Contract Marriage CH-1.

* Y/n wedding *


It’s the day of Y/n’s wedding. All the guests will be arrived. Everyone just waiting for the bride, Mrs. Cha went in her room to call her.

“Y/n, are you ready?” while entering in Y/n’s room she asked, but after looking at her, she gets angry “Why are you not ready yet? Everyone is waiting for you.” “Mom… I already told you that I don’t want to do this marriage” Y/n shout on her “But my dear try to understand it’s good for you” she said and look at Mini and say to her “you tell her something, maybe she listens to you”

“Y/n… Aunty is right” Mini said to her

“Ok, I accepted you’re right… but what about my dreams?” She replied

“Complete them after you went there” Mrs. cha said

“And what is the proof that they will let me do” She asked

“They will because…” before she completes her words her phone rang, she picked up the call “Hello… Yes, I’m with her… She will only take a little longer… Okay… Okay… I’m coming” after completing the talk, she cut the call

“Your dad is calling me I have to go, And you have only half an hour to get ready” Mrs. Cha say to Y/n

“But mom…” before she completes her sentence, Mrs. Cha said “Get ready quickly if you don’t want to face your dad’s anger”

“Aunty you go I will make her ready” Mini say to Mrs. cha, and she left. And then Mini took a Y/n’s wedding dress and while giving her she said wear it”

“I already told you that I don’t want to do this married, I want to run away from here if my rule goes” then while smiling she looked at Mini. Mini understood what she’s thinking “Y/n, No”

“Please” while holding her hand Y/n say

“But what if someone caught you?” Mini ask

“You just help me” Y/n say


“Wear this dress instead of me and go there”

“And what if someone recognize me?”

“Don’t worry just cover your face properly because Once you have covered your face, then before marriage my mother will not let anyone uncover your face because it is a ritual.” while smirking Y/n say

“But Y/n how could I do this marriage” Mini get confused and ask her

“I am not telling you to do this marriage, you just have to take my place in front of everyone for a while. So, I’ll run away from here” Y/n clear her confusion. Then Mini agreed for helping her and say “Okay… Okay… I can do this… But you have to be careful”

“You don’t worry about it, I will get out of here in a boy getup” proudly she said

“Boy getup?”

“Because my plan was already to do something like this, so I came here with all preparation”


“Now get ready quickly”

“But where will you go from here?”

“Airport And when you go free from here, you will meet me at the same after taking all my stuff” Y/n clear her all facts And then they start getting ready and while discussing other things.

~ After sometime ~

After getting ready they both are sitting then Someone knocked the door

“Cover your face” Y/n said to Mini

Mini Look

“And you go and hide in the bathroom”

“Hmm… Best of luck” Y/n say and went in bathroom. Mini opened the room door Mrs. Cha was standing there and looking at her, she says “Oh my dear you’re looking so beautiful, Now come everyone is waiting for you.”

“Hmm” Mini nodded

As Mini left with Mrs. Cha, Y/n went out by the back door. She took a taxi and went to the airport.

At the wedding place, As Mini enter the hall She saw the Groom, She went to him and stood next to him and Thinking ‘He’s really handsome, good-looking, but I can’t do this marriage, I have to find a way to stop this marriage’

And suddenly, She grabbed the groom’s hand and dragged him from there. Everyone is staring at her, Mrs. cha shout “Y/n… Y/n”

“Y/n where are you going?” Mr. cha say in angry tone. She went in room and lock the door “what is this behavior?” Groom ask her. She didn’t say anything, she just uncovered her face.

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