then he saw the presentation. “Hmm… it’s impressive” he said

“Thank you”

“I didn’t expect that you can make such a good presentation so soon”

“Maybe you just forgot whose daughter I am”

“Who’s?” He asked

“Umm… Just forget it” She tries to change topic and think ‘This tongue of mine will surely make me die someday’

“Might be you’re not ready yet for telling me about it, it’s okay” He said, and She smiled in response.

“It’s too late. Now you should go home.” He said and She nodded. After some time, she left.

~ At night ~

*At y/n place*

She was laying on her bed and just thinking about Namjoon “Ahh… Mr. Joonie why are you so attractive” While talking to herself “Y/nnnn… control yourself… he’s just your boss, nothing else…”

*Other side*

Namjoon was sitting at his place of work, And while looking at his laptop he was thinking about Y/n ‘she’s really cute and maybe a little silly also… but hardworking too…‘ He was busy in her thoughts and suddenly, his phone ring “Now who is it at late night?” While looking at phone “Oh it’s Mom” He picked up the call.

*On call*

“Hello Mom”
“How are you my boy?” Mrs. Kim asked
“I'm Good… And you?”
How can I be good without you?”
“Mom, please don't be emotional now”
Okay… okay… you tell me did you get my parcel?”
“Hmm… thank you mom for sending me my favorite ramen”
“Did you enjoy it?”
“Hmm… But not all of it”
“I share it with someone”
“No way… you're kidding with me right?”    (Because he can do anything but can't share his favorite ramen)
“No mom I'm serious”
“Then tell me who is she?”
“How do you know that she's a girl, not a boy”
“Because I am your mom my son. Now tell me who is she?”
“My new assistant” as he replied, from the back of Mrs. Kim, Mr. Kim said “For how long will you make us made in the name of your Assistant, you can tell us if there's a girl you like.”
“Oh please dad”
“Ok if it is not so, tomorrow I will send you photos of some girls, and you have to pick one of them” Mr. Kim say 
“Okay… Okay… fine dad… now good night

*Call end*

~ Next day ~

Namjoon sitting in his cabin then his phone ring, he picked up the call “Mr. Albert has arrived here, you too come to the meeting room” Jimin say “Okay” He said and cut the call. He was going there in hurry and as He opened the door his lips touched on Y/n’s lips. He takes his step back and say “Actually… I… was… in a hurry…”

“Where are you going in a hurry?” She asked

“In meeting room” He said and left. And while smiling she went in.

Talking to herself “Can I say that this was my first kiss Because for the first time my lips have touched someone’s lips like this, and this feeling is just…” suddenly a notification come in her phone while looking at her phone “Now who’s this?” She check the notification

“Hello miss Suzy,
We feel glad that you want to work with us
but we’re sorry without the portfolio we can’t be able
to give you any shoot”

“Now I feel that firstly I should have to create my portfolio… let me search for it” then her phone ring “Hello!!!” She said “I forgot the presentation pen drive in the cabin, send it to the meeting room by an employee” Namjoon said “Okay” She said and cut the call.

She took pen drive and went out of the cabin, and she noticed everyone was looking busy, so she think ‘let me give it my self’ She went there while opening the door She asked “May I come in sir?”

“Come” He gave her permission the permission without looking up

“Sir pen drive” while giving him she said

“You?” Looking at her, he said

“Actually, everyone was busy, so I come here”

“Mr. Kim who is she?” Mr. Albert asked

“I’m his assistant” She replied herself

“Hmm… Impressive… Well, it is true that you do not lack beauty, whether it is in terms of place or…” Albert said


“Suzy, you can go now” Namjoon said

“Why is it too soon, give us a chance to talk to your assistant” Albert say. Namjoon look at Y/n angrily, and quietly she left.

“Shell we start the presentation?” while trying to make calm himself He asked

“Sure” Albert say. Then Namjoon start to present it.

~ After he complete it ~

“Did you like it?” Namjoon asked

“Is anything in it did I didn’t like?” Albert said

“I know there is nothing”

“It’s my mean to… But still…”

“Still?” While raising his eyebrows Namjoon asked

“look your assistant is very hot… If you…” Albert said, but before he complete his words Namjoon shout on him “Just shut your mouth”

“Hey, she’s only your assistant, so what’s the matter if she spends her only night with me…” With smirk Albert asked.

(So what do you think will be the reaction of Namjoon on this?)

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