Contract Marriage CH-4.

While looking at each other’s they both say “You” while looking at Namjoon Y/n think ‘Ahh this arrogant guy… This was the only place where I could get a job, but now it seems I lost it too’ and other side while looking at her Namjoon thought ‘What’s this shameless girl doing here, who does not know the way how to talk to people, they can never work in my office… But No, Namjoon, you can’t judge a book by its cover. That’s why in a single meeting you can’t judge someone’s work by the way they talk, And remember that you have to keep your personal and professional life separate. Now just speak with her properly’

“Hello, I’m chairman of K-Group” with little smile he said “Good morning sir, And firstly, I apologize for my behavior” she replied

“Let’s talk about it later… now I’m just your interviewer… Okay?” He said with serious expression.

“Okay sir”

“Now please sit” while pointed on chair he said

“Thank you” while sitting she said

“Now can I see your resume and other documents”

“Sorry sir, but I don’t have it”

“And why?”

“Just because of some personal reasons”

“Okay, then tell me something about you”

“My name is Suzy, And I’m from Korea… And I have come here to fulfill my dreams”

“What kind of dreams?”

“Actually, I want to become an Actors and Model”

“What are you doing here, if you want to be a model?”

“Because I need a job for money”

“So you want to say that to fulfill your needs, I will give you this job like this”

“What do you think who I’m… do you think I have no experience with all this… I have 5 years experience as Charwoman” she said with the serious expression

“Oh really… If that was the case, then why did you leave that job?”

“That was not my job, That was my fathers’ company” she said with the smirk

“Miss Suzy your words are so complicated can explain me properly”

“Is it compulsory?”

“If you didn’t want to tell me this, then it’s okay, And just forget about this job”

‘Y/n maybe you have to tell him all, then you will get this job, I have to take a bit of risk’ She thought

“Okay… I’ll tell you properly” She said


“So, I live in Korea, my dad is the biggest businessman of there, and after completing my study I joined his office, But my interest was in modeling, so I wanted to do the same. But my dad was not in my support, so I ran away from there and come to Paris.”

“Run away… Really… why I think you Korean girls love to run” with annoying face, he said

“Huh?” she confused

“Hmm… Someone runs away from her wedding, you ran away from your house, And then took my bike and ran away.” with a big smile he said

“How do I explain you, I didn’t run I just need your bike to chase that thief” try to convince him

“Bike, as far as I remember someone said my useless bike” while taunting her he said. While looking at him angrily she thought ‘Ahh this man… Now it’s enough, I can’t handle my anger’ and she said “Look Mr. If you don’t want to give me a job, then it doesn’t matter, but stop blaming me for the work I didn’t do. But before going, let me tell you one thing, you will not find an assistant like me.” and she starts leaving. While looking at her, he think ‘I like this confidence’ She was about to leave the cabin And suddenly, he said “Hey wait…”

“Why?” she stopped and asked

“Firstly sit” while pointed on chair he said

“Hmm say” while sitting she said

“I know you’re right, I will not find an assistant like you anywhere. Because you have an experience as chairwoman, and the most important thing that impresses me is your confidence.”

“So?” while raising her eyebrows, she asked

“So I want to give you this job, but… If you can leave your parents for your dreams, then you will leave this job after your needs are met” he asked

“Obviously” she replied

“If you want to do this job, then you have to sign a contract with me. According to which you cannot leave this job before two years and if you leave, then you will have to pay five million dollars. Fine?”

“And what if I got a good shoot during that time… then?”

“If this happens then, I will give you leave myself for that”

“And how can I trust you?”

“If you want, I can mention all this in the contract”

“If so, then I am ready for this job” with a smile she said


While looking at him, Y/n thought ‘He is not as much bad as I think’ and at the same time he thought ‘She is not shameless, she is just straightforward’

“So, are you ready for joining today, Or else?”

