Contract Marriage CH-2.

As she uncovered her face, groom look at her with the same expressions and say “what happen?”

“Are you not shocked?” She asked him

“Why would I?” with confusion, he asked

“Because I am not the girl you are going to marry”

“What… I haven’t even seen her photo, so I don’t know how she looks like… but where is she?”

“She is not here… now please you do something cause’ I don’t want to do this marriage”

“Okay, cover your face and let’s come outside” As he said she covered her face then, he opened the door, and they went out. As they went out, Mr. Cha angrily asked her “Y/n what is this behavior?” she didn’t say anything. But before anyone else say anything else, Groom say “We are sorry” and they went back and stood at their place. Thereafter, the Pastor asked them “Should we start?” and without wasting a second Groom say “No”

“Why?” His Dad asked him.

“What happened?” Mr. Cha asked.

“Sorry… But I have to do this” Groom whisper in Mini ears And uncover her face. His sudden action made her shocked because she’s not ready for it. And as he uncovered her face everyone started asking questions to her “Mini?” Mrs. Cha said with shocking expression.

“Where is Y/n, And what are you doing here?” Mr. Cha asked in angry tone

“Mr. Cha, what’s going here, Where is your daughter?” Groom dad asked him

“Mini, where is she?” Mr. Cha asked her

“I-I don’t know” she muttered

“You’re with her in the room, Then why you don’t know?” He asked in angry tone

“I went in the bathroom… And when I come back, she was not there” She replied. “Go and find her” Mr. Cha order to his guards and to Mini he said “You just go away in front of my eyes”

“Mini, go and change your dress” politely Mrs. Cha said. She just nodded and left.

“We are sorry… I don’t know what happen to her… Where did she leave” Mr. Cha said to Groom’s Dad “It’s okay Mr. Cha, It was not your fault.” he politely replied “Why was not dad? Maybe he must be forcibly getting her married just like you” With angry expression, Groom said and left from there.

Other side Mini quickly went in room change her dress and by a taxi she went to airport “Oh finally you come… Is everything okay there?” while hugging her Y/n asked her

“Your dad has ordered the guards to find you” She Replied

“Where is my stuff?” Y/n asked

“Here is it… now where are you going to go from here?” while giving her, her stuff she asked

“Paris… because I only have the visa there”

“You mean… you will go there by your real identity… And what do you think… your dad won’t be able to find you there?” disappointedly she asked

“Then?” Y/n asked her

“Do one thing… I have a friend who makes a fake ID, I can take her help, and you can stay in her second apartment until she makes them” Mini say, and she nodded in response “I will give you her address, you go there… I’ll talk to her about it… Now I have to go before someone comes here after following me… And yes, put your phone off… Okay… I’ll tell her to give you a new phone” She just completed her words and left. And Y/n went to mini’s friend house.

– After few days –

*At Y/n house*

“It’s been a week since she left, and you still can’t find her” Mr. Cha is shouting on his guards “We tried every way but didn’t find her, And also Somebody deleted the camera footage here, I think someone is helping her” A guard say.

Mr. Cha look at Mini “Why are you looking at her… She is also worried about her… It’s all just happen because of you” angrily Mrs. Cha said and Tears comes up in her eye “If you don’t force her for this marriage, she will never do it” she completes her words and left from there and while following her Mini also left.

*At Mrs. cha room*

“Aunty, please relax” Trying to make her calm Mini say

“How could I… I also don’t even know how is she, where is she” disappointedly she said

“Aunty, she is fine”

“How do you know?”

“Few days ago I meet her, she’s fine”

“And where is she?”

“I don’t know about it… She is our brave girl, So don’t worry about her”

Then Mini’s phone ring… She picked up the call “Hmm… Okay… Okay… I’m coming” She just say this and cut the call

“Who is… Y/n?” With little hope, Mrs. Cha asked

“No… I have to go now” She replied and left. After sometimes she went to her friend’s apartment… As Y/n saw her she hugged her “How are you?” Mini asked her “fine… And what about you and mom, dad?” she asked

“Your mom is not okay, she’s just crying every time and dad is still finding you… But now you’re all documents are ready, and your tickets also now let’s go your flight is taking off after an hour” Mini say

“Oh finally… Although Mini promised me you take care of my parents in my absence”

“Don’t worry about it… And until the month doesn’t call me maybe your dad check my call list… Okay”

“Hmm… Bye… Take care My girl” Y/n say and take all of her stuff and Left. After some hours, she went to Paris.

*At Paris airport*

Y/n take her luggage, Then a Jimin come to her and said “Excuse me… It’s my bag” and while giving her other bag he said “Maybe that one is your”

She opened the bag and check it “Oh Yaa, It’s my” She said

“Both are same, so I just confused… I’m sorry” He apologized

“It’s okay”

“Did we meet before because I feel like I have seen you somewhere”

“Oh, very cheese line”

“No, I’m serious, but I didn’t remember where”

“Okay fine… now I have to go” she said and left while looking at her Jimin thought ‘She’s so rude but beautiful as well’

“Let me book a cab” standing outside the airport she’s talking to herself, But as she took out her phone it was switched off “Ahhh… not now” Suddenly a car stop in front of her it’s Jimin’s car, and he asked her “Are you waiting for someone?”

“Yaa for taxi” She replied

“Okay, then come, I’ll drop you”

“No it’s okay, I’ll go myself”

He came out of car took her bags and put them inside the car and while opening the door he says Please come” and unfortunately, she sat inside after that Jimin also sit in and asked her “Where did I drop you?” as he asked she starts thinking ‘Should I go any local hotel… No… No… How could I adjust there… I have to go my fav hotel’ she’s busy in her thoughts then Jimin say “Miss?” and she Quickly replies “Drop me at *** hotel”

“Oh it’s an expensive hotel” He said “Yaa I know” She replied and silently start looking out from the car window. Jimin think ‘She’s quiet too. Let me make her shout’ He started the car and start driving as fast as he can… But looking at her face, it was as like she didn’t care. And suddenly, she asked him “Are you just drive that fast?” He just confused what she wants to say, but before he asked anything she asked “If you don’t mind, can I drive?”

“Why did you scare by my driving?” He asked

“Did you think I’m?” She asked him back

“Hmm… No… Let’s see how’s you’re driving” He said. It’s her favorite car so how could she lose a chance to driving it, she sat on the driving seat and start driving in full speed… And directly stop the car in front of the hotel.

“Thanks” she said

“Welcome… btw bro you’re good at driving” He said

“Oh, thanks” then both got out of the car, Jimin helped her to get out her bags. And while sitting in the car, He says “Bye” and left. Y/n went inside, booked a room and went in her room to take some rest.

*Other side*

Jimin went in office “where is leader (Namjoon)?” He asked his assistant “In your cabin” She replied

“In my cabin?”

“Hmm… and he’s very angry”

“Angry… why?”

“Because… you…” before she completes her words, Jimin cut her in middle while saying “It’s okay I’ll check myself” And he went out of his cabin, while entering inside he says “Good morning leader”

“Welcome sir welcome… You didn’t think you came too soon?” Namjoon asked him with fake smile.

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