Contract Marriage CH-3.

“Welcome sir welcome… You didn’t think you came too soon?” Namjoon asked him with a fake smile. “Oh really… Did I?” while smiling, Jimin said

“Just shut up” Angrily Namjoon shouted on him.

“Sorry” Jimin said

“I told you that you have to attend today’s meeting, but you are so late”

“It’s not my fault in this, the flight landed late”

“The flight has landed 2 hours ago, And it takes only 20 minutes to reach here from the airport”

“Sorry leader, I was just helping a girl, so I got late”

“I know very well how you were helping, Now just focus on your work, understand?”


*At Y/n’s Place*

Y/n is standing beside the window and while looking outside she’s thinking ‘Finally I am in Paris… in my dream place… And after coming here I do not enjoy this place, it is not possible… So, it would be good for me, that I should visit the places here for some time and refresh my mood… because I also have enough money to survive here… At least I can comfortably use this money for more than a month, and in between this, I will also get a shoot’

~ After few Days ~

Y/n is sitting and counting her money and got angry on herself “Ahh Y/n… you’re really mad, you had spoiled all your money in shopping… ahh… Now what should I do… Now even a week I can’t survive with this money… now I have to find a job first” Then someone knocked on the door and said “Mam your food” She opened the door waiter came in and served the food to her “Can I ask you something?” Y/n asked the waiter

“Sure Miss” waiter say

“Did you know about any place where can I apply for the job?” She said

“What kind of job?”

“Of any type”

“I know a couple of places you can go there and try”

“Oh, thank you… you just give me a detail, I try to go there”

Thereafter, he gave her details, and she goes there for interviews.

~ At Night ~

At the hotel lobby a waiter saw Y/n, and he went to her and said “Good evening miss” She just nodded in response “what happen… did you get a job?” He asked her

“No” She replied


“Actually, the thing is I didn’t have my qualification and experience certificate, so I can’t… Don’t you know any place where I can get a job without all of this?”

“Yes, there is a place… but…” she cut him in the middle while saying “I know It must be some low place job”

“No, it’s a very high place… And the job is that of a chairman’s assistant”

“So you mean I have to work under an arrogant uncle… it’s okay, I can try there also… you just tell me the place”

“It’s K-Group”

“K-Group… Why do I feel like I’ve heard this name somewhere before?”

“I don’t know… Btw, best of luck” after saying this, he left.

~ Next Morning ~

Y/n was waiting for the bus standing on the stand, and suddenly a boy came there on the bike at high speed and snatched her bag from her hand and ran away. She saw a bike parked nearby, that was Namjoon’s bike. After standing bike a side he was talking on a call and suddenly Y/n sat on it, And started chasing the thief at high speed. And while running, Namjoon follow her, but it’s all waste because she’s on bike. So, he decided to go to the police station. In high speed She reached to near that thief, She grab his collar and pull him back, he loses his balance and fall on the ground. She got off the bike and beat him hard, he apologizes to her and a huge crowd gathered there everyone suggested her that she should hand over the thief to the police. So, she dragged him to the station.

*At the Police Station*

“I don’t know who is she. But the way she stole my bike, she must be a professional thief” Y/n hear somebody saying this to the police. She recognizes him, he’s the person whose bike she takes. “Yaah~ how dare you to call me a thief” while coming there she said.

“Arrest her, she’s the thief” While looking at her, Namjoon tell to the policeman. The policeman about to catch her then she throws the thief to him and says “Firstly arrest him… He stole my bag and ran” and while throwing the bike key to Namjoon she said to him “I have no interest in stealing your useless bike… I just needed it to catch the thief, so I took it”

“Has no one taught you that before taking someone’s goods, it is necessary to ask him” he asked her angrily

“No” She just said and left. While seeing her going from there, Namjoon thought ‘who the hell this girl is… And how dare she talk to me like this?’

*Namjoon’s office*

Namjoon went to his office “Good morning” while coming towards him, Jimin said. And he just nodded. “Is everything okay… you are looking angry… is something happened?” Jimin asked him

“Nothing… you tell me, I was told you to hire an assistant for me, What happened?” he asked him.

“Some people are come for the interview, it’s better that you take their interview”

“Sent them one by one in my cabin”

“Okay” Jimin say then, Namjoon went to his cabin. Jimin went to the waiting area for calling people, there he saw Y/n… he went her “Hiii” he said “Hello” she replied

“If I’m not wrong, then You’re the same girl, whom I met at the airport… Right?” he asked

“Hmm” she hummed

“What are you doing here?” he asked

“I am here for an interview… And you?” she replied and asked him back

“I work here”

“Oh I see”

“You wait for your turn, I will call you”


“Btw, what’s your name?”

“Y…” she just about said her real name, but suddenly, she realized that she do not have to tell her real identity to anyone here. She had to tell everyone only name, which is written in her ID cards… and it’s Suzy.

“Y… what?” He asked.

“Not Y… It’s Suzy” she changed her words.

“Suzy… Nice name… I’m Jimin”

“Oh nice”

“Now you wait here” He said. Then, one by one, he sent everyone to Namjoon’s cabin.

~ After Sometime ~

“Miss Suzy… Please come this way” Jimin call Y/n By the name she told him. “Okay” she said and went there

“Best of luck” He wished her

“Thank you” She said. And while opening the door She asked “May I come in sir”

“Hm” Namjoon give her permission. She went in and while looking at each other’s they both say “You?”

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