Contract Marriage CH-5.

Jimin asked to Y/n “Are you sure?” “Hmm” she nodded

“Okay… then I’m going… Bye” He said

“Bye” she replied to him, and he left.

She also locked the door went to the parking and take her car, but as she went to the exit gate, she saw Jimin is standing there. She stopped the car and asked him “What are you doing here?” “I just booked the cab, so I’m waiting for it” He replied

“Oh… I’m sorry, I just forgot that you came here with me”

“It’s okay”

“Come with me, in the way of hotel I’ll drop you”


“No, it’s okay”

“Please come”

“Fine” He said and sit in the car. Then he tells her the location and after some time they went to his home. She stopped a car in front of his house. “Thank you” He said “Welcome” with a smile she replied.

“Suzy, are you sure, that you will shift all your belongings from the hotel?” He again asked

“Hmm… don’t worry… it’s not that much” She replied

“If you say so. Then bye”

“Bye” She said and left from there. And within some time she went to hotel, take her stuff, check out from there and went back to her apartment.

Laying on her bed she’s talking to herself “Finally. Now I have a good job, my own house, my own car. Who thought that I got all of this in just a week. It’s a very good news, I should tell Mini about it… But wait… I didn’t leave my house for this, I can’t call her until I start my shoots… I have to wait for it”

~ Next day ~

*In K~Group*

Y/n was sitting on her desk, Then Namjoon enter in cabin “Good morning sir” She wished him “Hmm… Order a coffee for me.” He said

“Okay sir”

“For yourself too if you want”

“Okay” She said and order two coffees. After sometimes a boy come in cabin with coffees and give her both and left from there. She was about to call him, Suddenly the landline phone rang, she Picked up the call…

*On call*

“Hello, can I talk to Mr. Kim?” someone asked from the other side 
“Sure sir” She replied  “Sir someone wants to talk to you” She said to Namjoon “Who?” He asked
“Sir may I know your name?” she asked that person
“Y/n?” That person said. And before she says anything he said again “Oh sorry miss, I'm Mr. Cha.” after hearing the name was shocked “Suzy, Who's?” Namjoon ask her. D… D… Mr. cha is calling sir” She said “Oh Give me the call” He said, and she gives him the call. She's very tense and confuse why was her dad calling him. 
“Hello Mr. Cha!!!” Namjoon said
“Is Mr. Kim not there?” Mr. Cha asked
“No, He's still in Korea”
“Okay. I just want to meet him, so I thought it's better to ask first”
“If you don't mind, can I ask something?”
“Who was the girl I talked to before?”
“She's my assistant”
“Her name?”
“Suzy. But why are asking about her, is everything okay?”
“Yaa… Yaa… she was just sound like my daughter, So…”
“Mr. Cha, please don't tell me that she's still not come home”
“Yaa she's not”
'I have to do something before Dad, tell him everything. Ahh… what should I do?' While listening to him, she's thinking 
“Then are you still finding her?” Namjoon asked Mr. Cha
“No, Now I drop it, if she has to come back she will come herself” He replied

Then, Y/n took a mug of coffee and start going toward him after reaching him she twisted her leg intentionally and fall on him, and the phone fell on the ground from his hand, and it’s broke.

*Call disconnect*

But the bad thing is coffee fall on her hand. “What the…” Namjoon say, but he stopped without completing his words when he saw her hand was getting completely red “Are you okay?” and he asked her

“Hmm” While hiding her hand, she said

“Your hand?” he said, while pointed on her hand with his eyes

“It’s nothing” She replied. Then he stood up and made her sit on a chair, took out the first aid box and bandaged her hand “Carefully it’s hurting” She said with sad face

Kim Namjoon

“Now your attention is coming… it’s hurting… and when it was lost when you fell?” He said

“I was just thinking about something” She replied with puppy eyes

“Focus on only one at a time”


“Now go and sit on your place, And don’t right or type anything for a while. Okay?”

“Hmm” She said and went back to her place. After sometime Jimin come, in Namjoon’s cabin And ask to Y/n “Suzy, can you please write a letter for me?”

“No, she can’t” Instead of Y/n, Namjoon reply

“leader I know she’s your assistant but at least she can do my one work” Jimin say

“Yaa, I can, But…” She said and show her hand

“What happened?” He asked

“She burnt her hand” Namjoon said

“How?” Jimin asked

“Coffee fell on my hand” She said

“You have to be careful”


“So what are you doing here now you should go home and rest”

“No I’m okay”

“Jimin is right. You should go home” Namjoon said

“If you say so” Y/n said

“Are you sure you can drive?” Jimin asked. She nodded in response

“Wait… I’m also going home, Let me drop you.” Namjoon said

“It’s okay, I’ll go myself” She said. He didn’t say anything in response, Just picks up her bag and while going he said “Come…”

“Go… He does not behave like this with everyone, you’re lucky” Jimin whisper in her ear. And she smiled and left. They sit in Namjoon’s car, and he starts driving. Then his phone rang, He stopped the car a side, And pick up the call.