“It’s better to be joining today”


Then he called Jimin

*On call*

“Yes leader” Jimin ask

“Come in my cabin with your assistant”


*Call end*

After some time Jimin went there “Firstly do one thing, Call the receptionist and tell him to send back those who are left for the interview” Namjoon order him

“Why?” Jimin asked

“Because she’s my new assistant” while Pointed on Y/n he said

“Congrats bro” Jimin say to Y/n

“Bro?” namjoon repeat it with confused face

“Go and call him” Jimin say to his assistant

“And you have to create two years contract papers” Namjoon said to Jimin

“I already made it” He replied

“I don’t want ordinary paper, I have to add some condition in it, And Yaa call someone who will make Suzy visit the whole office” Namjoon order him

“What’s need of anyone else when I’m here” while winking, Jimin said

“And who will make the contract?” Namjoon asked

“Sit here and make a contract as the way as leader say” Jimin ordered to his assistant. She nodded in response. “You, please come with me” Jimin say to Y/n. They went out of the cabin “So finally, Now someone came here due to which my workload will be a little less” Jimin say with a deep breath. She just smiled in response.

“Btw, where are you from?” He asked

“From Korea”

“Oh nice, BTW Suzy, I don’t understand why, but I really feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before”

“Yaa, in airport”

“No… Not there… somewhere before that”

“But the truth is that we’ve never met before”

“Hmm… maybe”


“You have got such a good job, you should have to be happy, but why are you looking so tense, is there any problem?”

“No… Nothing”

“Are you sure?”

“Actually yes, I have a problem”

“Tell me what is that?”

“Actually, I am worried about my house”

“Your house?”

“Hmm… I’ve been staying in a hotel since I moved to Paris, but now I want to buy an apartment and I can’t figure out how to do it”

“But now what do you need to worry about?”


“Didn’t the leader tell you that you will get an apartment and a car from our side?”

“What really?” shocked 😲

“Hmm, It’s a rule of K-Group. Those who are above in the post, they get facilities from the company, as long as they are workers here.”

“Oh I see”

“When we go back, I’ll talk to the leader about it”

“Why every time you call him leader?”

“Because he’s my leader, he is the only person who taught me everything, because of him, I’m here”

“Oh… I see”

After visiting the whole office, they came back.

*Outside The Cabin*

“BTW, what is his name?” Y/n asked to Jimin. “It’s Kim Namjoon” He replied and while repeating him she said “Kim Nam… Joonie” And at the same time Namjoon open the door and While looking at her doubtfully he asked “what did you just say?” “Your name, Kim Namjoonie” She replied Before she says something else Jimin said “Hey it’s Namjoon” “Oh sorry” She apologized “It’s okay. Btw come inside, your contract papers are ready, let’s sign on them” They all went in. She read the papers and sign them.

“So, officially welcome Miss Suzy In K-Group” Namjoon say

“Thank you” Y/n Say

“And it’s your place” While pointed on the other desk in his cabin, he said

“Okay” She replied

“Leader…” Jimin say

“Hmm?” He replied

“I want to ask something” Jimin say

“Hmm say”

“Did you not tell her about the apartment and car?” Jimin ask

“Oh I forgot”

“It’s okay… I tell her everything, you just give her keys”

“In the evening I give her”

“As you wish” Jimin say and left from there.

~ At Evening ~

Y/n was sitting on her desk, then namjoon come to her and while giving her keys he said “Miss Suzy your keys”

“Thank you sir” With smile she said


“But sir I have a problem” with innocent face she said

“Say?” He asked

“I don’t know where is the location is”

Then Jimin come in cabin and asked “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I was just asking him about the location of my apartment” she told him

“Come with me, I’ll drop you there” he replied and suddenly again say “No… No… Not I drop… You give me your car ride”


“Then let’s go”


“Hmm… your time is off.” Jimin say and while looking at Namjoon he asked “Leader, shall we go?”

Hmm” He gives them permission and They both left.

*At Parking Area*

While showing Y/n her car, Jimin say “It’s your car” “I love it” She said

“Now let’s go” He said then they sit in car and after sometimes the went at Y/n’s apartment.

“Do you like it?” He asked

“Hmm… and the good thing is the furniture is already set” she said with smile


“Now I need to check out from the hotel”

“Do you need help?” He asked like a gentleman (As you guys know he is 🙂 )

“No, it’s fine I’ll do myself” politely she said

“Are you sure?” he asked again

(What you think she let him help her or not?)

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