*On call*

“Hello!!!” He said 
“Where are you?” Mr. Kim asked him. 
“On the way of my house” He replied
“Ok carefully go home, and call me when you reach, I want to talk to you about something”
“About what?”
“You know very well, about what”
“Dad, How much time I have to tell you, that I don't want to get married”
“But why, What's the problem in it?”
“Once listening to you, I was ready for marriage, but if that girl run away from marriage, then I can't do anything in it”
“You can, You can marry with some other girl”
“Dad please, Just stop this sh*t” He said in anger tone

*Call end*

And sitting there, Y/n was just looking his anger. “Did your parents also force you like this?” He asked her and start driving

‘If they are not then I would not be here’ She thought

“But more than my parents I’m angry on that shameless girl” He said

“Maybe she has some compulsion”

“Oh really, If this were the case, then why would she say yes for the marriage”

“If it, then she’s wrong, she didn’t want to say yes”

“And I really hate that kind of person who goes back on their words”

‘God, please help to that girl, I don’t know who is she but I want to pray for her‘ She thought Because that girl’s story and her story is similar. After sometime Namjoon stop the car outside of her house “Thank you” while going out of the car she said

“No problem, Now go and get some rest” He said

‘There is no food in the house and with this hand, I cannot cook anything myself, It’s good to buy something from outside.’ She thought and as she moved toward the shop he stopped her while saying “Wait… Where are you going, Your house is this way”

“At food shop” She replied


“I can’t cook in this condition so”

“There is no need of it”

“Why?” as she asked him, he took out a box from his car and said “Now let’s go inside”. Then they went in.

Namjoon went towards the kitchen “Don’t tell me, that you’re going to cook for me” She said

“But I’m” he replied. She also went in kitchen, stood beside him and ask “Did you know cooking?” while opening the box he said

“Not as much, but…” While taking out pack, he completes his words “But I can make ramen for you”

“Ramen… here?” While shocking, she asked (Because in Paris, it’s very difficult to find ramen)

“Hmm” he said

“You were carrying this in your car” while laughing she asked

“Actually, mom sent this parcel mistakenly to the office address, so I was taking it home.”

“Is your mom is not here?”

“No, my parents are in Korea, And they’re looking for a girl for me there.”

“Oh… Btw, how do you know that kitchen is here?”

“Because I do all the setting here”


“Hmm… Because some time ago, I used to stay here”

“Oh that’s why”

“Hmm… Now your ramen is ready… let’s eat”

They sit in the leaving area and start eating “Umm… it’s amazing… Ever since I came here, I was missing it a lot” while eating she said

“Yaa I can understand, I was in same condition” He replied. After finishing the meal, Y/n started picking the dishes “Give me, I put it in the kitchen” He said

“No it’s okay, I can do it” She said and picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen. Then his phone rang, he picked up the call. And in a low voice he said “Now what dad?”

Y/n didn’t know that he’s talking on call, she asked from the kitchen “Did you want water?” “No” He replied

“Whose voice is this?” Mr. Kim asked

“My assistant” He said

“Assistant… but you said you were going home”

“Dad please”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. I’ll ask to Jimin.”

“Do what you want to do” He said and cut the call

“Is everything okay?” While coming there, Y/n asked

“Hmm… Now I have to go, you take care of yourself. Okay?” He said

“Hmm” She replied

“Good” He said and left from there.

~ Next day ~

Namjoon was sitting in his cabin then Jimin come there in a hurry while saying “Leader… Leader”

“What happened?” He asked

“Firstly, tell me one thing”


“Where were you last night?”

“Obviously in my home”

“No, I mean, about 8:00 or 9:00 pm”

“At that time, with Suzy”

“Oh really, where?” Jimin asked with smirk

“Why would I tell you?”

“Because all these questions your dad asked me and I had no answer”

“So that’s why you are asking me all these questions, so you can tell him… right?”


Y/n enter in cabin and wish both of them “Good morning” And both reply to her “Good morning” “how’s your hand now?” Namjoon asked

“Better” while showing her hand she said and went and sit on her place “Suzy” Jimin say

“Hmm” She replied

“Did you and leader go somewhere after the office?” Jimin asked

“Just at my place” She replied

“At… Your… Place…” While looking at Namjoon, He slowly repeats her words and then whisper in his ear “Leader, is something happen?”

“Jimin, Just go in your cabin” Namjoon said angrily

“Okay, I can understand that you have to spend some time alone with her” He whispered in his ear. Namjoon look at him angrily. And while smiling, he left from there.

“Suzy, do one thing, Contact Mr. Cha and fix my meeting with him” Namjoon said

“Why?” She asked

“You don’t have any rights to ask me why” He said

(Now what do you guys think what will happen next?)

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